Doves Nesting in my Flower Pot

by Lorrayne Michelle
(Arizona City, Arizona )

It's nice right here!

It's nice right here!

While cleaning up my front yard after a storm, I noticed a dove nest in one of my flower pots. I was kind of dismayed as the flower pot contained aloe vera, peppermint and basil.

So, I removed the nest thinking that was the end of that!! Apparently, the dove couple decided that they liked being next to my front door because the next morning, another nest was built!

They used different twigs because I discarded the previous twigs in my trash can that has a lid).

So, I removed the nest again!! Mainly because of the bird droppings on my walkway. Not wanting the droppings to be carried into my home on the bottom of shoes.

So I removed the nest was toward the evening. The next morning, while drinking coffee, I noticed quite a commotion next to my front door, and yes in the same pot.

I kept seeing a bird's shadow flying back and forth. One dove was busily flying back and forth with twigs and the other one was busy moving around in the pot.

What the what?!! I had to leave for an appointment, so I didn't have time to dismantle this nest again.

I decided to do so when I returned home. Upon my arrival home, I saw a dove sitting in the pot. When I walked toward the movement.

So, I got closer and he (since it was during the day, I know it was the "daddy" dove) flew away. That's when I noticed the 2 eggs in the nest.

Oh well, they won this round, as I decided to wait until the brood is born and fly away to make this area less appealing for the next time.

And try to get them to use the "bird condo" I built and painted for the birds next to the pear tree....we will see if it works. I'll keep you posted.

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Jul 12, 2020
second broods
by: Gene

Second broods can begin any time following the squabs departure.

They can start a clutch of eggs and take care of the fledglings at the same time.

The fledgling squabs will be on their own by the time the next brood hatches.

Jul 11, 2020
How Soon Do They Lay New Eggs?
by: Anonymous

We played the same game with the commenter above.

They made a nest in our Fountain when we didn't have the water on so by the time we realized they were there, there was already two eggs in the nest.

They've been there a month and just a few days ago all of them flew away and didn't return.

We cleaned out the nest and literally the next day they were back building a new nest.

I am assuming it's the same couple and not a new couple but I thought they had to take care of the first two for a couple weeks after they left the nest.

We have cleaned out their new nest four times already and they keep coming back.

It is on our deck and they make a mess so it's really not ideal to let them Nest there.

Plus it's really difficult to enjoy our deck as we're always trying not to disturb them.

So my question is how soon do they lay new eggs after the first batch leave the nest?

Apr 17, 2020
Dove has become part of the family
by: Rebecca

I too have come to love my Doves, they come back every year and nest closer and closer to my front door, as if wanting to be a part of our family.

My darling doves are on their 3rd brood this year she is a busy little mother, as soon as she teaches her little ones to fly she is back on the nest to raise more babies.

We have a covered front porch with a garden fountain were she teaches her young to fly at. Our family and grandchildren watches from a window adjacent to the garden fountain.

They are a joy and we look forward to their arrival each year. I have some great photos and will try to submit photos.

Apr 05, 2020
by: Gene

uploading images is not available in comment boxes. Only on writing your own story.

Apr 05, 2020
A tech question
by: Myrna

Note: This is a tech problem. I browsed my photo file yet I am not uploading any photos on the contribution box. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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