Doves On My Deck - Again!

by Steve Sarkees
(Midlothain, VA)

Dove is on the right

Dove is on the right

LAST YEAR!! While sipping my Sunday morning coffee, I turned to look out of the kitchen window to notice a Mourning Dove sitting in one of my flower boxes on my deck.

After my wife and kids had a good look, I dressed into my shorts and t-shirt and began a day of yard work.

My family and I spent a solid ten hours planting flowers, cutting grass, mulching and trimming.

At the end of the day, while we relaxed on the deck for a cookout, one of my sons pointed out that the dove was still there.

He was concerned and thought that maybe the dove was hurt. I thought it was odd too, but noticed a small nest made of twigs.

I immediately Googled Mourning Doves and learned that this dove was nesting and was going to have little doves.

I also learned that there was another dove around preparing to change shifts...

I thought it was odd that they took up residence right on my deck within arms reach!

I also noticed a cat prowling around.

I thought, "Great, now I can't water those plants and now I have a cat looking for trouble!" What is wrong with these birds?

We took some old lawn furniture and stacked it up at the base of the steps to the deck as a barricade to keep the cat away.

I would also look for the cat in the yard and make a loud noise to scare it away.

The dove didn't seem to mind and the cat eventually never came back.

After what seemed like an eternity the baby doves hatched. There were two of them. They were very cute.

I worried about the cat coming back, but within a couple of weeks, the babies were flying all over the yard!

They would even go away for a while and then come back to the deck together. I was amazed.

It was a slight inconvenience catering to the adults and giving them their space for 2 months, but it was also rewarding.

I felt as if we built their trust.

TODAY!!! The adults came back three weeks ago and tried to nest in my $30 hanging basket.

I didn't let this happen at first because the basket is hanging over my chair on my deck.

I kept taking down the basket and removing every nest they would start to build (I know, you think I am evil).

My intention was that they would simply move to another flower box or something.

After it seemed that they gave up, I put the basket back out.

A week went by with no doves. I felt terrible that I forced them to leave before they could start a substantial nest.

After seeing no doves, I planted more flower boxes on my deck. In one large pot, I planted a small tomato plant.

To my surprise, three days after planting the tomato plant, they came back and settled in quickly!

This tomato plant is not even three feet off the surface of the deck and is right at the entrance to go down the steps!

It is also next to the deck furniture. They don't seem to care.

I go about my business on the deck and for the most part, I ignore the dove and the nest.

My kids are very good with the dove and they ignore them as well.

We walk on the deck a little more lightly so as not to startle them and we don't make any sudden moves.

It is fascinating! They seem to be very comfortable with my family and my deck. I would like to know why.

The view of the yard and trees is great from the deck.

I am wondering if this is the reason they continue to choose this spot.

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Mar 17, 2022
I have a young mourning dove roosting on
by: Paula

I have a young mourning dove roosting on my patio chair.

I had come out to sit at the table and was surprised to see this little guy.

I let him be and when a rain storm started he flew a short distance to a palm tree near my fence.

Well this morning when I came out to have my coffee on my patio, there he was, tucked up on my chair back.

I was surprised he was not frightened of me as I tend to explode out of my house.

I put some seeds on table for him and keeping my fat cat inside.

Now he's on the ground with one of his parents 🤦🏼‍♀️ they are beautiful and sweet and I want to protect them.

Mar 18, 2020
How to get rid of them
by: Samy

About a week ago, a dove came to my window knocking at the glass, every 5min

I gave her some bread, she enjoyed it, the next day another dove has came with her so I decided to not feed them anymore.

For the 6th day in a row they keep coming and knocking at the glass, but now there are 3 of them

The next day, 2 Pigeons came by and started to fight with the doves

The thing is they poo all the time and I can't open my window because of that (I have allergies)

How to make sure that they won't come again

Ps: I fed them one time, only the 1st dove

Feb 06, 2015
by: Martha

There must be a difference in where you live because all of my doves are the most skittish things, and I believe they know me.

I live in Washington State and have been feeding the mourning doves all year now, for two years, and get as many as 25 to 30 when they come to eat late in the evening, in the winter.

I rarely see them drinking water in the summer but in the winter, they drink it like crazy.

They're truly the sweetest things, (they, and the juncos that come in the winter).

I can't even imagine how special it would be to have doves nest in a pot in my yard or on the patio.

The other day, I found the cat next door had gotten one of them, and yes, I cried like a baby!

I'll be moving soon and will miss them dearly!

May 23, 2009
by: Erika

We've had doves nesting in our hanging plant for about 10 years now, right beside the main entrance to our house which is used many time a day.

Every spring/summer they have at least three sets or babies.

After about five years of trying to make them go away to no avail and many dead plants I came up with a simple solution.

I bought a hanging planter, filled it with dirt and bought a colorful strand of fake flowers.

I wrapped and attached the flowers around the outside rim of the planter (so it looks real from a distance but the birds have the entire center in which to nest).

It took them about a week to start nesting (I think the smell of the plastic flowers was throwing them off) but once they did they haven't stopped and we've enjoyed them every year since without being upset that they ruined our plant.

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