Mourning Doves On My Porch

by Marie Druck
(Windsor, Pa )

Basket Nesting Doves

Basket Nesting Doves

Doves Nest in My Hanging Plant

For the last two years, my family and I have had a family of mourning doves nesting in a hanging plant on my front porch.

My husband, kids and I enjoy watching them make the nest and raise their young.

It's a great way to teach the kids about nature and how to respect it.

Dove on edge of potted plant

Dove in Hanging Plant

My family is not the only one to enjoy it the whole neighborhood comes around to see what is happening with the doves.

The parents don't mind the interruption of people climbing onto a chair to get a better look, I actually think they like it.

They have even allowed us to take pictures of them and their babies.

However, we are all sad because once again it is that time of year for the babies to leave the nest and once again we are all suffering from empty nest syndrome.

Can't wait for next year!

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Comments for Mourning Doves On My Porch

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Jul 12, 2023
Mourning Doves
by: Marla

I have had Mourning Doves on my porch for the last three years.

When it's time for the little ones to fly they do. This time I've had three fledglings.

One flew away last week. The other two eggs came later so they were not ready to leave when the first one did.

However, last night they flew away but now they are back and rather than hanging in their nest, they are hanging on my pillows that I keep on the floor for my cats when my cats are on the patio.

My cats have not gone out for a month.

Why do the two little ones still want to hang out on my porch pillows?

Jul 22, 2021
Same situation!
by: Frank

I came home from vacation, and found a mourning dove, in one of my hanging geranium baskets on a 2nd floor deck.

I thought it was sick, but now after reading the article, I realize this is common.

I watered the geraniums she wouldn't budge, and placed a little suet in the basket and she's eating now!

I look forward to the little ones!
Howard Beach, NY

Sep 29, 2019
Morning doves
by: Anonymous

I feel so bad I came home last night and found one dead on my porch I didn't know I had any out there.

I'm trying to figure out what happened to it because there are cats in this area but it was lying up on my porch by the gate.

Looked like the neck was broke. The way it was laying.

Any thoughts on what could have happened to it?

Aug 14, 2019
Bird feces all over my porch. Doves
by: ROSEMARY Fulgenzi

I delicately watered hanging basket on porch that had a Dove nest in it with 2 eggs....eggs hatched, and now the Mom and Daddy Dove also are pooping all over my front porch all day.

It's quite a can I deter them from my porch. I put a radio out there, trying to see if this keeps them away. Any ideas?

Jul 04, 2018
We've joined the club!
by: DTLA

I live on the top of an older building in downtown LA and have sibling babies on our patio.

They appeared about two weeks ago. I don't really know how they ended up on our porch but I assume they must have come out of their nest from the top of our building, about 20 feet up.

They love to hide under our coffee table or under our patio chairs during high noon sun.

I tried to leave water out for them but I don't think they cared for it. I watched mommy feed them last week but I haven't seen mommy return and the two seem larger than a week before.

I guess they grow up fast. I love them but holy moly do they poop all over stuff. I'm taking their presence as a good omen, though.

I love having them and am trying to consider a way to make a cozier nest for them.

Sep 12, 2012
Young Mourning Doves on my front porch mat!
by: Lynn

I have a pair of Mourning Doves (siblings) that have been living on my front porch, actually sleeping on the door mat, or sitting on the step into the house, ever since they got down from the nest in the tree in our front yard.

Two days ago I had to water a container plant on the porch and clean up the mess the birds have left.

I walked slowly up the walk until the birds flew into the flower bed next to the porch.

I hosed off the porch, shook the mat and watered my container plant.

Within 30 minutes they returned and have been there ever since. We don't use our front door for fear of scaring them.

How long do you think they will stay on my front door mat? I feel like we have adopted them!!!

Jul 01, 2008
nest starting in planter
by: Anonymous

I was happy to find this sight and read some of planter stories.

We have just returned late last night from being out of town and noticed this morning a couple of mourning doves working together to build their nest in hanging plant near our kitchen window off the deck.

I have been afraid of frightening them and thinking that once they caught sight of my children going in & out and the dog that I'll be picking up from the kennel today, would just blow the odds of the pair nesting here.

With all the normal activities of my household they may still decide to head for calmer grounds but reading some of the stories has given me hope that maybe they'll stay.

If they stay my family will have a wonderful daily view of them and will enjoy them dearly.

Perhaps we will also be able to take & post pics.

Jun 26, 2008
Same Situation
by: Anonymous

My Doves are also in a large ceramic planter a little higher then yours. Sadly no plant though it died last year.

So they sit low in my planter on the potting soil. I can only see their heads.

I knew when they were sitting higher they must of had their babies. I also have to climb on a table to see whats going on.

So far I only go up on the table when the Mom or Dad have left the nest. I do talk to them and walk all around them on my patio.

I also climb up at night with a flashlight to make sure I see the little head sticking out, but get down real fast because Im afraid to scare her off.

I was lucky enough to see the eggs and babies when Mom and Dad were away from their nest. They are back on their 2nd nest!

I have only once seen their 2 new eggs. They seem to stay in the nest alot more this time.

I Love they have choosen my home to be their home!

May 19, 2008
on our porch too!
by: helen

Thnak you so much for the pics of tha hanging plant doves.

We have ours nesting in a hanging basket (I had not yet planted it this spring!!) for the first time and it is so sweet.

I was very happy to learn that there are TWO birds taking turns as I was very concerned about the "mama" getting food whie she sits there.

I thought she never budged!!! STill, I am awed by their devotion.

Helen and Neil in Santa Cruz, CA

May 17, 2008
Great pics!
by: Anonymous

I love the photos - and I continue to be amazed by the tranquility of the nesting doves as indicated throughout the various posts, Maybe a lesson there for me. Just remain calm and peaceful! Alice

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