Hummingbirds Have Personalities

by Cindy
(Yucca Valley,Ca)

Little Green Cotton Ball!

Little Green Cotton Ball!

Of course they do!

And it is such a gift to be befriended by them. Ever see one just sit and fluff up like any other bird, just listening to you talk?

I've been blessed by the visit of a pair of Anna's humming birds. Male and female.

I know this because the female is gray and green. The male has his beautiful ruby colored throat.

Since they have graced me with their presence. I have been capturing unbelievable photos of these little powerhouses, in so many different settings. Its truly amazing.

Here I will contribute a capture of a little one, sun bathing, and listening to my greeting. I want to share all my photos!

They seem so happy when I go outside and talk to them!

They wait for me to come out, then buzz my head and perch on a branch near me and visit before getting to work on my California Fushia flowers.

In late November none the less!!

So. Calif. high desert mtns.

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Jul 20, 2018
My friend
by: Anonymous

My friend, a precious hummingbird, comes by most days to greet me. Either he or she dances back and forth in front of my second story window or hovers above when I am swimming.

When I float silently in the pool, he hovers as if checking to make sure I’m okay. I love looking up at his belly as he does so.

He loves to be spoken to, and especially loves when I am in prayer or meditation.

I do not have a hummingbird feeder. Our friendship is nourishing enough for both of us.

Jan 31, 2014
Re: I have a new friend by G.
by: Cindy

Hi G.
So happy you have a few hanging around who love your company and attention! They ARE very, very friendly and so full of adorable little antics when I go out too. And they see me each new day!

I have a male and female here that stay year round. They are sort of a highland hummingbird and are around mountains. Not seen very often by many.

The male has an entire purple head in the right light, with sort of a beard which is called a gorget.

He's absolutely beautiful! Extremely lovable! I can darn near walk up and stroke my little guys back when he comes close to me and lands on a nearby branch and starts fluffing all up! ( I've just never tried!!)

He and his female will even land on the feeder after I have refreshed it and am on my way back to the tree, before I even get there! I had my husband take pics of that! They don't wait for me to put it up.

I usually have to stand there and hold it till they are done! They are so awesome, aren't they?

About your trip to the store, I wouldn't know.

Odds are that it was another hummingbird saying hello, feeling your loving kind spirit towards them!

If I miss filling my pairs feeder, they will let me know when I walk outside by hovering all around me with their aerobatics.

I will submit a new page to this site soon, under "The Costa's Hummingbird" Watch for it. I will share pics of the male and female.

Get your camera out and start taking pictures! You'll be able to savor those precious moments forever!

In the summertime I have about 6 different breeds here and subsequently have to hang more feeders!!

Jan 31, 2014
I have a new friend!
by: G.

I had to write. I have two hummingbirds outside my back yard everyday, ever since I put out the feeder. They are so beautiful! They love it when I go outside. Now I have a question??

I went shopping and a hummingbird got my attention and was circling me for a good few minutes. It was so beautiful and put a tear in my eyes.

I'm wondering is it following me? Can it be the same one. What a pleasure everyday!

Nov 29, 2008
by: Stefan

it is truly an honor to be blessed by the presence of gods beautiful little creatures.

Nov 29, 2008
I love this legend !
by: Cindy

These little "Travelers" are truly historical! I have read that these little ones exist in other countries to which we've never seen the likes!

Archeologists have found fossils of their existence!

These little ones would always hover between me and the camera and the flowers just to look at me with curiosity.

Then, land on a branch nearby fluff up, listen to me, cocking there little heads at me like a puppy dog does when they are paying attention to you, as if to ask what? "I find you so interesting!"

When it is us that are thrilled with their visit!
But alas they are gone for the winter.

They surprisingly stayed beyond their seasonal instinctive alarm clock!

I don't have a feeder.. they just flock to my flowers. But I am going to get one now! Maybe they will find me again on their way back!

It was so exciting to have them here!

Nov 29, 2008
for the hummingbird whisperer
by: Robin

Legend has it that the crimson stain that colors the hummingbird's throat is from her ancestor
who drank from the lilies in Galilee.

She once tried to give a thirsty man on a cross a drink from the fruit of flowers and brushed his cheek with her feathers.

The little bird is acquainted with the Man of Sorrows and spends her day gathering her nectar
lest he ever be thirsty again.

You are blessed to be the companion of such a special bird. She knows you are her friend.

Nov 28, 2008
hummingbirds and friend
by: rich

This picture of your friend is so wonderful God has given you a look at His creation in true beauty.

Nov 28, 2008
Hummingbirds have personalities
by: Marlene

I couldn't get over how this tiny little bird sat on a branch and 'fluffed' up his beautiful little feathers.

I've never seen a picture quite like the one you took.

What a wonderful 'hobby' you have taking pictures of these 'precious' tiny birds...

All I've ever been 'blessed' with is have a few in my '72 years 'buzz' my head and take off fast! Just so wonderful of you to share with others who love Humming Birds.

Please send more pictures...I will be looking forward to seeing them.

Nov 28, 2008
Fluffy and Freindly!
by: Christina

Such a Beautiful shot. I didn't know these little birds were so friendly. Very interesting to know.

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