Mourning Doves and Fledgling on Deck Ledge

by Wendy D
(Briggsville, WI)

We camp up in Wisconsin where our travel trailer sits in a campground.

The kids and I went into town and came back to two doves on the deck ledge.

We thought they would fly away when we approached but they did not.

adult dove with young on deck railing

We would soon discover one was an adult and one was a fledgling.

Of course my children’s first response was to help the birds.

I quickly stopped them making sure Mom or Dad did not consider us a threat and abandon the fledgling.

The adult just stares at us whenever we come out of the door. They have moved down the ledge a little.

I think they moved to sit in the sun this morning.

We are hoping the local campground cats do not find it there. I'm not sure what else we can do.

It's been enjoyable watching and I'm glad the adult did not abandon the young bird.

We are hoping it gets strong enough to fly soon and can only assume it possibly fell from the tree above.

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