Doves on my Fire Escape for the 2nd Time!

by Julie R
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Dove on Fire Escape

Dove on Fire Escape

Last year we returned from a summer trip (beginning of Sept 2020) and discovered doves and their squabs happily nesting on our fire escape where we live right smack in the middle of Brooklyn, NY.

Strange, because the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is right across the street from us and Prospect Park is a very short fly away as well.

It was so wonderful to watch and it wasn't long before they flew the coop.

Well, I got quite the surprise when, just last week beginning of March 2021, they've come back again (assuming its the same pair since the nest is in the exact spot as last time).

They've been happily nesting, taking their shifts, and getting ready for the birth of the babies, and I personally can't wait!

Thank you SO much for this site - I was worried the mama was left alone and was nesting there 24/7.

I was planning on getting some bird seed and was worried of chasing her away, but I do hear one of them come early in the morning.

Before I found this site, I thought maybe dad was stopping by to drop off a worm or something, but it obviously must be the shift change.

I'm going to get up when I hear them tomorrow morning so I can watch the swap.

This is a great resource and you answered all my questions. Thank you!

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Apr 05, 2023
Doves on Fire Escape
by: Gene

Hi Judy, Your Doves may be doing nothing more than just resting. If you want to place some safflower seed and a shallow dish of water, that's fine.

It will also draw other birds which you may not want around (birds can be messy) so be aware of that. The doves will find food either way.

If the doves nest on the fire escape then you don't want food around as predators will find the doves.

The doves may be investigating nesting sites in your area and not necessarily on the fire escape.


Apr 04, 2023
Two Doves in corner of firescape
by: Judy

I just saw two doves on my fire escape. There's a balcony next to it, but they're on the fire escape. Should I just leave them alone?

I went to sit on my balcony they didn't move I just happen to see them.

I was going to paint the balcony gate but of course, I won't! That doesn’t matter. But, I do like to sit out on it.

It's probably 5-6 feet away from them. There's no where for them to build they're just sitting there.

If I sit there would I disturb them? They're so pretty. Should I put food out?

Mar 09, 2021
Doves Nesting on Fire Escape
by: Gene

Thanks Julie for the kind words about the website. Stories like yours are fun to read and your enthusiasm is just what we like to see. Thanks for contributing. :)

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