Nectar for all, I Guess!!

by Cindy
(HIgh desert Mtns. CA)

woodpecker at hummingbird feeder

woodpecker at hummingbird feeder

Since early this spring, I've had many visitors at my Hummingbird feeders.

Some of the nectar thieves can also be dangerous for the little Hummers, as some of the birds that eat fruit will also snatch up a Hummingbirds.

To avoid this, I have placed quite a few feeders around and spaced them out. And have also put out Orange slices in separate area's for those fruit eaters. We also have many HB flowers.

It seems to be working. But occasionally we'll still get a few, especially the Woodpecker that will come to the Hummingbird feeders.

This is a picture of a Hummer AND a Woodpecker fledgling together. Neither seemed bothered by the other! It was quite a site. I hope the hummers are careful, and watchful!

They sure seem to know when its safe to go to their feeders and when it isn't.

We've had more migratory birds this year than ever. They' re amazing to see.

Don't forget to clean your feeders! We sure are enjoying ours.


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What An Experience Having 200 Hummingbirds

by Angel Romero H.
(Cusihuriachi, Chih. Mexico)

Last year I wrote you all about my experience with these beautiful birds. I said at that time I had over 100 Hummingbirds around and I wasn't exaggerating.

Well this year it's incredible, I feed them 9 quarts daily, which I start at 6:00 AM. And by the time I get home it's all gone.

I had to share this with my neighbors so they could help with the feeding. Now, they love it too!

I honestly can't count how many birds are around. I estimate it to be over 200!

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Apr 13, 2011
I Know
by: Peggy Darden

Hi, Angela
I too have more hummers than you can count. Last year, I went thru 25 lbs. of sugar a week and these little powerhouses are going to vastly increase their numbers this year.

I love standing in the middle of my feeders. The birds have no fear and sit on my head, shoulders, etc.

I think they truly know how much we love and respect them...

Sep 07, 2010
by: Marian

Wow! I am impressed with your dedication to keeping these beautiful tiny birds fed! I loved the photos and want to say, Thanks! for helping to keep our birds healthy, and for sharing this delightful story!

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Hummingbird Nest Photo

by John
(Cheraw, Colorado)

Last week when my wife and I went to the garage to get in the car, we noticed a small bird on the ground.

We immediately thought it was a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest. After looking at the bird, we realized that it was an adult hummingbird that for whatever reason was in the process of dying.

We put the bird up in the tree so that the cats wouldn't notice it. Upon doing that we noticed a nest in the tree above where the adult bird was on the ground.

The nest (pictured below) had three eggs in it. We were amazed by the nest and the tiny size of the eggs.

When we returned from our trip, we caught a quick glimpse of another bird on the nest. It immediately left when we came around.

Not knowing hummingbird habits, we assumed that the colorful bird that had passed away was the male and the bird on the nest was the female.

At that point we decided to do what we could for the mother on the nest. We bought a hummingbird feeder and premade food for the feeder and hung it in the area close to the nest.

We have seen the mother use the feeder.

This occurred on June 5th, 2011 and the mother is still sitting on the nest today on June 12th.

My wife and I are totally adsorbed in this project of watching over this nest. We would appreciate any advice that anybody could give us.

How long will it take for the eggs to hatch; how long will the babies be in the nest and what can we do to help?

We have been unable to get a good picture of the mother on the nest.


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Jun 13, 2011
by: Karen

How lucky you are to have the opportunity to observe these beautiful little birds! If you are able to get an aerial view without disturbing the nest, we would all love to see a picture of the little ones when they hatch!

I don't know much about hummingbirds except that I enjoy watching them use my feeder, but here is the link on this site to read about their habits. Hummingbirds

Jun 13, 2011
by: Marianne

What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing for the rest of us to enjoy. Best of Luck to you and your new family.

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My Hummer Buddies

by Allyson Smith
(Batesville,AR,United States)

I feel like a kid waiting on Santa Claus in the springtime. When the first hummingbirds show up it's like getting up on Christmas morning. I'm always excited!

It's always a joy of nature to see the hummingbirds back home. Since the last week of August I've been putting out 9 gallons a week.
They have sure been on a feeding frenzy!

When I put out the nectar, I stand there and watch them as they fly all around me and even land on my shoulders and at times my head.

This morning I counted 42 hummingbirds. At one feeder there was 12! They were paired up at the feeder holes taking turns feeding.

What a blessing it is to share life with our hummer buddies!

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Sep 06, 2010
Life is Beautiful With Hummingbirds

I'm glad to hear from other bird enthusiast. Lately I have been providing over 2 1/2 gals. daily to over 300 hummingbirds.

I invited some of my neighbors to help feed the birds and they love it too!!!

Sep 06, 2010
Hummer Buddies
by: Marianne

What an absolutely wonderful story. Thanks for sharing with all of us. The mental pictures of you and more than 40 hummingbirds just makes me smile. A great thing you are doing to aid them along God Bless you and all your friends.

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Hummingbirds Caught In Snow

by Cindy
(California Desert Mountains)

hummingbird feeding with snow all around

hummingbird feeding with snow all around

Feeding Hummingbirds in Snow

Worrying about the fact that my Fushia flowers were just about gone due to the changing seasons.

I hurried out and bought a hummingbird feeder, so my little visitors would not be without.

Since the feeders weren't in season. I was worried that I might not find one, as fast as I needed one.

Fortunately, in the back corner of the store, I found the only three left.

These precious little hummingbird beauties were staying much longer than one would have expected, due to our "Cold" weather.

I worried so much about them when we had an unexpected snow storm.

I can't help but to think, that having this little bit of energy would assist them in making it to warmer places.

The snow stayed for a good week And then, was over.

The pair of Hummingbirds that had stayed with us for a few months in the fall, had held out just a bit longer.

After the snow had gone, drinking all they could get, they were on their way.

It makes one feel so good to know that just with a little effort, one can help sustain these little ones through their hardships.

I'm hoping I will see them again one day soon.

Cindy, So Calif. High Desert Mtns.

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Feb 06, 2010
Awesome Picture
by: Ronda

I know that it's almost a year later, but I just recently found this site, when I stumbled on your story & pic. WOW! Poor little thing. I'm sure what you did saved his life.

We live in SE Michigan where we get some bad winters. Have never seen a hummer past oct here.

I have a huge deck & plant tons of flowers every year, as well as putting out feeders for the little sweeties.

I plant just about everything from seed & when everything starts to bloom, it's a mega buffet for the little guys.

My neighbor accused me of stealing her birds, I have so many flowers for them. They are such awesome creatures.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Mar 05, 2009
So 'touchingly' sweet
by: Marlene

This was such a touching wonderful you were able to buy a feeder! The little guy looked like he was sooo hungry.

I'm sure the other Hummingbirds you became friends with will be back in the Spring....such a good friend you are to them.

Thanks so much for sharing this I said it really 'touched' my heart/

Perhaps when your tiny friends return in the Spring you'll be able to take some great pictures of them...they are so amazing looking with their long 'sword-like' beaks and 'whirling' wings and their 'irridescent' colors.

Thanks so much for making my day!

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Hummingbird Rescue

by Marie Ford
(Fountain Valley, CA)

A few years back, after a gusty windstorm, my husband found a lifeless hummingbird on the grass outside our motorhome.

He felt it would be a neat experience for our young daughters to see a hummingbird "at rest" and up close, so he scooped it up in his hand and yelled for us to come see what he had found.

He was right, the girls were mesmerized. As I leaned in for a closer look, I saw the slightest movement of the eyes. Upon closer inspection, I could see a dry tongue sticking out of the end of the long, needle-like bill.

We quickly discussed what could be done for this incredible, delicate creature when my young daughter said "I know, Capri Sun!".

She had remembered the sugary sweet mixture we had mixed for our hummingbird feeder the year before, and felt that the juice drink would be a good alternate.

I quickly ran in for the necessary supplies- One Capri Sun, one teaspoon and my camera. The photos tell the rest of the story...

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There is a "v" in my beak.

by H. Kathy Hollick
(Lynden, WA)

Last Sunday a baby male Anna's Hummingbird found our saucer feeder and basically spent the day. He would take short flights to a tree near the feeder where Mom also seemed to be hanging out.

Around sunset despite many unsuccessful attempts by Mom to inform him that it was time to leave, baby stayed. In fact it was well past dark when he finally flew off.

We noticed that there is a "v" in the end of his beak. It is not a vertical "v" but rather a horizontal "v", as you can clearly see in the photo.

Since, he has taken up residence on the feeder and we continue to enjoy his visits.

Feb. 2, 2016

Lynden, WA

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Mar 20, 2016
V in my beak
by: H. Kathy Hollick

We subsequently named this hummingbird Bill.
He stayed for nearly 20 days when we began to lose sight of him.

I wonder if perhaps he couldn't get the protein needed to sustain life. I can not imagine him catching too many flies, etc with is deformed bill.
We do miss him.

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Hummingbird Paradise

by Coquise
(Oklahoma )

Hummingbird sipping Homemade Nectar

Hummingbird sipping Homemade Nectar

We started out with only 2 or 3 hummingbirds and only 2 feeders after about 2 months later we had 15 or so and bought 2 more feeders then July we had about 25 hummingbirds and now have a total of eight feeders around our patio !!!

I make the sugar water 4:1 and they seem to love it! What great entertainment they are chasing each other all over the place.

There is one that will come right in front of me where I sit and hover and just look at me for a few seconds and then the chase is on with the others !! Lol 😆

Next year I want to look for some flowers they love and a solar fountain .

I think they will be in paradise then along with us sitting and watching them .

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