Carolina Wrens Make Nest In Garage Inside Box

by Larry Fortna
(Leesburg, Florida)

Two Carolina wrens decided to make their home in our garage this spring.

At first attempt, the male wren built a nest in an old hat sitting on the shelf, but my wife promptly tore it down.

Being persistent, the wren returned and started another nest in an empty box on another shelf.

male wren peeking in nest

My wife tore it down as well. She really did not want the birds to make a nest in the garage, but this bird was really persistent and started a third nest in yet another empty box.

My wife gave in and let this one stay.

She spends a lot of time in the garage doing laundry, but the bird does not seem to mind her presence and continued to build up the nest.

This box was on a top shelf and my wife decided if it was to stay, she at least wanted to watch so she moved it to a lower shelf and was present when the male brought a female wren to see his work of art, which had been moved!

While dad looked around puzzled, momma spotted it and I'm sure whistled something like "Over here stupid!".

Apparently, it met her expectations because before long a full nest was completed and eggs appeared inside.

The opening is hidden well, but I ordered a pan/tilt wireless camera and installed it where I could get a close up of the wren couples new home.

With motion detection, I am now capturing video and snapshots daily.

Can't wait to see the offspring!

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Wrens for dinner?
by: KymZ

I came home from work one day and could hear chirping in the house, sounded like baby birds.

I narrowed it down to the microwave and then realized that we have a vent that goes from our microwave to our porch over hang on the front of the house.

Wrens had gotten in thru that vent, traveled down the exhaust pipe and made their nest, and when the babies were big enough to leave the nest they ventured further down the exhaust pipe and fell down behind the vent pipe where it attaches to the microwave over our stove and couldn't get back out.

They were trapped.

Had to call a specialist who knew how to extract them from the pipe while the frantic parents flitted about screaming for them was wild.

Saved them all. We have since put a screen over that vent so they can't get in and have enjoyed them in wren houses we put on that very porch.

They used them and we so enjoyed watching them. Where do they go after? Gone now. Michigan. PS...our granddaughter's name is Wren:)

Wrens in our garage too
by: Carol

We also have a wren family in our garage. The nest is in a small basket with 4 eggs.

We leave the door open all day but close it after dark. Any other ideas? Eggs should hatch any day now.

Baby Wrens
by: Larry Fortna

I checked the live video feed after supper and discovered that 2 new baby wrens had just hatched while momma was out stretching her legs.

The little mouths were wide open wanting to be fed!

Can still see at least one egg that has not opened yet.

Momma wren returned to find her new kids with a veracious appetite. She is now making frequent trips for food.

I am wondering what to do about the garage door tonight! And tomorrow when I have to go out for a few hours!

This is the problem with making your nest in someone's garage!

Persistant for sure
by: Ginger

So the birds won nice....I love the story...I'll keep watching for more pics. thanks for sharing the story.

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