Dove Nesting; Spiritual Reassurance

by Catherine Lake
(Merced, CA)

Father overlooking mother on nest.

Father overlooking mother on nest.

Doves can offer Spiritual Reassurance

Three years ago a pair of morning doves built their nest in our backyard arbor which is less than 6 feet from our kitchen sliding glass door. They raised their young.

What amazed us is we have 3 small dogs and are very active, using the sliding glass door into the back yard continuously daily.

A pair of morning doves came back a few weeks ago to the very same spot on the arbor. The arbor is about 24 feet in length and they were built in the exact same spot. We water with a sprinkler daily.

We have two very large elevated bird feeders on both ends of the backyard as well.

Reading this article Mourning Dove Habits made us realize why they chose this spot.

They have ample food and water sources available. They also are high off the ground.
Dove and Young in Nest

Beautiful Dove With Her Young

We surely did think the mother was sitting relentlessly on her eggs and now babies.

It seemed improbable, but never crossed our minds that the male was switching out as the "sitter".

We truly enjoyed this article. I have been fascinated with these doves both times they Graced us with their nesting.

We feel it is a Spiritual sign, a reassurance from the Great One that patience, perseverance, and endurance will bring our goal to fruition.

Our most sincere thanks for the article.

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May 14, 2024
Dove Nesting in Saguaro Cactus
by: Sally Ferrell

For the past 3 years they have come & nest in my Saguaro which is about 18’ tall.

This is the first year I’ve been able to get a glimpse of a baby.

Az Morning Doves are said to be of God/Angels I think my late husband, who passed March 2021 may just have a hand in bringing this to me.

dove in saguaro cactus nesting

In a sense letting me know he’s always with me. This gives me peace.

Apr 30, 2024
Build it and they will come
by: Barbara

I built a nest similar to the nests I've seen in our beautiful yard.

I used a plastic chocolate box covering, placed twigs, dry leaves, and anything I could find in the area, and put it above the front entrance on a ledge.

The area is only accessible to a dove-sized bird.

Four days later, a dove called it their home.

I'm now waiting for the eggs to hatch.

When we go in and out the front door above which this nest exists, we are very careful and mindful of her presence.

We make sure all guests are quiet and not disturbing and we always say hi to her with eye contact.

Jan 07, 2024
Healing Doves
by: Ann

I had a workplace accident in Sept. 2023. It is now the first part of January and I am just finally starting physio and 20 pounds of weight bearing.

Learning to walk again. The next day a Mourning Dove showed up and after reading this article, I feel that it was sent to give me hope and encouragement for the rest of my recovery.

Dec 09, 2023
Crossing Over
by: Gail Oconnor

I read once that in Native American culture. The coo of the Mourning dove is to give comfort to those who cross over and have no one to mourn them.

The cry of the Mourning dove, though, reminds me of being a young girl growing up in South Dakota. In the summer we were put to bed before the sun went down.

But I could hear the neighbor's kids playing outside. I sat in my room, listening to the morning Dove cry with me.

I've always identified with them since then.
Dakota-dove is my spirit name.

Jul 17, 2023
Gift from my dad
by: No Name

We have lived in our home for over 30 years and there are mourning doves everywhere.

I have taken them for granted until my dad died in April.

In that same month, a couple of doves chose to build a nest in my pine cone wreath over my front door.

We can watch them from our kitchen window. While my dad was bedridden I asked him- when you go- please send me signs of your love.

I truly believe my dad sent me this beautiful family of doves.

They have raised 3 broods this summer, and stare at me through the window. I have lived here for over 30 years and I have never seen a nest before until my dad passed.

I thank him every day for this gift of family, as my dad was the BEST family man in every way, and taught me love of family is priceless. The doves continue his legacy.

Jun 18, 2023
Made a friend of chick
by: Judy shope

Two chicks hatched in a nest right out my back door. One flew away 5 days ago. The other can’t seem to get the nerve to leave.

Mom and Dad come back to check on her. Anyway, yesterday I was outside talking to the chick and she flew right down to me and sat on my head then my leg then my finger.

I finally put her back in the nest. The mom is back today trying to coax her to go.

Today Mom is also feathering the nest and I wonder why.

Is "baby Huey" needing a more secure nest? Does the baby feel too afraid to leave? She can fly. Anyone experience that?

May 12, 2023
Adding Bird Feeders
by: Gene

Hi Bellamarie,

Just don't place the feeder close to where they are nesting.

Feeders attract predators that will also eat eggs and baby birds. They'll find your feeder no matter where you place it.

May 12, 2023
My mom and dad Dove
by: Bellamarie

Hi, I have 2 mourning doves that came and made a nest on my balcony at my house that I've lived in for 40 years.

I've never in the whole 40 years ever had these beautiful birds come and nest here.

I just turned 50 and I truly believe it's my mother and father visiting me saying happy 50th birthday to me.

I'm planning on buying a bird feeder today for them.

I named them after my parents Isabel and Theodore.

May 05, 2023
My Dove
by: Clara

I have 2 doves nesting in my hanging flower basket. Once I found out they were doves I say a thank you prayer every morning as I walk passed them.
I want to learn more about this.

May 01, 2023
Doves nesting on my porch
by: Rose

I have a hanging plant on my porch that the Mourning Doves have been using for their nest since 2018 the year after my daughter and son-in-law passed away 1 yr apart.

I named them after my daughter & son-in-law. I had my house painted so everything was taken off the porch and they didn't come back during Covid.

My husband passed away 3 yrs ago.

The doves returned this year in March. She started sitting in the nest on April 1st They just finished raising 2 chicks they left the nest today May 1st.

I noticed this evening the male came back around 5:00 pm which was the time they came back to feed.

She came back and jumped in the nest fluttering around he flew down to the ground and she followed him.

Now she is back sitting on the railing. I'm wondering, are they waiting for the babies to come back to feed them?

I'm sure they will start breeding again. I feel them coming back is a sign for me to let go and start living again.

Apr 15, 2023
Peculiar place for nest
by: Diane

Wish I could send the pic I have of Mom/Dad sitting on their nest which is on my A/C unit!

There is no cover or shade, my lilac is just starting to bud so this poor bird parent is exposed to the elements.

I peek behind my curtain every morning upon rising to check on her/him.

The pic I have is of Mama/Papa looking right at me when I raised the curtain a couple of inches.

Brings a smile when I see it.

Mar 21, 2023
Helping Doves While They Nest
by: Gene

Hello Joy,

I don't know where you live or what the current temperatures are there but this is the normal time that doves nest.

Incubation doesn't begin until the last egg is laid. It's common for the first egg to be left overnight.

If it's too cold it may not hatch but that's just how they do things.

It's never a good idea to offer bread to birds and doves prefer seeds like safflower seed.

Never place food near a nest as it will attract predators that will also eat eggs and nestlings.

If you offer food it should be placed several yards away. The doves will find it.

The male dove incubates during the day and the female incubates late afternoon and through the night.

It can look like the same bird never leaves the nest.

You have to be there when they make the quick change. Hope this answers your questions.

Mar 20, 2023
Two Turtle Doves on my deck
by: Joy

Sometime after Christmas, I saw two doves on my patio outside my bedroom window. At that time there was no nest.

Just this weekend, I spot the pair again and grew excited. I went out later to see what they were doing when I spotted a nest.

The very next day there was a beautiful white egg in the nest but no doves. I took bread out to feed the pair.

I did not see them and became worried. It just seemed too cold for the egg to be uncovered.

The pair were nesting this morning March 20, 2023.

My concern is, Are they nesting enough in this cold weather for their baby to survive?

I don't go out because it is too cold to sit on my balcony and now to allow peace for the dove pair.

What can I do to help without disturbing the nest?

Aug 18, 2022
My beautiful DVBBS
by: First Name

My beautiful Doves have been having babies in front of my window and living there for over 10 years.

I believe they feel safe with me and love my singing and guitar playing.

I am a spiritual counselor and a minister and I believe the doves come as a sign of peace and love and a reminder of those that I love that have crossed.

They know I protect them from the crows and we even communicate by blinking our eyes.

The mother lets me pet her and the babies and feels comfortable leaving the babies alone as I climb up my small ladder and sing to them and take pictures.

This is been going on for years and is such a delight that they love and trust me and come back every year.

Once the babies leave the nest they go from the front of my house and live in the back where they show up to be fed and sing.

Right now Angel the mama is sitting on three eggs so I am vigilant about protecting her and keep a bat near the front door for when the crows tried to attack.

It's unfortunate but it is nature. Doves are amazing and very loving and don't forget who loves them🙏🏼

Apr 22, 2022
by: Amy

There are a pair of doves in my backyard. They have been here for about a year or so now. They don't fly off very far and then they're back.

They will still land on the ground even if I'm outside with the dogs and he (the dog) doesn't bother them. He just watches them.

I look at them in a spiritual sense now.

I can be really upset and go outside, these 2 birds will go to the tree closest to me and start cooing.

I honestly feel sometimes like my Mom and Dad sent them from Heaven just for me in my times of loneliness and sadness.

Mar 07, 2022
Doves Hanging Around My House
by: Gene

Some may think doves hanging around means nothing more than just a place for food and shelter.

Since biblical times doves have symbolized new creation and new beginnings.

I think they can have other meanings like peace or that you are being watched over.

May 30, 2020
Returning doves
by: Petrine

I noticed a cracked shell on my back porch, then looked up and saw a dove, above my back door, sitting on her nest.

I have 3 cats, they are indoor cats and love to go out on my deck.

They don't pay attention to the doves, but when it's time for the mother dove to leave and the father flies in, my one cat is all eyes.

One morning I noticed two baby doves sitting on my deck together.

I wouldn't allow the cats to go outside that day, but I saw that they flew away into the trees.

Not long after that, I saw another dove preparing to make a nest in the same spot.

She is sitting on her nest right now.

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New Life

by Stella T.
(Rcho Cucamonga,CA)

New Life

New Life

I was surprised to see the first doves nesting outside my front door. Some days they could both be seen by the nest and others only 1 dove was in the nest.

One of the doves was skittish and flew off as soon as I opened the front door which scared the daylights out of me at first.

I probably wouldn't have noticed the nest except that one day there was a small cracked bird egg on the front patio floor. That's when I looked up and saw the doves.

They picked a nice nesting area there because it is protected from wind and sun and can get rather warm since the front door area is facing west.

After the first baby dove flew off on its own, I still spotted it hanging around but I haven't seen it lately.

Currently, the doves are on their 2nd brood of 2 babies. Very Cute. I am attaching a picture of one of the parents and the 2 babies. I have to figure out a way to set up a feeding area for them.

I'll miss them if they leave since I say Good Morning and Good Night to them each day.

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May 13, 2023
Born here, die here.
by: johnette

They tend to hang around under my window for a few days, or by themselves near the pond where I sit, or just near me in general and I can tell they're getting ready to pass away.

I'll sit and sing to them for a while and they listen and seem peaceful.

Within a few days, I'll find them - one was under the chair I'd sat in the day before, and one was sitting on the ground by the barn door where I get the hay out every morning and evening.

(I'd scooped a little nest of hay around him, it was very windy that night) and this morning, laying in front of the box I keep the seed in and where all the others have breakfast and dinner.

I'm in the desert and bury them in the cactus garden under a little grave of old horseshoes so they can't be dug up.

There are 3 in there now, I'm honored they trust me to take care of them.

There's a nest on the porch right now, they're born here and die here, and hope I'm around for a long time for them.

Apr 29, 2022
Doves nest at my back door
by: Amanda b

I come out My backdoor about 4 days ago and realized that a morning dove had made her nest right out my back patio door.

I see her the father switching out on the nest but I don't know if there's any eggs yet this is pretty cool.

I've always been a bird watcher and love birds and doves are my favorite birds.

I don't want to mess with them although it makes me feel good that they feel some type of comfort and make their nest so close to the door.

When I come out they do not move. I do have a bird feeder and water in my yard for them.

I guess the food is convenient and answered my question: why I've been seeing so many doves lately and now I know, what a blessing

Jul 30, 2020
"Mourning" mourning doves?
by: Ken McKinzie

One evening, I heard a loud sound in the family room of our last house.

I recognized it as being the sound of an object hitting the glass patio door.

Sure enough, it was a bird strike, and a dove had mistaken the sky reflecting in the glass patio door (on the east side of the house and shaded) for open sky, and simply flown into it, full power.

The bird was convulsing, with his head in a small pool of blood that had formed around his head.

I removed him from the patio and took him back to the bank of a small creek that runs through the neighborhood, figuring that some of the mink, muskrats, and other critters might enjoy a still warm meal.

A few minutes later, from our own dining room window, we saw a solitary dove standing by the fence in our back yard.

Thirty minutes later, the dove was still there.

I wondered, "Could this be the dove's mate, waiting for her partner?"

So, I went out to the creek again and retrieved the deceased bird, and brought him up to the same spot where I'd just seen the other one waiting.

The next morning, to my amazement, when I looked out the window in our dining room, there were several doves, in pairs, standing in a circle, surrounding the dead dove in the center.

At the head of the body was a solitary bird, possibly the mate again, and as I watched this solemn and amazing ritual, I saw her beak moving and her head bobbing, as though she were delivering a eulogy to the bird at her feet.

It was possibly the most remarkable and heart-moving thing I've ever witnessed in the animal kingdom.

When I looked at the scene an hour later, ALL the birds were gone, including the dead one. I have no idea how he was removed; he just vanished!

Apr 19, 2020
by: patti

Thanks for your story. It makes me feel good to learn that you, too, say "Good Morning and Good Night" to your Doves.

I look forward each day to see my birds and to greet them. I feel that they know who I am. And the feeling is very Spiritual.

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Update on New Life

by Stella
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

The two babies are growing so fast!

I found a nice blue bird bath for my front planter area and decided to put a small running water bamboo feature in it since I read that Mourning Doves like running water.

I also put up a hanging bird feeder with a dove recipe feed for them. I think they like it because they seem to hanging out a little more than before!

Here are a couple of new pictures. I have a feeling the babies will be flying off soon, but maybe they will return to their new safe haven until they find a new one of their own.

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Sep 08, 2010
Rating 5 Stars

So Cute!
by: Kelly & Sammy

Sammy and I love looking at the pictures and making birdie sounds as we talk about the baby doves at Auntie's house! We love it! xoxox

Sep 06, 2010
Rating 5 Star
Two babies
by: Carolyn

It's wonderful to see the two little ones beside their parent - what a great photo! Thank you so much for sharing; pictures truly add to the enjoyment for others. Thanks again!

Sep 06, 2010
Rating 5 Stars
by: Marianne

Thanks for sharing your story. What a great picture with the two little ones peering over the edge.

Doves are just wonderful and in your good hands they will thrive.

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Feb 16, 2022
Blessings - My babies
by: Stephanie, Florida

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I Am so so very happy that my neighbor shared this article with me.

I have never been a bird lover but ever since my first mourning dove made a nest in my Grammatophyllum orchid planter, I fell in love.

This is my fourth visit from them so I place a caution tape along my walkway towards my front door so all deliveries and visitors enter from my garage.

I called myself Grandma Stephanie. I told a lot of people about my nesting and for some reason they did not realize how close the nest was until they see it for themselves.

I feel blessed having them in their presence and surrounding because my household have been so sad since my husband passed.

Also for some reason I just believe that these many visit from the doves is a message of patience because it has been difficult to cope without my husband around.

One thing for sure, the anger has left, I am smiling more and very happy when my babies go home!

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A Dove Story

by AnnMarie

Nesting in the Fake Basket

Nesting in the Fake Basket

We have lived in our house going on 11 years. Every Spring the Doves nest in one of my hanging pots just a few feet off my back porch.

I call this a Dove story because before we owned the house my mother did, and the Doves came every year.

These Doves are not picky, I even make their basket for them (so they don't ruin my flowering ones) with a few leaves and branches from the yard.

They don't care, they still nest and usually twice from early spring to late June. We do enjoy watching them switch duties and then feed their chicks.

They don't mind sharing our deck with us at all. Even our dog doesn't seem bothered by them...just part of his yard.

Here are a few picks

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May 27, 2010
My Dove Story
by: Anonymous

I was just researching because I have a white dove, or pigeon in my yard that has been there for about 4 days now, and I came across this. So, I figured I'd tell my story.

I'm not sure if it's a dove or a pigeon, but it's pretty good size, and it's completely white. We have been giving it chicken feed for now and it eats it. I'm starting to wander if it was someone's pet before because it's not scared of me.

Me, not knowing much about birds would think this and I was trying to research to see if wild ones were just as friendly.

I can sit on the ground about a foot away from this bird and it will just look at me.

I put my hand out to where it was about 1-2 inches away and it just sat there.

If you try anything else though, it will back away a little bit. I just don't know, and I found this very neat.

May 27, 2010
great white dove story
by: Anonymous

Hi, wanted to share this. Last snow storm, I took from my windowsill a sacred dove. The bird had been living on the house for about a year and a half. It is closed banded.

From taking her in until today where she flew from a neighbors house to my fingers...about 8 weeks. I had to teach it how to be petted. No problem now, she follows me everywhere.

Happy to have a friend I think. I am a Christian, not totally lost on the symbolism. I just gave the Only caged her for three days, the rest, just effort.

It is very unique, and cool. People are just weirded out.

I open the window, she goes for a flight, gets back up on the fridge, and sits on her second egg. LOL, life is neat.

Nov 15, 2008
Mr and Mrs Dove
by: Anonymous

I have a very small covered Porch at my back door,
I noticed one day the cooing of (now I know)Mr Dove.

There he was sitting in my half circled wire plant basket, right at the back door, I watched every day and evening.

At first I thought it was the Mrs. Dove, and worried if she was hungry or thirsty, I soon found out by the Dove calling, They did the changing over.

I put seed out, and have water in a low rectangle plastic container, They raised one baby who comes in the garden all the time (doesn't go far away) now they are sitting for the second time, 3 eggs.

So it begins.
Happy Bird Watching

Jul 19, 2008
Eggs in bridal viel
by: Anonymous

I also have a dove nesting in my bridal veil basket on front porch. I have watered it twice and she flew off but came back later. She doesn't move when I come near her, however, I first saw these eggs July 2nd.

They still are not hatched far as I can tell. Wonder if she laid new ones after I watered. Will watering cool the eggs off too much??

Jun 05, 2008
A Dove Story
by: Betty

After signing up for this subject, I am amazed at how domestic and friendly the Mourning Doves are!!!

I knew House Wrens were people friendly but I had no idea how friendly Mourning Doves and maybe other doves are to people.

My Mourning Dove is now in her second setting in my hanging light fixture on my back porch and I am sure they have hatched.

It was so much fun to watch the first two develop and fly away after being trained for four days by both parents.

I will not destroy their nest. I will save it for future generations even though it means I cannot turn on my back porch lights.

Cool. so much can be learned from nature. My light fixture is not photo friendly so no great shots of her and him sitting on the nest.

Too high for me to get a great photo.

But, wonderful to see her sitting there in her little house and knowing she is raising a family.

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Our Spring Babies 2010

by Dan & Debbie Ventrola
(Perkasie, PA)

Mom & Babies a day before they left

Mom & Babies a day before they left

We had just planted flowers for the Spring/Summer season. On our porch we added a beautiful bright hanging plant to add to the color of the season.

Within two days of the plant being on our porch, we noticed the top was separated. We climbed up on a chair and took a look inside.

Sure enough, a nest had been started. So, we let nature takes it's course.

Our babies were born on April 29, 2010. Every day we would check to see if the eggs hatched yet. Surprisingly enough, Mom & Dad Dove were not afraid of us at all.

They let us approach the nest every day. We went in and out of our house. They had no problem with our dog barking, we even weeded and spread mulch and they didn't flinch.

Once the eggs hatched, it was awesome to watch.

Before we looked up information on your website, we thought that one dove was with the nest all the time.

It was really neat to learn that both parents are involved in the parenting. So, every day we watched them grow and watched their habits. It was a really cool experience.

The parents started leaving the babies alone for a few hours each day, a few days before they left the nest. We took a lot of pictures. I will attached a few with this story. The babies left the nest on May 14th.

My husband and I were hoping to be watching when they left, but they flew away while we were having dinner. We have seen them since. We have bird feeders in our backyard and they have come back to eat. Great experience.

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Jun 13, 2010
Family on round 2
by: Chris Zimmer

This is a new experience for me, I have had Cardinals which is an amazing experience, right in a ficus plant on my patio.

But the dove thing started last year on on our boat dock, 1 baby fell from the high piling & mom went on having her new families.

I nursed this broken thing for 4 months he finally flew & he came home every night, 1 day I couldn't find him...I rescued this bird from drowning so many times..

After that I didn't want this experience anymore. Then, one day in early May, I found a nest on my patio sideboard table, right against my windows.

I knew the switch time, it was dusk, so I had hands on watching everything. When the other dove showed up my nester took off and I had a chance to peek in.

We are on our second family. Today makes day 14, the three eggs have not hatched yet.

I will keep posting, this family has let me move this plant so many times because of bad weather & we hang out, have parties etc & they don't move they trust us.

Posted pics of the table nest, but had to get rid of that on due to a party, they rebuilt in my plant. But look at my pics posted on the table!

Jun 11, 2010
Glad to hear it
by: Val-Pittsburgh

We have had a dove sitting in our hanging basket all week. No matter what time of day or night or how much activity, there it sits. I was starting to fear it was hurt and found a safe place to hang out, so I'm glad to hear that this seems to be a normal thing. We have already watched a wren build a nest this spring and get her babies on their way. Hoping we'll see the same from the dove.

May 31, 2010
How Awesome!
by: Jody

I have almost the exact experience! I have a hanging basket on my balcony, just outside my sliding door. It's pretty much eye-level, so neither the doves (or the humans) miss each other. Too, I could go out onto the balcony and take care of my other plants under their watchful eyes, but they didn't seem to mind. My babies just left the nest yesterday, however, this is the third or fourth year they've nested in the basket.

May 25, 2010
Dove Family
by: Marianne

What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. I have almost the same set up and the doves have returned over and over again to the same hanging basket... They are just wonderful and so much fun. Enjoy!!

May 25, 2010
Our Spring Babies
by: Karen

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Thanks for sharing. Mourning doves are so gentle and beautiful!

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Dove Friendship

by Peggy C. Skinner
(Ontario, Canada)

Lovey Dovey's Return

Lovey Dovey's Return

A mourning dove fell from a nest in the maple in our backyard. The parents hung around but I thought I would set something up to protect him from predators.

I placed a patio umbrella in the far corner, near the nest and hung a plant pot, with lots of dirt in it, under the umbrella.

His parents could easily access him from where they sat on our fence yet no overhead predators could see him. I put seed and fresh water in the pot daily. I handled him and took many photos of his progress. The parents stayed and continued to bring him food as well.

After 2 weeks he was attempting to fly. I kept swooping him into the air but still low to the ground so he wouldn't hurt himself if he stumbled.

Eventually he started to fly about the yard. And each night I returned him to the pot. In the morning I would find him on the ground again.

Needless to say my cats were not allowed in the backyard at this time. They were not amused at being housebound.

One day we went to the Toronto Zoo and when we returned late evening, he was gone, nowhere around. I searched everyday for him to no avail.

I was heartbroken, thinking a predator may have got a hold of him. I could only hope that he had gained the strength and ability to fly and stay safe.

Each and everyday I went outside in hopes he had returned even though I knew it was foolish to believe a wild bird would come back.

About 2 weeks after he had disappeared, my husband was mowing the back lawn and called me outside. He said, "I think your dove is back". I had named him 'Lovey Dovey' and called him that each time I approached him. I spoke to him constantly during the time he was with me.

When I saw the dove on the fence, I called out, "Lovey Dovey, is that you?" He tilted his head toward my voice.

I couldn't believe it might be him. I sat on the grass and called again. He came over from the fence and sat on the grass a few feet from me.

He continued to walk towards me slowly and then flew onto my shoulder and then into my lap.

He stayed and allowed me to pet him. After a visit of about 20 minutes he flew back to the fence and sat for awhile.

I kept talking to him and eventually he turned and flew away as I called out my goodbyes.

It was the most amazing experience and had a profound effect on me. I took photos from when he was nothing but quills and fluff to when he came back to visit. The posted pic is of his return.

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Jun 24, 2010
by: Lorraine

We've had a pair of mourning doves for three years now. In the three years we've had 7 little doves. They nest in our evergreen tree at the back steps.

It's wonderful to see the mom feed the little ones and get them to fly. During the day the little guys stay on the ground and hide up my peonies. You can walk right up to them. I talk to them a lot.

Mom comes every evening for her visit with me. I talk to her and always call her my Princess. She'll coo outside the kitchen window to let us know that she is there.

My husband always says your little friend is calling. I go out and talk to her and she hangs around for awhile then fly's away.

I look for her every spring. Her family is part of our family. They are wonderful birds.

Apr 20, 2010
Your Moment
by: Bill

Great story! Savor the moment with God's wonderful creatures. He has given them to us for many reason is to remind us of HIM.

Apr 19, 2010
Wonderful Dove Story
by: Marianne

An amazing story. I had no idea that you could bond with these wonderful creatures. You are very very lucky and so is Lovey Dovey. God Bless you both.

Apr 19, 2010
Lovey Dovey
by: Karen

What a neat story! I love the picture! Thanks for sharing!

Apr 19, 2010
Lovey Dovey
by: Cindy

Wonderful, sweet story. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

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Doves trying to become part of our family

by Rebecca Salquist
(Riverside california)

Such a proud MaMa

Such a proud MaMa

My Doves, as I like to refer to them have given our family much joy through the years.

They first started nesting on our covered porch in our hanging plants, they would usually just have one brood and then I would await their arrival the following year.

Well this year my darling dove is on her third brood. What's different this year is how close she has nested to our front door.

She greats me every time I open and close my front door, as she is so close I could easily reach out and touch her, she always looks at me and I softly talk to her and she has no fear of me or our family at all.

Another thing that is different is she is on her third brood, we watch her teach the babies to fly in our nearby fountain garden, our family including our grandchildren, watch from a nearby window, they have kept us entertained amongst the isolation of the stay at home orders.

Once she and her mate have their babies flying she is back on the nest with another brood. I have come to love these little birds as they make no mess and are a joy to watch.

She's as close to being inside our home as she could be. I think of her as one of our pets, like our little dog Andy as part of our family.

When I photograph her with her babies she looks so proud, almost as if she's poising for the photos.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I have included.

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Aug 03, 2020
by: Christy

A sweet mother dove has built a nest right outside our front door...she has already had 2 sets of babies and I call her "mama".

She is not frightened of me at all and now that her babies have flown off, she spends most of her day away from the nest and returns every evening at around 7pm and calls me to let me know when she returns.

She has brought me much joy during this very stressful time...

Aug 02, 2020
thank you!
by: vicki miko

Loved reading the stories! Thank you.

We have a dove family in a hanging geranium pot on our 4th-floor apartment deck. This is a first for both me and my husband.

One baby is 11 days out of the shell, the other is only 9 days. The parents are very attentive.

They let me photo and video them up close! We keep a close watch for crows.

Jul 27, 2020
My Doves
by: Theresa

I have Doves in a Mulberry tree which is close to my house. Every morning when I go out with my little chihuahua I say "Good morning Dove".

Doves are so peaceful and I just lost my dad in May and these doves have somehow brought me comfort.

I can see the tree out my living room window and just like clockwork about the same time every evening I see the "Mom" Dove change places with the "Dad" dove.

I like to call it "the changing of the guard".

I can’t wait to see the babies after they are born.

Peace and love to all! Thanks for sharing your stories.

May 19, 2020
Doves moved inside
by: Anonymous

We have a couple who have nested on our upper roofed deck for years. We have this year enclosed the deck except for two small windows we are waiting on.

The couple has tried to build their nest, my husband has cleaned it out several times but now one of them is sitting (likely on eggs) and is not moving. I don't know what to do.

I am thinking we will let them hatch this brood however, I am also worried about the babies trying to learn to fly in a mostly enclosed, glass room!!

They just stare at me when I come out into the room.

Apr 21, 2020
They nested right outside my bedroom window.
by: Farhod

They’re a well received blessing during this time. Something I’ve always wanted too. Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

Apr 17, 2020
Thank you
by: Gene

What a wonderful contribution. Our birds do become like parts of our family when we see them return from year to year. Three broods, wow! Lucky you.

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Healing Process:The Mourning Doves

by Ashley Durham
(Wilmore, KY, USA)

Dad & Mom Exchanging Places

Dad & Mom Exchanging Places

This year, 2020 has been especially difficult for my family. I lost both my father and younger brother within two moths of each other.

Following that tragedy, the pandemic hit. This was a difficult time for millions across the world and for me I was still mourning the loss of my family.

During this time I became especially interested in birds. Living in Kentucky the Cardinal, our state bird, took on a new symbolic meaning to me.

Maybe it was my loved ones visiting. With each spotting I became hopeful, even if it was a fleeting moment: which made me more observant/submersed into the world of birds.

This is when I had my first encounter with Mourning Doves.

The quiet beauty and loving nature of the bird grew my attention once we noticed a nest built strategically on top of our arbor, sheltered by the edge of a roof from the building attached.

Being amateur animal enthusiast anyways and with little to do since confined to our homes, we took an interest in this mama and daddy bird who worked together to successfully raise FOUR sets of broods/fledglings (the fourth is underway currently).

Your website was very informative and helped feed our curiosity for what we call our new “neighbors”, whom we joined each afternoon as we relaxed underneath the arbor.

Each day and night it was amazing to watch and learn about their patterns. From the meet up and exchange between the father and mother to watching the fledglings feeding deep inside their mother's mouth.

My husband who took an special liking to our friends, restored an antique bird bath left on the property by my late father who loved watching the birds each morning.

So he added a drip irrigation head and timer to refill clean and fresh water throughout the day.

We also purchased a bird feeder filled with their favorites and positioned it in a close tree.

However we found that more Cardinals and Blue Jays enjoyed this more and of course we had to device a few systems to keep squirrels from ransacking it; that was a challenge.

I didn’t know what joy could come from watching these birds.

It felt peaceful watching each of their fledglings grow and still stay around, as if to stay with their family.

Watching even the dad Dove play such an important role was healing. Even in winged creatures the intricacies of family are vital.

I don’t know what I'll do once this mother bird decides she's done for this season.

But I do know that the Mourning Dove has helped me mourn my loved ones who've made me into the person I am today and for that...I'm grateful.

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Jul 25, 2020
Lovely Post
by: Susan

We also have a pair of Mourning Doves who have chosen a planter box hanging in our arbor to nest in.

Actually, they, or their offspring, are back for their second year. They are also on their fourth pair of chicks and we have loved learning all of their habits.

I am a photographer and they have provided me many opportunities to chronicle their daily comings and going.

It's lovely to read of the pleasure that they have brought to you in such difficult times.

Jul 24, 2020
Mourning dove story
by: Gene

Your story touches me as we lost a loved one way to soon at 57 years. So much energy and life. Nature and our birds help us heal our hearts.

Thank you for your submission.

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Doves of Good Fortune

(Phillips Ranch,CA)

Home Sweet Home Mom Dad Baby Dove

Home Sweet Home Mom Dad Baby Dove

About a week ago I was leaving my house and I noticed a bunch of twigs in my entry way above my door.

To my surprise it was a set of turtle doves. At first I was trying to figure out if there were any eggs in the nest.

The next morning I saw the nest had grown bigger and there was a bird sitting in the nest.

I quickly noticed another bird watching closely near by.

All I could think about was the horrific mess they would bring to my front porch.

As the days went by, I realized I couldn't wait to see them in the mornings when I walked the dog and in the evening just before dusk.

I began taking pictures of our newly adopted bird family.

I instantly fell in love when I saw two little heads sticking out from under the mom.

I decided to go out and visit a friend who lives close to the casino.

I missed my friends freeway exit, thinking about how I was about to go buy a bird feeder and other little treats for our new family members.

While out and about, I decided to go try my luck for an hour at the casino. My friends were telling be about the good blessings attached to our beautiful little turtledoves.

Well, it must be something to that because I walked out of the casino 2 hours later $20,000 richer..I am loving my little gems of good fortune.

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Lessons to Be Learned

by Joanne De Stefano
(Utica, New York)

The many nooks and crannies of our roof lines have made the perfect home for many bird nests, the most usual of which have been robin nests.

Their habits are pretty much predictable. As we have observed the stages of nest building, the male and female share in the building of their babies' home.

As I watch, I quickly see the many ways in which we could learn from their habits.

The softest material is brought in first to make the bottom of the nest cushioned and warm and from this I learn that it is so important to create a warmth and comfort to all those who enter our home.

They then gather just the right amount of various sizes of twigs and some with mud gathered from the last nights gentle rain.

This tells me to keep my home organized and uncluttered!

Our newest tenants, however, have been the mourning doves. We first observed them on the edge of the back fence contemplating the logistics of their new home.

" Do you think this is the place,?" whispers the female. " Looks good to me," exclaimed the male.

For the next few days, they would return to the fence once again and look at the perfect spot tucked into the eave of the porch.

Their nest-building has been far less of an intense task than that of the robin.

The soft pieces of grass encircled another on the bottom but the twigs have been loosely spread out in a free-spirited style!

The female has far less visits from the male according to our observations and was alone most of the time.

Our porch ceiling fan became the 'runway' in which the male dove carried in its' mouth the finishing touches while scurrying into the nest to prepare for its' young.

The time had finally come and in a few days we saw new babies searching for their food until at last they were strong enough to fly to freedom! And we thought this was it!

But, no, two weeks later the female is still not moving from the nest.

We hope it's okay because she is moving and has changed her position in this rather cramped nest.

Just not quite sure, I called a friend who is always 'in the know'.

"Star, ( what a perfect name for this quest) we have a mourning dove in a nest that has been there for a good two and a half weeks since hatching", I said.

"Not to worry," exclaims Star. This is called ' brooding.' I had no idea but I did breath a sigh of relief!

We hadn't seen the male return...until today, about three weeks later, when I see the two of them in the nest together and was startled to hear the familiar mourning dove sound for a split second.

I continue to await on what's coming next but will end my story with a lesson learned.

" Be patient, sit tight and learn the discipline of the essence of time!"

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