Mourning Doves Bless and Bring Me Joy My Story

by Michael Sharps Brother
(Fresno, CA)

Cleopatra, Issis, Osiris

Cleopatra, Issis, Osiris

Cleopatra & Ma Nattys Pyramid of Life & Love Our Doves

Natty, what I named my mourning dove, has blessed my life/soul so much, I am so grateful and humbled.

I'm a volunteer organic gardener and have such amazing life experiences everyday.

I could easily write 42-66 paragraphs per week of run-on sentences and incorrect punctuation about birds, flowers, people, nature and it only gets more beautiful everyday!

A few years ago my father started having some serious health issues so I moved in to help take care of him, plus I'm a "volunteer" gardener so it helped me also.

Every year that I have been there mourning doves have attempted to and occasionally succeeded in building their nest on our front porch light right next to our front door.

My father was not a fan of the mess so asked me to clean it up (get rid of it) but I could not disturb mother nature or the nature of these mother doves.

I right now got an i-phone 7, hand me down from my niece (yeah shes 15 & I'm 41, lol), but I am so thankful.

The pictures I have been able to capture are generally amazing, I think it's the subject matter but what do I know?

I have been photographing daily the life and growth of these amazing beautiful mourning dove birds.

I coo and whistle to them and they are unafraid, they feel no threat and I have been able to get within inches during the shoots.

They are on their second brood of the season, because the females eyes are so gorgeous and colorful I have nicknamed her Cleopatra.

cleopatra my dove in nest close up

Last night while I was cooking dinner, I step out front and found Cleopatra was off getting dinner for the babies.

I was able to get some great shots of the two little ones, Isis and Osiris.

I really love and appreciate living so close to life it is amazing and inspiring.

Thank you so much for the great information you have provided.

I had developed quite a few questions since I've been taking photos and your page has answered nearly all of them, thanks again.

Only question I had left was, are the babies genders random or is one male and one female?

That is all much love, I hope I can figure out how to upload the photos, lol....

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