Dove Nest on Patio

by Cheryl
(Roseville, CA)

Daddy Dove in the Nest

Daddy Dove in the Nest

Our Patio Dove Nest
I recently have had the pleasure (and pain) of having a beautiful pair of mourning doves nesting on the roof overhang of my patio.

When I first noticed they had chosen my patio, I was both excited and nervous.

The nest was kind of scattered and loose, and looked like it would be easy for an egg (or young bird) to fall out.

While watching the birds nest, I observed a new danger to the eggs.

Scrub jays frequently inhabit our backyard and are known to prey on other bird's nests (eggs & young).

Scrub jays had discovered the nest and were frequently pestering the sitting dove.

I waited until the scrub jay scared the dove away from the nest one day, quickly went out on the patio (to scare away the jay), and stapled a small screen across the front of the nest area to prevent the nest from falling or eggs from falling out.

I waited for the dove to return, and could tell it was apprehensive about the new addition to the the nest area.

Eventually it went inside and continued nesting.

I became a little obsessed with the safety of the birds and the nest, and spent some of my days off just watching the nest, and listening for signs of distress (from nest robbers).

I chased away several scrub jays on multiple occasions. The nest seemed doomed and I was sad when I had to leave for work and also leave the nest to what nature had in store.

However, I was genuinely surprised when I came home from work each day to find the doves were still nesting!

Who am I to think that these birds cannot protect their own nest?

I know I cannot save them, but I felt a little obligated since they were on my patio.

It's been about two weeks now and the birds are still nesting.

I have witnessed the "changing of the guard" on so many occasions and have a great respect for these birds who stay together and share the demands and duties of raising their family.

The scrub jays still try to bother the nest, but for some reason, the nest and eggs are still intact.

This morning when I woke up I noticed one egg laying on the beam outside of the nest.

The dove was on the nest, but this egg was not? I couldn't understand why, and thought maybe the bird inside was dead and the egg was kicked out of the nest.

I collected the egg with a stick and soft bowl without disturbing the sitting dove. I felt really bad that this one egg didn't make it after such a long journey.

I picked the egg up (with a gloved hand) and listed to it - to my surprise I heard slight tapping noises coming from the egg and even felt a little movement!!

I had to get the egg back into the nest.

I scared the dove from the nest and quickly put the egg back in it.

I then waited to make sure the dove would come back, and after a few minutes, it did.

I don't know why the egg was not in the nest, nor why the doves did not try to move it back over into the nest, but it's there now.

I don't know if this was right to do, but I wanted the baby bird to have a shot at life.

I can't wait for the babies to make their appearance - it's time for them to hatch and I can't help but worry about them and hope they make it in the "real world."

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May 03, 2022
by: Carol

I am like that, also, guarding the bids and waiting and watching like I am the mother.

The female at my place is on her 2nd brood. When I came home from work today, I found half a white eggshell on the front lawn and a Jay was hanging around squawking.

That did not make me happy.

Mom's been on her nest constantly but I'm not sure when the male takes turns.

I am not sure how to attach photos or I would.

Apr 30, 2022
Scrub Jerks (Jays)
by: Lisa

We have a nesting pair of doves on our patio. Looks very similar to the authors picture.

We researched and learned that doves get spooked & ditch their nests easily so we never took a peak.

Every morning I would say hello (fill the bird feeder) and check every evening after work.

This morning we woke up to find an egg shattered on the patio.

We checked our surveillance video and saw that the scrub jerk robbed the nest while a mom or pa dove was in it.

She tried to ward him off but it was quick (seconds). Now our doves have moved out and abandoned the nest.

I hear them and now they are nearby but I can't help but to wish for a different outcome.

We were so excited for hatchlings and love bird watching immensely.

Apr 23, 2020
Doves nesting near my condo
by: Anonymous

I've been watching doves building a nest for the past two weeks. Unfortunately the nest fell and it had an egg that shattered on the the walk way.

They started building another nest the male worked all day trying to build it.

I'm thinking they must have not had enough time to complete it before the female laid another egg, which I found shattered on the ground the next morning.

It was heartbreaking, it was the male who had been sitting on the egg, not really much of a nest.

The female was nowhere to be found. He waited for her return, I suppose he had a lot of explaining to do.

Today they have still been hanging around but haven't been building another nest.

I'm hoping they'll find a better place to build.

I would put up a nesting box, but I live in a condo so I don't know how the association feel about it.

Jun 15, 2010
thanks :)
by: Cheryl

Thank you! I love birds and am lucky to have several different kinds hanging out in my backyard... I will post when the babies have left the nest (hopefully) :))

Jun 14, 2010
Doves on Patio
by: Marianne

What a beautiful story. Your care for these wonderful creatures is very special indeed.

I worried all the way through your story about the scrub jays but so far so good.

Thank you for sharing your special adventure. Good luck to you and your new relatives.

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