Doves in Hanging basket

by Megan David
(Walnut Creek,CA)

A pair of mourning doves filled the hanging basket outside our kitchen window.

It was a delightful surprise to see them sitting there only a few feet from where we were standing.

From my perspective the basket seemed too small for the pair, their tail feathers sticking out the sides, the resident fern displaying its fronds on the other.

My husband was immediately concerned about the plant and wanted to shoo the birds away.

two baby doves with mom dove

Baby Doves With Mom

"No, if this is the place they've chosen, let them stay," I said on their behalf.

"I'll water the fern on the side then." I ran upstairs to Google "dove eggs" and read that they weren't waterproof.

"We'll have to let the fern die," I declared firmly. "We'll plant another one later."

The hanging home they chose is in the most congested area of our house.

It's next to the back door and the kitchen with its garbage disposal and blender grinding and whirling several times a day.

People came in and out, banging the gate, talking, laughing just a few feet from the suspended family.

"Watch out for the birds," became my mantra for a few weeks, I might as well have put a sign on my forehead.

I was worried they might fly away and abandon their home.

But they didn't. I wasn't convinced that they would stay. But shortly after the pair first arrived, the female planted herself there.

She must have either trusted us or had no place else to go. We could have easily touched her.

Once she claimed the nest, there was only one time when the nest was empty. I stood on a stool in the kitchen and peered into the nest through the window

Two small white eggs. That was the only time I saw them.

The pair took turns sitting on the eggs, never leaving them exposed except for that one exception.

They hatched after only two weeks just like the internet stories said would.

I was surprised by how fast the chicks grew. The first week after they hatched the mother hovered over them, allowing me to see them fully only once while she was feeding them.

Otherwise, she covered them with her wings hiding them from view.

And then suddenly they emerged from beneath her, fully feathered and about one-third her size. They became active like three-year-olds, bopping around the nest.

Then the first time she left them alone, I stood on my stool and took a picture of them, two vulnerable little beings nestled side-by-side in their comfy bed of soil and moss.

The mother returned frequently only leaving them a few minutes at first.

And then she left them for longer periods like over an hour.

At about 12 days old my daughter called me over to the window. "One of the babies flapped their wings," she announced. I rushed over.

It was the other one's turn for flying lessons. He raised his wings and fluttered them as though he were about to take flight. But he settled down again.

"A lot of non-verbal communication going on there," my daughter said. Shortly afterwards the mom took flight herself as though showing them how it was done.

The following day when my husband and I returned after an afternoon outing, I checked the nest and found that the baby doves were gone.

The mother dove was sitting in the nest and the dad was on the ground.

He flew to the top of the carport when we arrived. My husband said that she must be sitting on the babies but I knew they were too big for that. "They are gone."

It was a bit of a shock considering they were born two weeks ago.

Watching the doves nest in our backyard was an enormous experience for me.

I felt so honored to be a part of their family, and the life process. Nature visited our back door. It was a gift.

I miss the birds. I miss seeing them there. I miss checking on them.

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May 11, 2023
Morning Doves My Morning Dove’s appeared right next to my Balcony Sunday Morning How Sweet
by: Sheryl Replace With First Name

I took my cup of coffee out on the balcony to drink.

It was a nice morning my cat Derrick was out there, rolling around when all of a sudden I looked to my right, and on the light fixture to the building, I noticed a dove sitting there on twigs.

Then I saw another dove going back and forth with twigs, I was in awe.

The one sitting on the nest was too funny.

Some of the branches she would accept then when he flew away, she would toss some. I would laugh it up.

I saw one egg but you have to understand I live on the fifth floor and she has nested on the light.

That's about 4 feet out from my balcony. It gets so windy up here.

I haven't even been sleeping at night worrying about her and him and the eggs. I made a little shelter on my balcony.

You probably think I'm crazy, but I have told her the door is wedged open, and it's a place for her to take her family if it rains.

Where she is now she has no protection.

I was in the hospital so I have nurses coming every other day and my blood pressure has skyrocketed and they said to me what is going on with you?

Something is your blood pressure was a little high before but now it's off the charts, we're gonna have to call the doctor.

Something was not right so I blamed it on the doves.

I just said I've been worrying about them and that's probably what it is.

I can't get to them to help them. I just hope and pray they're OK and if not, they come to my balcony, there are plants out there and everything that they can be safe.

She is one crazy dove living on the edge.

It reminds me of somebody LOL hopefully I will be able to get back on here.

I did take a picture yesterday of her and tomorrow when I get up I will try to get a picture of her with her eggs.

Or him sitting on the eggs they take turns I've been reading a lot about them now.

I hope and pray I can keep you updated Sincerely Obsessed with the Dove's

Jun 13, 2009
newly discoverd dove in hanging basket
by: Jan

We have a dove (or doves that take turns..) sitting in our hanging basket on our back porch!

I haven't seen any eggs yet but the mom (or dad) is always in it now so I'm assuming they're there. We're excited to have them so close to hopefully witness they're soon-to-be new little family.

I hope she doesn't end up abandoning the eggs or the babies once they're born.

It's weird how I never noticed doves around our house before now I see them all over the place!

They seem like calm, lovely birds but my boyfriend says they can get pretty aggressive. Hope we don't find out!

Just saw your little story while looking up info on their nesting habits and thought I would share ours with you.

Jun 10, 2009
A Very Elegant Story
by: Mark Bryant

Megan... Thank you for the story of the doves in the hanging basket. You have a real gift for writing. I love the way you describe your thoughts and emotions in the story. Keep writing these kinds of stories!

Jun 07, 2009
Beautifully written!
by: Lauren

You truly capture the experience of the doves who graced us with their wonderful presence and offered us a rare opportunity to watch nature in action.

Hopefully the same family or another will return to the hanging baskets soon.

Your words are beautiful.

Jun 03, 2009
by: Diana Ingalls

Isn't Nature Wonderful!

What a treat to watch the doves raise their family right at your back door. Thanks for sharing.

May 31, 2009
Wonderful photo and story!
by: Carol Hansen Grey

Megan -- I love the photo and thoroughly enjoyed watching the family of doves through your eyes! Thank you.

May 29, 2009
Your picture is one of the best ever
by: Anonymous

What a fabulous shot! Please be aware that they may return or another pair may nest.

I had one pair last year (lost one of the babies, but saved the other, believe it or not).

They nested in our patio covering and it just did not give them the amount of bottom support and the poor babies fell off the beam.

I insisted on getting better support and found an open grated shoe carrier for a closet to fit up there this year and, low and behold, a pair came.

Their 2 babies never fell and I enjoyed watching them grow. Believe it or not, I am now on round 2 - who knows if it is the same couple.

I think the babies have already hatched, but they are still pretty small.

This has been a joy in my life like no other. Of course, my kids and husband think I am nuts.

I insisted he not have the TV satellite guy come to adjust the dish until my first couple/family had left.

Not convenient, but definitely a must if you want to live peacefully with me!

Enjoy the gift of nature!

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