Bluebirds in Winter

by Chris Peters

Seeing Bluebirds in Winter

bluebird in snow
Bluebird in Snow NC

I found out quickly that if you put up more than one bluebird house you will get a show you did not expect.

I thought it would look so cute to put 3 or 4 together like a small village. beautiful pair that come back year after year, (I think!) moved into the village and I was thrilled.

I then waited for some of their friends to move in. To my great satisfaction another pair showed up.

I have a long front porch with a swing and I spent many garden breaks on that swing watching as the male stood guard and the female built her nest.

All this time I thought I had two pairs of bluebirds in my little village.

Ahh...not true.

It took me a couple of weeks to realize that the same pair had built a nest in each of the 4 bluebird houses.

They finally chose one to lay their eggs and raise their young. They were also very successful in running off any other bluebirds.

They also ran off a pair of Chickadees that tried to move into the village.

I was amazed that they would keep going from house to house even after the mama laid her eggs.

I am not sure if they were using the other houses as decoys or if they were just trying out each one to see which they really liked.

This pair raised three sets of young over the summer months.

So here it is fall, actually it is almost Halloween and the days are getting short and cool.

I was pretty sure my pair had moved on for the winter. It is cold and raining today and I was standing at the back window looking out into the yard at the birds.

I have several feeders and love to watch them.

Soon I saw a little fat bird all puffed up sitting on the deck railing.

She looked very familiar and it took me a minute to realize she was a young female bluebird.

The next thing I see she has a bit of moss in her beak and she flies to one of the bluebird houses and goes in. I am astounded!

This is a new pair, the female is very small, much smaller than my regular pair. Soon the male, gorgeous blue, streaks in and joins her.

He sits on the top of the house and surveys his domain.

Ready to protect his coming brood! I have never had any of my bluebirds stay into November and build a nest at this time of the year.

The good news is that here in the Atlanta, Georgia area we don't get really cold weather until late December and January.

I would love to hear of any other bluebirds nesting at this time of the year.

Oh and by the way...I separated all the houses so I would hopefully get more pairs.

We will see how this all works out.

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Don't forget to feed your Bluebirds during the cold by providing Mealworms

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coooold weather
by: beeman

2/14/22 8 blue birds at the feeder twice each day, here in central N.Y state minus 2 degrees F right now, sometimes I have to feed twice each day, snow birds (juncos) sneak in during the day to enjoy the meal worms also. Ordered another 5 # bag last week. More expensive each time, oh well!!

Bluebirds in winter
by: Anonymous

It is February in Smith's Falls, Ontario (about 1hr south of Ottawa)we have lived here for almost 20 years and have bluebirds almost as long nesting here.

But this is the first winter we have ever seen the bluebirds this early.

They have been here since beginning of Feb. About 2 months earlier then they ever have been.

They seem to be thriving eating bugs off the house and obviously berries. Due to their purple poop. But it is so strange to see them now.

roosting bluebirds
by: Gene

Absolutely common. At the end of the nesting season clean out the house and add a layer of straw for the winter. By March you should remove the straw for new nest. Hope you have more Blues this season.

A crowded bluebird house
by: Anonymous

Here it is Feb 12 in upstate ny and I just watched 8 bluebirds, male and female squeeze into one of my houses. I believe they are roosting for the night. Is this a common habit? Jim D

by: Philip

We have several bluebird boxes in our rural backyard in Southern Ontario, and we get a few pairs of BB raising young each summer.

We get small flocks returning each November and December to check out their boxes and say goodbye before flying south. This year we saw 3 in January.

Some research indicated that yes indeed, some BB overwinter in pockets in Southern Ontario. So... I rigged up a low wattage lamp under the box and voila! they checked it out and seem to have moved in for the night.

Good thing as it will be -26C (-15F) tonight.

No Nest
by: Gene

Hi Marsha,

Thanks for contributing. The Bluebirds won't nest in your area this time of year but may use bird houses to roost in at night.

blue birds in november
by: Marsha, Terre Haute, IN

A pair of Bluebirds Are eating the red berries from my dog wood trees. It is Nov. 18, 38 degrees and slightly sleeting.

I took down the house they built in this summer and did not put back as assumed they were gone for the winter. Now feel bad, suppose they build nests in winter?

busy feeder
by: beeman

Here in upstate N.Y. suddenly after a few 40 degree mornings our blue bird feeder is busy, some days I fill it twice,using meal worms.

7 or 8 blues scrapping over who gets to eat, I may have to put another feeder up when winter sets in.

The meal worms are getting more expensive each year.

I have to modify the feeder to keep out blue jays in the winter and Robins in the summer.

I think so far most blue's are this years hatches 2, totaling 9 birds.

It will be interesting next spring to see who gets the bird house.

Building nests in October?
by: James B

I'm here in upstate NY close to Catskills. I have three bird boxes and one family of blues took over two of them in May.

Tree swallows in the other.

The bluey's had a few broods and moved on by July.

I would hear their wonderful calls as I went to my office in the mornings but didn't see them
around as much.

Now, in late October, I see 4 bluey's hanging out and building nests again…. how strange is this?

by: Anonymous

Marietta, GA... I have five brand new blues!!! proud papa

by: beeman

April 22, Mrs. bluebird has been on the nest 14 days, today and yesterday the weather has been terrible snow temps. in the high 20s at night and high 30s in the day.

She has been great about staying on the nest, comes to the feeder to eat and back to the nest.

I have seen Mr. blue fill up at the federated fly down to the bird house and hand it off to the female.

Tomorrow will be warm enough so I can take a peek in the nest to see what is happening, I hope all is well. later.

by: beeman

Just as I thought, here in upstate n.y. April 9, she laid 5 eggs in her new nest, last year it was the 12th and they all froze, we had a terrible April last year.

I think she may be in luck this year, it is going to be 79 degrees today, and looking forward I think if she stays on the nest things will work out well.

Lets hope so. Later

Bluebirds in Western KY
by: Anonymous

During our snow at least 5 took cover in the nest box. Now that it is spring a pair of bluebirds have 5 eggs in the nest.

I have bluebird feeders that I fill each day. The male likes the one with the cover and the female likes the one without.

The male will get a mealworm from his feeder and fly over to hers (maybe a foot away) and feed her.

I have heard the bluebirds here in Western KY had a bad winter, so many didn’t make it.

by: beeman

Here in upstate N.Y. March 31, 2021, she has a nest completely built, hope she holds off on egg laying for a couple weeks at least, we have a blizzard coming tonight and tomorrow, they did the same thing last year and the eggs all froze, I don't know how to heat their bird house. LOL

Surprise Ending
by: Cher

Great story. 💗

Where have all my Bluebirds gone:(
by: Sherri P.

Hi, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your story!

It is March 19th 2021. I wanted to tell you my little story, I have had a set of B. Birds for few years Now, heck last year my pair raised successfully 6 sets of Babies.

I have loved every minute of them. Well comes to my sad note, here in last 4 weeks I have not seen Not One of my Birds at all.

What got my attention was reading an article about birdbaths water dishes.

Bluebirds in N.Carolina were dying from Salmonella poisoning from all pooping in the baths, I clean mine all the time.

But I'm so so upset bc I haven't seen any of my Babies in few weeks now at all, I just hope everyone would get message and Keep their Bird Baths cleaned with drop of Clorox Bleach RINSE Well..

I Sure hope mine have just went on Vacation since our last cold spell.

I'm in Middle Tn BTW

house claiming
by: beeman

Here in upstate N.Y. state, our blue birds are thinning out at the feeders, one pair in particular has claimed the bird house, any one else lands on the post gets chased away.

We have some gorgeous weather coming up this week coming so we'll see if any nest building begins.

Young bluebird in feb. MA
by: Avery Sage Notion

Hi, I was searching and found your article, thank you.
I just took a video of the cutest young I believe as he had a big belly, male bluebird.

Yesterday, on February 12 2021 in Massachusetts. I was surprised as I've only seen another young bluebird on my porch during the summer 2 days in a row.

I live north of Boston. He was beautiful. I've lived here 15 years

Winter Blue Birds.
by: Anonymous

I live in Northwest Indiana about 20 miles from the tip of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

I border a small oak and hickory woods and see many many birds in the winter at my feeder's.

Today I was watching an accidental flock of robins and mixed in with them were three or four bluebirds!

I'm lucky to see one bluebird during the summer passing through, but to see three or four with 12 inches of snow on the ground in February is astonishing!

Anybody else in the upper Midwest experienced this?

by: beeman

hey Gene,suggestion put recent posts at the top of page so we don't have to go through 7 years of posts to get to the current ones?


second feeder
by: beeman

Here in upstate N.Y,, feb. 10, had to put up a second feeder to feed the 8 blues that come twice each day.

They still fight like the dickens over who eats when but they all seem to eat.

They come as soon as its light and then about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, they mostly clean all the food up each time.

Snow birds are now sneaking in for some meal worms also they seem to stay on the ground an eat what gets thrown out by the blues.

Fun to watch out our front window, and drives the cat crazy watching them out the window lol.

Eastern Bluebirds in Maine in February
by: Anonymous

We see on occasion pairs of eastern bluebirds visiting our bird feeders in February here in Southern Maine. Is that normal?

Coldest day of the year!!!
by: Paula in CT

Two beautiful bluebirds came to my feeder today.

Overnight temperatures in the single digits and very windy. Both were male and I thought I saw a female in the evergreen, but could not be sure.

Putting out live meal worms on a try for them, as the weekend continues to be cold and a big snowstorm is predicted for Monday and Tuesday.

Had not seen any at all, and then as I was washing dishes I looked out the window and saw a huge fat Robin on the trellis, followed by one Bluebird and then the other.

Quite a sight. I am in North West Connecticut. Lovely scene.

January in Ontario
by: John C

Today is January 25, 2021. A bluebird is flitting around in our backyard. We have no boxes or feeders, but there it is.

blue birds scraping over house
by: beeman

Here in New York state Jan.16 2021, male blue birds scraping over the blue bird house, a little early I think, but there is 7 or 8 that come to the feeder each day most days twice a day.

I feed once a day that's enough, meal worms are pricey, I need to get a heated bird bath they keep looking for it.

Bluebirds nest in October
by: Terry

Hi I read the story about the bluebirds nesting in October and I was amazed.

I check my bluebird boxes on a regular basis and here a few days ago I checked it and it's October now and I had a nest in there no eggs and I hadn't seen my Bluebirds for a while now and all the sudden they're here.

So I just curious do they nest in the fall, and I'm in Ohio and it gets cold early sometimes.

Or could they build a nest just to stay warm I don't know. But thank you for your story it was interesting.

by: beeman

ok here in upstate N.Y. march 30 2020, I have blue
birds building a nest in their BB house.

I think it's too early, but what do I know, last year they did the same thing and April 15 they had 4 chicks hatched by the20th.

They all died we had a lousy April last year, there was no natural food available that I know of.

I was wetting meal worms for several hours before feeding them, but I think the cold and wet weather was to much for them.

Will keep you posted this year, I wish them luck??

Bluebird Window CT
by: Gene

Check this page out as it applies to all birds.
Birds at Windows

Blue bird in CT in January?
by: Anonymous

We have 2 bluebirds trying to get in our windows in CT. I'm January. What should we do?

Food for bluebirds
by: Gene

Hi Linda,
See below for a link for mealworms.

Strangest thing yet.
by: Linda

Dec 19, 2019. South Bend, IN. High temperatures today 36 degrees. I was outside cleaning up after the dogs and a bluebird landed on my head.

I usually only see them in the spring and was shocked to have one land on me. I need to get some food out for the poor guys. What kind of fruit or seeds should I buy?

by: Gene

You've actually seen the eggs? Take a photo and keep us posted.

Laying eggs In December
by: Donna

Hello, I have two to three bluebird boxes in my yard, all in different areas. I have been watching them for years.

I have a pair that is now laying eggs. I have not seen that before. Usually they start late winter or early spring when the weather starts to warm. Very interesting.

I forgot to add I live south of Charlotte, NC.

Probably Using the House for Roosting
by: Gene

Hi Beth, most likely they are familiar with the house and are using it at night for roosting.

Breeding season is brought on by other factors.

Bluebirds in December
by: Beth from Michigan

I was just looking out my kitchen window and there were two bluebirds, one male and one female going in and out of the bird house that they nest in in the summer.

This is December in Michigan, cold and snowy. It is so wonderful to see them but I worry about the cold and their confusion.

They are acting as though they are getting ready to nest.

Winter bluebirds in KY
by: Kay Hollo

I was just looking out my French doors at my bluebird house and there was a couple, female and male bluebirds, female checking out the house and male sitting in watch on shed roof, right above it.

It’s freezing cold on Nov. 16, 2019! I also thought it strange!

Never saw any out in cold Stanton, KY weather!

I lived in Cave Spring, GA for 18 years and they were almost tame and not afraid of me.

They knew I was feeding them all those years, but never saw them in the winter there and it wasn’t near as cold as it is here in KY!

add a feeder
by: beeman

Still have 8 blue birds each morning looking for feed, noticed this year only one bird feeding at a time.

In the past one or two or three would eat at the same time, seems to be a bossy BB this year so I put out another feeder about 10 feet away.

First day they found it, now MR. boss flies between two feeders but others can also feed, good.

From: See Types of Bluebird Feeders

Bluebirds in 16 degree snowy nov
by: Anonymous

Have 6 at feeder of mealworms. Nov 14th in IND

Nesting in November
by: Patti

I have a pair now in Virginia that are building a nest. It's November 2nd.

Raising Your Own Mealworms
by: Gene

Here is our article on How to Grow Mealworms.

Raising Mealworms

Good Luck!


Price of meal worms
by: Paula

I am in CT and last year was the first time we saw bluebirds in the winter.

I decided meal worms were too expensive to buy dried, so I researched growing/raising them myself.

It is very easy to start a colony.

They multiply easily and can not fly or crawl to escape, so I have them in an old fish tank.

Birds just love them and they are live so attract easier. You all should try it.

I find it to be a plus....of, and they don't smell or require daily care in our fast-paced lives.

TN Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

Actually counted 6 today at the bird bath. I too just picked up some meal worms. I too thought they were pricey.

over wintering
by: beeman

We got 8 blue birds at the feeder here in upstate n.y. they usually stay all winter, all checking out the now empty BB house.

There will be a big fight next spring to see who gets the house for the season. Just received a new shipment of meal worms, price goes up each year.

Bluebirds in nov
by: Anonymous

Wow, I was surprised to see your post. We just noticed a pair in our box at this time of year. We’re in central PA and it has frosted here and gets quite chilly.

They are acting like they have eggs in there. I thought they would be on their way south by now. Happy birding!

Stay through Winter
by: Gene


Bluebirds in TN
by: Anonymous

Have seen a pair of Bluebirds over the last several weeks at my bird house that a pair raised two broods this summer.

Not sure if they’ve built a nest as I cleaned the old one out after they left. If I provide food and water are chances good they will stay all winter?

by: Anonymous

I live in Hampton Cove, Alabama, and just saw a male and female bluebird checking out my bluebird house!

They went in and out, as they did this past summer when they had 2 broods. I’m so excited to see them again and hopefully they will return soon.

Sparrow deterrent
by: Anonymous

OK. 2 screws on top front and 2 on bottom front by entrance hole? Connect around all 4 with fish line? I am having trouble "seeing this visual."

So what you are saying is to make a square or rectangle with the line to in essence, make the round hole still round at the top but smaller at the sides and no longer a circle.

Just can't quite get the picture in my head. Like 11 and 1 o'clock and then 5 and 7?

Sorry to be such a dunce, but I really want to do this and yet still make it work for the bluebirds.
How far out from the main nesting box will the fish line end up being? Thanks!

Keeping Sparrows out of bird house and feeder
by: Anonymous

I found the best way to deter Sparrows, is to put 4 nails or screws by entrance holes that are 2" long and placed at top front of box and bottom front.

Then take fishing string or thin wire ( thin like fishing line) and connect to all 4 nails or screws.

The Blue birds can see this and can fly into their entrance hole, with no problem. But the Sparrows, can't see it and their wings feel the string and they don't go in. Really works on my bird houses and feeders.

Does someone have a pattern?
by: Anonymous

Roosting blue bird houses....Hmmmm, never heard of them, but sure would like to have some stay the winter here with comfort, as I said earlier.

I've seen some here, but am anxious to feed as I don't want to entice them if it isn't a good fit for them.....

by: Gene

If there is food around they will stay in winter. 20 is a lot to have around but families may stick together.

Sometimes as many as 6 will roost in a birdhouse in winter. Roosting houses (specially made) are made for wintering bluebirds.

These houses have lower entrances and pegs to stand on inside the house.

Yes but why are they here in the winter
by: Anonymous

Ok but is it common for blue birds to be around and 20 of them all winter

by: Gene

It may just be that you don't have the right habitat for nesting during the summer.

Also, a pair of Bluebirds would run off others during the nesting season. They don't stay in flocks during breeding season.

I have blue birds all winter in Mass. And none in summer
by: Brian

I live in Massachusetts and I have over 20 blue birds all winter and they all leave in the summer why is this.

I don't understand now that I'm reading up on it.

I thought they were winter birds but I have read they go to warm in winters so why do I have them all winter and none in the summer

Location, location, location
by: Anonymous

I have learned if you want to bluebirds take up residence in your bb house you absolutely must make sure the opening is facing to the Eastern direction.

Once I read that and applied it to my housing locale I was amazed that the one facing east was always utilized and the one facing south NEVER got used.

Don't know if this is fact, but if you aren't seeing them being used, try changing the direction the door faces...weird but true!!

Re: Gene ..... baffles
by: Anonymous

We were actually prepared to do that from the beginning but for reasons we cannot possible understand for ten years now nothing has touched the houses.

Even with a family of milk snakes nearby and many garter snakes as well as countless squirrels.

We are baffled why we don't need baffles ...pun intended.

by: Gene

If you haven't already, you might want to add baffles to those copper poles. Snakes and raccoons can easily climb them. Grease will not deter them.

Thanks for caring about our birds.

Bluebirds in the winter
by: Anonymous

We have had bluebirds consistently every winter in NH. We have two bluebirds boxes one in the front and one in the back yard as they work well not being able to see each other and which I retrofit with a ladder perch for winter roosting.

We have twelve bluebirds this winter. I feed them lots of dried mealworms and a lard cornmeal mush....Which they love!

We used to put the food on the feeder but the woodpeckers are so large and dominant that we started a small ground patch feeding area.

As soon as I open the screen door the bluebirds start hovering. Since ground feeding comes natural to them it seems to put the food where it is best served.

I still put out plenty of suet and seeds for the woodpeckers and others on the feeder.

In the spring, all but the two dominant Bluebird pairs move a bit down the road to nest. Last year each box produced three clutches.

We mounted our boxes onto copper pipes using plumbing fittings. They look like they float above our cottage garden.

re ;the new trend
by: beeman

To answer your question, re; new trend, yes do feed the blue birds, here in upstate n.y. for the last five years that I have had eastern blue birds, they stay all winter.

I feed dried meal worms and a cake of lard, they look for it each day.

I go out each morning and whistle and put meal worms in the feeder and sometimes they hover at a safe distance above me to land on the feeder as soon as I go back up on the porch.

I get between 6 and 8 almost every day, usually in the morning.

Bluebirds at birdbath
by: gayle

So excited! This is the first year I have put a heating element in my birdbath - and I was SO excited to see 3 bluebirds drinking from it today!

I live in Monkton Md and it is currently 35 degrees.

I have a pair of bluebirds that have nested in a blue bird box for several years.

So is this a new trend?
by: Anonymous

To everyone who has seen bluebirds in winter, even in the harshest times....Is this a new trend? anyone out there have the knowledge to tell me if I should be encouraging them to stay?

And are any of you still seeing them, as since that first sighting and my subsequent feeding them live, meal worms, I have only see one since.

I would like to do what is right by the needs of the birds, so encourage them to stay around as they'll be ok in the harsh winter weather or not? Thanks for your knowledge.

Winter Bluebirds
by: Beverly

Today I was surprised to see a flock, maybe 20 plus, of Eastern Bluebirds feeding on a stand of Sumac near Harvey's Lake, PA.

It is a bit hilly here, and I have not seen any bluebirds prior, even in Summer. Today around 25 degrees F.

First year with bluebirds
by: Anonymous

We’re in Amherst NH and have finally attracted bluebirds to our yard with bug nut and berry cylinders from Wild Birds Unlimited.

Some days 10 blues will be there as well as three types of woodpeckers.

Nearby we have a bluebird house and I can't understand the bluebirds behavior around it.

Every day 1-3 birds land on top of it and then enter it up to about a third of the way through the opening.

Then they seem to peck around a little but never go all the way in. Is this a normal?

I’d like them to use it for winter roosting but they don’t seem to like it.

I'm thrilled that we finally have all these birds but would love to understand how I can make this house more inviting in the winter.

Spotted my 5 bluebirds in my feeder
by: Nancy

I live in North Central Ohio and keep dried mealworms in my bluebird feeder all winder.

I spotted 5 bluebirds in my feeder this morning. Looked like 2 males and 3 females.

I think it is my returning pair and their last babies.

I have 3 nestboxes about 100 yards apart in an open 2 acre field.

I monitor the boxes all spring and summer to keep all other birds out of them and have raised at least 2 sets of babies every year for the last 5 years.

I love watching them in the morning 😁

Where Blue Birds roost in winter
by: Rene Forgy

We have always had lots of blue bird we live in south Kentucky, we do have blue bird houses and I have notice that the blue bird families gather and go in blue bird houses at nite in the winter.

Now if it's very cold they are in and out of the houses all day.

It's nice to know they use the houses for more than just nesting. I do enjoy them.

blue birds in Winter during storm
by: Carol

On Sunday, during a snow/sleet storm in Palmer, MA, we had a flock of 20 -25 bluebirds stay in the yard for over 5 hours.

I had never seen so many for so long, especially during bad weather, I always thought they migrated to warmer weather, but this winter, they frequent our yard regularly.

Normally they stay usually stay for less then 10 minute, so I was surprised that they stayed so long during the storm.

They all seemed to like the suet and ate very little black oil seed.

Lucky for them we have 6 suet feeders in the yard. Love watching the birds

by: beeman

I make a suet holder out of one quarter inch hardware cloth or wire, which it is, the squirrels go nuts trying to get it but the birds have no trouble.

NH Bluebirds in Winter
by: Anonymous

I live in central NH and have had 8 bluebirds to my feeder today, January 21, 2019. It is -3 degrees today. I put out dried mealworms on the ground and suet balls too.

Try Suet
by: Gene

You might want to try offering suet, the mealworms would freeze anyway.

Look for a suet cake that has lots of fruit in it and lay it flat above the ground. Bluebirds aren't clinging birds so don't use a suet feeder.

Of course the squirrels will gobble it up if you let them. It can be a battle. Worth a try for a couple of bucks.

Bluebirds in winter
by: Anonymous

I am in southern New Hampshire and do not have bluebird boxes but this morning Jan 21, I have at least three bluebirds in the trees and coming to my feeders.

It is below zero today. Love them but have never seen these in winter.

Wish I could buy mealworms now but my store doesn't have them.

7 Adult WV Bluebirds In One Box
by: Diane

I have two nest boxes on my front deck. It was very, cold and snowy yesterday here in West Virginia.

I watched 7 adult bluebirds all pile into one box, stay for a bit, then they all came out and went into the other box.

They spent several hours doing this. Sometimes, 4 in one and 3 in the other. Sometimes, all in one. It was fun to watch! I hope they got warm.

Has anyone seen this before? Thanks

Bluebirds in Louisville, my
by: Anonymous

I am looking at two pairs of bluebirds right now In Louisville, ky. Always have lots of winter birds but never bluebirds.

Snow and ice on the ground here. They are going in and out of the bluebird houses.

Have been seeing them since the week before Christmas!

Male Bluebird in Wisconsin in January!
by: Fran Wallace

I have had a beautiful bright blue male at my feeders the last three days...... We live in Wisconsin, so I am surprised to see this bird in January!

We have been feeding the birds for the past 20 years and this is the first time I have seen Bluebirds in the middle of Winter.

Blue birds in winter
by: Anonymous

I was so surprised to see two blue birds on my carport columns and on a wagon.

Here in SW Oklahoma today is strong north winds and temperature in the low 30's.

I am trying to find something to put out for them to eat until I can go into town to buy something. I live in the country.

Winter bluebird nesting
by: Anonymous

We have 2 bluebird houses on opposite sides of house. One house has 5 eggs in the nest.

Winter had been fairly mild, but we have had some pretty chilly weather lately.

We live in NW Florida. We had 3 nestings in warm weather, but didn't realize they laid eggs now.

So is this a new trend?
by: Paula K

Never have seen Bluebirds around here (CT) in winter before.

Is this a new trend or because it was relatively warm for so long are they just slow to migrate?

Should I be putting out food for them, or will that encourage them to stay here when they'd best be better off further south?

Flock of Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

Yesterday in Gorham, NY I saw a flock of Bluebirds at my friends house. It was exciting to see. There were well over a dozen.

car mirror
by: Gene

You may find our article helpful:
Cardinals and Windows It applies to most birds.

Blue birds in winter
by: Karen

We live in southern New Hampshire and this is the first year I have ever seen blue birds. They are truly beautiful and have been enjoying the berries on our holly bushes.

One bird likes to land on my car's driver side mirror to see his/her reflection.

Blubirss in winter
by: Anonymous

We live in southwest Michigan on the Grand River, and have been noticing six to eight bluebirds on our holly bushes, evidently eating the berries.

We were surprised because we thought they went south for the winter. Evidently not.

I guess we will look for a bluebird feeder, mealworms and perhaps a heated bird bath, for these beautiful little birds.

Burlington, CT and we have bluebirds, still
by: Paula K

Was shocked to see a male and 2 female bluebirds at our feeder and suet cake yesterday.

Has been mild, but has also been COLD! I had live meal worms in the basement (raise for winter feeding of chickens) and put some out.

The male spied them and ate 20 at one time (over and over) before flying off.

Females ate, too, but not that many at one time!

I am surrounded by state forest and wonder if they plan to stay or on a mission of flight and stopped here to rest. Any thoughts?

Winter Bluebirds
by: Ken

I live in Westtown Twp., PA. Have an enclosed feeder and keep the birdbath full. Got two or three pair hanging around.

Still here
by: Laura

I live in Central valley. This summer I had Eastern bluebirds nest and stay in my backyard.

It is almost Christmas, we have had had Frost's and 14 inches of snow.

The bluebirds are still here. I fed all year round.

I am pleased to see these little guys but isn't it unusual?

bluebirds in champlain valley
by: don miller, retried prof

We have had at least 5 e. bluebirds at our suet feeder, here in williston, vt for the past two wks or so.

They come and go several times a day and definitely prefer suet over black oil sunflower seed.

We have been in williston for four winters and have never seen the e. bluebird here at this time of yr. before.

Previously, we lived in ne vt-lyndonvillle, for over 40 yrs. and never saw e. bluebirds at our feeders there in the late fall or winter mos.

There are several bluebird nest boxes around the condo association property where we now live and I wonder if they might be resting in one or more of those at night.

to Barbara
by: beeman

Hi Barb, not knowing where you live, if you think there are babies in your BB house go and look, they won't mind.

That bring said, here in up state New York, our eastern BB if they are feeding babies only two are doing the feeding, mom and dad, they don't usually allow anyone else near their bird house.

It will be a long time before we have nesting birds here, maybe late April?

by: Gene

Please provide location or your comment will not be published.

My Bluebirds!
by: Barbara

I've got at least 4 Bluebirds flying in & out of their house & it looks like they're feeding babies? Is it possible there's babies?

hungry blues
by: beeman

I have six blue birds coming to the feeder each morning, they are this past summers hatches I presume, they are eating me out of house and home, those dried meal worms are not cheap.

I'm sure this is going to go on all winter, It'll be interesting next spring who gets the nesting house?

Blue birds
by: mj doepke

I live in the Baraboo bluffs. I too was surprised a year ago when I took a walk on a cold day in January.

I was coming to the edge of a woods where there was a small creek and lots of brush.

I saw a couple of blue birds. I couldn’t believe it.

I found this site on the internet and it affirmed of what I saw:)

Wisconsin December (25 degrees)
by: Mark

I visited Wollersheim Distillery and Winery in southern Wisconsin on December 7th, 2018 and saw 15 Eastern Bluebirds in an oak tree next to the buildings. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I'm a life long resident of Wisconsin and have never seen BBs in December up here much less so many grouped together. I'd be interested in comments about this.

Bluebird - Michigan
by: Anonymous

I have been a Bluebird landlord for many years and the bluebirds are here all year around in my back yard, the winter is very cold in the Michigan.

I found that the parent birds come back every year and their young are also stay with them at least for the first year.

This year I had 2 successful sets of babies 3 each time and they are here almost every day although the family may have lost couple of them but I try to count them whenever I see them.

This year I made a winterized bird house for them and so far I have not seen them stay in it.

They still like their old houses( maybe the new house is too big and they don't like it ).

They are always here very early in the morning before the sun is up around 6am to 7am and then back around 12pm and sometime they will reappear around 3pm.

I have always wondering where are they staying during the night in the winter. Any Idea??

Patience pays.
by: Ken

One of our nestboxes is in the back yard. A pair of bluebirds cased it, started a nest, and suddenly left.

Cleaned out the box. A pair of swallows cased it, started a nest, and suddenly left.

Cleaned out the box. Now, there's a nesting pair of bluebirds and the fledglings will appear soon!

to morganton nc
by: beeman

Why do you want a bigger blue bird house, not needed, make sure the BB house is correct size with the hole the correct size.

Don't mount your BB house too high from the ground, mine the hole is 43 inches from the ground, put the bird house out in the open, not close to trees or buildings.

If your Blue Birds like your BB house they will go on a honeymoon and return and she will build the nest.

The male will watch and stand guard, I've seen our blue birds knock the dickens out of red wing black birds that landed on their post.

The only birds that can get nasty with blue birds that I have seen is a house wren.

Question for anyone, please answer
by: Morganton NC

My pair that "adopted me" have stopped coming.

Hopefully it is to start their own family.

If I invest in a bigger bb house as the video suggested, how do I insure other birds don't establish first or invade?

they've adopted me.
by: Morganton NC

Thank you for the video(u-tube) that suggested I plug the bluebird house if house sparrows were nesting there.

Blues investigated it the 1st yr but sparrows built first.

This spring though I had a female strangely attracted to my car. She then started landing on the upper rim of my storm door and peering in at me.

Needless to say I started feeding her mealworms on my car.

Now she and her mate come 2-3 times a day watching for me to put out the worms.

They never seemed interested in my bluebird house but I am seeing more and more blues in our area. Yay!!

PA in Winter
by: Ken

This past January, 2018, I noticed a pair of bluebirds roosting in my red maple tree. Day after day, they were there.

After a month, the thought occurred that maybe they like this area.

So I installed a nesting box (near the tree, 20 feet from a lightly traveled suburban street).

They moved in in May and are sitting on their second brood.

After they had staked out the box, the male was sitting on the box. Another bird flew up. The bluebird ran him off, then puffed up his feathers and flapped his wings.

After all, he was king of the hill! Also put a box in the back yard. The boxes are fairly close but out of sight of one another. There is a pair using that box, too.

finally fledged
by: beeman

Finally after 19 days our first clutch of 5 blue birds fledged.

I guess they were being fed so well they didn't want to leave home.

I cleaned the nest box this morning to be ready for the next round, those 2 adult birds need and deserve a rest, we'll see for how long?

Bluebirds in Maine through winter
by: Betsy

I have a large Ninebark in my side yard.

I was totally surprised and delighted when I noticed that I had Bluebirds and Robins in it, eating the berries in the middle of February!

I hadn't noticed them prior years and the crop of berries was very heavy this year.

eggs April 21
by: beeman

It was 29 degrees this morning in New Hartford n.y. I checked the Bluebird nest and she has 5 eggs.

OMG, I hope she knows what she is doing, we will see.

4 eggs already
by: Alabama blues

I have a new pair of BB’s that have built a nest and have 4 eggs already. It’s cold here too but she is continuing to lay eggs.

Provide Food for Bluebirds
by: Gene

The best food you can provide for Bluebirds is Mealworms.

You may find them locally. Soak them in warm water for a few hours before placing them on a platform feeder.

by: Anonymous

My heart broke a little yesterday when I saw two bluebirds out by my feeders.

They looked desperate and cold, with 11 inches of snow (in April!), and record low temps of 8 degrees F.

I hope the poor things survives.

We have a THICK blanket of snow, with another 5 inches forecast this Sunday.

What can I put out for them to eat?

winter nesting
by: Rich beeman

Today it was 19 degrees here in New Hartford this morning and the snow is half way up the blue bird house post.

Our female has been building a nest for the last few days.

I hope she isn't planning on laying eggs any time soon!

It will be interesting to watch, this is the earliest I have ever observed this?

New Residents!
by: Johnny West

We live in about 60 acres of woods in the middle of a national forest in Southern Indiana.

I had been hearing bluebirds all summer but never seeing them and figured they migrated in winter.

They have a very distinctive call, they sound like no other bird.

So, last fall we put up a bluebird house I had owned for a while but had yet to hang.

I was totally thrilled when a month ago they were hanging around it and checking it out.

I was too scared to open it and check for a nest thinking "If they smell me on it, they may stay away."

Then last week, we saw them going in and out, so the house passed inspection apparently.

And, oddly enough, there were three! Two females and a male. Is this normal?

Such a sight to see and such patient, careful birds who watch things attentively and still instead of constant movement like so many other small birds.

I am going to put out a platform feeder as soon as I can now that I know they like fruit and nuts too.

Lots of good info in these comments, thank you!

what Bluebirds Eat in Winter
by: Gene

Bluebirds survive winter by eating berries from shrubs that hold on to their fruit. Sumac, Virginia Creeper, and cedar are a few samples.

There are insects in leaf litter on woodland floors.

You can offer mealworms to help out. Make sure to use a bluebird feeder because many birds eat mealworms.

You can purchase them dried and re-hydrate them before placing them out.

BB here every winter in Northern IL
by: nancy

Years ago we had a friend who told us he had Blue Birds all winter long.

He always had a heated birdbath for all his birds and would say he had BB that came to it.

We always had a heated birdbath too but we lived in the woods. Well that was 10 years ago or more.

Now the last few years we have BB that come to our birdbath too in the winter.

I always thought they migrated in the winter until he told us he had them.

What in the world do they eat? We don't see them on the suet feeder. They don't eat seeds. Are they surviving on water alone?

Do they store bugs somewhere? They are so beautiful and I hate to see them die in our very cold winters.

WE have several BB houses and seem to get several pairs even in the woods.

We use to have Cardinals but the nasty cowbirds have made it where they are becoming extinct in our woods.

I am so sick of seeing the Cardinals feeding cowbirds every year!

They don't seem to bother the BB though.

our bbs winterize
by: mark n sandy

As is normal, here in CNY our bbs leave sometime in August and we don't see them for several months.

But in November or December they come back and we start feeding them again.

We lie between Syracuse and Utica. I got my bb wings from the nicest bird lady ever, Bet Zimmerman, now Smith, from

She told me how to attract and protect them.

We have fought the "cat invasion," Blow flies and House Sparrows but ours stay all winter even into these sub zero temperatures.

by: Gene

Place your suet on the side so they can perch and eat rather than trying to cling and feed.

It is common for them to eat suet. You may want to offer mealworms too.

Blue Birds
by: Anonymous

We are having bluebirds come to our suet feeders. They are beautiful. Is it normal for them to eat suet. Our feeders are on our patio?

We have bluebirds.
by: Anonymous

Knoxville , TN

We had the most beautiful experience with bluebirds yesterday.

My father had built all 8 children bluebird houses a month before he became very sick, and later died, 7 years ago.

Yesterday we were at our Moms house preparing for her Wake and funeral.

Looking out the kitchen window we saw 5 to 6 bluebirds flying in and around the tree next to Dads bluebird house.

Then we saw a flock of finches take their place. It was a beautiful display of God's glory.

Later we saw 8 bluebirds flying next to their old tennis court landing on the fence and power line, one even stopped and stared at me outside their den window.

It was beautiful, and timely.

Bluebirds in Wisconsin’s January weather?
by: Mj Doepke

I believe I saw bluebirds today while walking in a woods that has a creek running through it. At the end of the woods is an area of tall grass and lots of bushes.

Do some bluebirds stay through our harsh winter weather in Wisconsin? And yes, there are bluebird houses in a field near by.

Good advice!
by: Jimmy in Georgia

Thank you Gene, that's a great idea! I'll remove the old material and replace with fresh hay.

Temperatures are supposed to be in the upper teens by Tuesday (1/16/18) and we are actually expecting up to 4 inches of snow accumulation as far south as Dothan or the Florida Panhandle.

Want to keep our blue feathered friends warm and happy!

Thanks again for the advice and hope you have a great new year!

Cleaning Birdhouse
by: Gene

Why not clean the house to get rid of any pest/parasites and place some clean straw for warmth.

They'll start claiming nest sites in your area by late February!

Clean out nest boxes now?
by: Jimmy in Georgia

Greetings everyone and happy new year! Interesting story and comments on bluebirds.

Pretty cold here in Southwest Georgia today but I have seen at least six beautiful bluebird pairs in one area around my bird houses.

Just wanting to know if this is a good or bad time to clean out the nest boxes?

I have usually cleaned the boxes out in the winter to be assured of not disturbing an active nest.

As it sounds like in some comments the birds maybe wintering here in the south using the boxes and old nest to remain warm and protect themselves from the cold.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions on whether or not to clean out the boxes or leave the nesting material as they are for now. Best regards, Jimmy

Bluebird in Ga
by: Lisa

We are in Ga.between Atlanta and Macon. Today we saw at least 6 bluebird in our front yard.

I have always liked them but never saw them in winter...will put out food now....

Bluebird visit
by: Kathy Miklovic

We had a pair of beautiful bluebirds visit us yesterday, January 6th, 2018.

It was a very pleasant surprise. We have a "food court" including 14 feeders, trays of corn for the deer and heated water dishes.

Thank you for what you do.

Blue birds in winter
by: Linda W.

Loved coming across your site and story about the blue birds.

I live In Gahanna Ohio and was so surprised to find at least 3 pairs of blue birds at my back yard feeders. I live in a suburban neighborhood.

This past Spring I put up 1 blue bird house but unfortunately no blue birds nested.

I'm hoping to get an earlier start to see if a pair will nest there. But I am so thrilled they are still feeding here.

I will do some research to see if there is something more I can do for them during these fridged winter days.

Bluebirds in Christmas wreath
by: Anonymous

I'm in central Alabama and had a pair of bluebirds nest in a birdhouse hanging on my front porch this summer.

I have had a Christmas wreath on my front windows since after Thanksgiving.

I've had a pair of birds perching in the wreath that I would startle out coming in and out the door.

I'm pretty certain they're bluebirds, possibly the same pair from the summer, since the birdhouse is hanging close by.

I'm not sure why they're getting in the wreath unless it's to be close to the warm house.

I'd planned on taking it down tomorrow, but am wondering if I should leave it for now because we're expecting temps in the 20s every night this week.

Bluebirds in northwest Indiana
by: Janet

We live o La Porte, Indiana, and have a flock of Bluebirds frequenting our heated birdbath. The most I have seen at one time is 14.

There is a bluebird house but evidently they are sheltering elsewhere and drinking and eating in our backyard.

We started putting out mealworms, but they did not touch them until we began dropping them in the warm water of the birdbath, which rehydrated them nicely.

We hope they survive this snowy cold weather!

Bluebirds on New Years Eve 2017
by: J Smith

We saw at least 6 bluebirds eating at feeders and on the wild grapes hanging from our maple tree, are these passing through or wintering??

by: Anonymous

I live in Northwest Indiana and have never seen bluebirds in winter and rarely in summer, as I am always on the look out, but hardly ever see them.

Today when the windchill is 20-30 below, there are at least 10 pairs sitting on my fence where vines and trees overhang. I was just amazed by the sight!

I don’t feed the birds, as we get too many raccoons, skunks, and other critters at the feeders, so I was astounded to see my yard filled with bluebirds and cardinals this morning.

The ground is covered in several inches of snow, so I guess I am going to have to make a trip to Wildbirds Unlimited for a feeder, mealworms, and seeds. It really brought joy to my heart to see them!

by: Anonymous

12/29/17- Near Hockessin, DE - My husband commented on the number of birds at our feeder, including bluebirds. I quickly replied bluebirds migrate.

"Not these two!" he replied. And he was right! Beautiful against the snow this morning!

5 bluebird in Hockessin, Delaware 12/15/17
by: Anonymous

5 bluebirds from this spring/summer 2017 returned 12/15/17 with at least 5 in family in Hockessin, Delaware.

Readily took to meal worm feeder and inspecting nest box.

I expect them fatten up on my mealworms and head south but who knows?.

Atlanta winter bluebirds
by: Anonymous

Dec. 16 and a Bluebird pair is in the back yard. I have a birdbath.

very helpful!
by: Daleen

Thank you so much Tami for responding. I keep putting the meal worms out but don't see who's getting them.

I'll go clean the box. I've not seen any birds around it in 2 weeks but I'm hearing bluebirds across the field so they are still here.

Winter bluebirds
by: Steve

Steve in Dover NH
Three bluebirds at my duet feeder are investigating three houses. We have 5 inches of snow!! Is this something new???

Eastern bluebird
by: Doug

I live in central Illinois It’s December 12 I’m seeing 2 pair at the heated fountain in our back yard I wonder if they are staying the winter?

by: Tami

Responding to Daleen - 11/30 post.
We have not had any trouble with the sparrows after stringing fish line on the house.

I also would clear the nest and clean the interior of your bluebird house. good luck!

Three bluebirds this morning
by: Anonymous

I saw three bluebirds around one of the nest boxes. I saw one go in and out then one went in and stayed.

The other two hung around in the tree. Pretty neat.

I never noticed bluebirds this late in the season before

Cleveland, Ohio
by: firefoxx211

Just saw some beautiful bluebirds out my back window this morning. Two beautiful males eating some mealworms.....and it's 23 degrees out there!! Not sure about seeing any females yet!

Windows and Birds
by: Gene

Please see: Birds and Windows/Mirrors

SW Virginia Dec 7
by: Anonymous

We have a pair that have just hatched babies in our front yard house.

It is scheduled to get very cold this weekend.

This particular pair relish in attacking the windows of our cars and leaving a lovely mess on all the door handles.

Metro Atlanta Wintering Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

I live in Roswell and a pair stayed last winter but disappeared in the spring. Just this week, I noticed that we now have 2 pairs!

I keep a platform feeder with chopped cranberries, apples, walnuts, raisins, and dried mealworms, and I love watching them all eat together in the morning.

I really hope they decide to stay year round this time.

Iowa Blue Birds
by: Anonymous

I live on Dubuque IA and just saw blue birds nesting in one of my many blue bird houses.

Tomorrow is December 1st so I guess blue birds can stay the winter but what happens when it snows?

Bluebirds staking out the nest in Nov
by: AJ

Our bluebirds returned to their box a few weeks ago, early Nov. Have been hanging around the nest through November.

I expect this is the pair that hatched 2 birds in the summer.

I wonder if they are just claiming their territory. Once in awhile a starling shows up to be chased off.

Glad the box hole is too small for them.

These are clearly my favorite birds around the yard. Beautiful and illusive.

Who Wins? Bluebird or Sparrow
by: Daleen

I don't know if I should clean out the bluebird box.

A family of 5 blues have fussed around it several times during the year but I've never noticed a brood being hatched in it.

When I noticed house sparrows building there last fall I cleaned it out but then didn't see my bluebird family again for months.

The family comes and goes and I like to think it will help them survive the winter.

Now the starlings are back taking the meal worms and I'm afraid they're scaring away the blues.

I even saw a starling unsuccessfully try to fit in the bluebird house. What should I do?

Sparrows and starlings are the two mentioned to be driving bluebird numbers down. Please help if you have answers.

Baby bluebirds in november
by: E. Hobgood

We first thought (separately) we were seeing things but then we both mentioned we had seen 2 young bluebirds on the porch railing the day after thanksgiving!

Are we crazy?

Bluebirds in MD
by: Renate

Spotted 2 bluebirds at my feeders the day before Thanksgiving and 3 Bluebirds at my water fountain and feeder today (in Olney, MD). What a lovely surprise!

I tried all summer to attract them with only 1 spotted all summer but, I decided to continue to put the meal worms and Bluebird Nuggets out every week.

It totally paid off. I'm thrilled to see them!

Not One, Not Two, BUT Four Bluebirds
by: Pat in Atlanta

I keep meal worms in a little hanging feeder close to the window of our den.

The Bluebird couple and young moved on around the end of August. So no bluebirds to be seen until today - 11/22/17! What a joy!

bluebird house
by: Anonymous

My bluebird house was repaired and they returned and are now in the process of preparing for their youngsters.

My notion would be to go ahead and put up your house again - I think they know if survival is truly an issue....

They’re back!
by: Washington, NH

We had bluebirds over the summer and then they left after their young could fly. My husband took down the bluebird house.

I was shocked to see bluebirds a couple of weeks ago in the yard. Today I saw them looking in the windows of my husband’s shop. Another surprise!

The weather has been cold and windy for days....I wonder if we should put the house back up.

They come almost every morning
by: Anonymous

We have several birdhouses on the back porch, and nearly every morning we get several bluebirds checking out each of the houses. This has been going on for a few weeks now, around the same time every day.

After the recent time change, I noticed they were coming about an hour "earlier".

We had two batches of babies hatched out of these birdhouses this year, not sure if these are some of the same birds or not, but we suspect that they are.

Winter blues
by: Anonymous

Saw a pair of bluebirds 2 days now. They're hanging around my oak tree where all the houses are. I'm in Connecticut. Wondering how long they'll stay.

Wells bridge, New York
by: Anonymous

I just was walking my back yard agonizing over the tulips I have yet to put in the ground when this beautiful blue caught my eye.

Sure enough it was a male bluebird flitting from branch to branch in an old crab apple tree before flying off.

As I watched him I never thought I'd see one in my yard, much less in the middle of November.

I had no bluebirds at all this year. Lovely surprise. Was this a stop on his migration route?

Mating blue birds in November
by: Anonymous

Here in Hancock County, Kentucky - 11/13/17 - my blue birds are showing signs, once again, of MATING!!

Pecking at the "enemy" in the car's outside mirrors and going in and out of the bluebird house.

It is to dip to 36 degrees tonight. I cannot imagine how a mama will stay warm - as well as her eggs - through inclement winter weather. I'm astounded at this.....

Marietta, GA
by: Anonymous

I think my blues went to the beach, but I did see my first sandhill cranes of the season yesterday, maybe 200 birds, nicely "V" and headed south

Veterans Day Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

On one of the coldest mornings in Indianapolis, my bluebird family of six perched on the four-foot chain link fence separating my lawn from an extensive mowed field.

One by one, they dropped to the grass to feed. I am delighted that they are all still here after nine months!

by: Anonymous

I am not a bird person, but I thought I saw several Blue birds in the Dogwood tree in our front yard in the Rochester NY snow. Is that possible?

Do Bluebirds winter in birdhouses
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of bluebirds that build a nest and had an offspring in the spring.

They all have returned to the birdhouse and today all three were in there! What is up with that? Do they winter in birdhouses?

November Bluebirds East Cobb Ga
by: Anonymous

We have a lot of Bluebird activity at Nest box that was put up in our back yard last summer.

One pair raised a brood and the young stayed around for at least a month and then we hardly ever saw any blues for about 6 weeks.

They have been back for about a month and inspecting the nest box and running off anything that comes near.

This morning 2 were eating on my seed feeder and and one was on the bird bath.

by: Gene

Visit Sparrow Traps This is a worthwhile investment in protecting native species.

Educating your neighbor in a respectful way may be helpful also.

Ohio Bluebirds/November2017
by: Jay

It's November 7th I've spotted my Bluebirds the last 2 mornings at the nest box they used earlier this Summer.

They raised 1 set there and then moved elsewhere for the next round. I had put up a second nest box earlier but they did not use it.

I will have to change the placement.

I have a neighbor that has built several 'birdhouses' and he has allowed the Sparrows to multiply to the point that they are overrunning our area and competing with all "my birds" then ran off my Bluebirds last year and tried to again this Spring but.

I came to the aid of my Blue's, then one morning I got quite excited as I saw Cedar Waxwings building a nest high up in one of my White Pine trees.

While I was enjoying my morning coffee sitting out on the deck, I saw Sparrows again bullying this pair and indeed ran them off and took possession of their nest.

Anybody have a good recipe for Sparrow stew?.

November nests in Ky.
by: Debby

Hello, I was thrilled to find this site!

We have Bluebirds building their homes in two birdhouses hanging in our walnut tree.

The strange thing is that we just noticed them on Saturday November 4th.

We have never seen Bluebirds in the Louisville area (Prospect) this time of the year!

We have birdseed and heated water for the birds all winter long so there are many varieties of birds who do stay here throughout the winter months.

Large established trees help with protection for them as well.

With all that said, has anyone in this area had Bluebirds stay for the winter?

Thanks so much for any stories on these beautiful birds! Roy and Debby

Bluebirds in Ohio on 11/1/17
by: Karen

I just saw a Bluebird sitting on top of my Bluebird house today, 11/1/17. So excited, I just put the house up this summer!

Still Active
by: Upstate N.Y.

Watching Bluebirds this morning and wondering if they might stay over the Winter.

We have many nesting houses scattered around our yard and get many pairs each year. This is the first year we have seen them here this late.

Bluebirds in Indiana
by: Anonymous

We were just watching 4 bluebirds going in and out of our bluebird house. It is cold today but this is the first cold spell we have had this year. I saw them about 5 days ago too.

October 23, 2017
by: Triad, NC

I have been watching three bluebirds going in and out of our one nesting box for the last few days.

They do not seem to be bringing in nesting materials, but they are definitely on guard. They have been chasing off a seriously nosy Carolina wren.

Do fledglings come back to their nesting boxes? Wondering about there being 3 birds working together instead of the normal pair?

Fall bluebirds feeding babies :-)
by: Kiki Jones

I am watching a pair feeding their brood. We thought they had finished. We are here near Woodstock, GA
On 21st Oct 2017 and very excited. We missed the earlier broods leaving the nest this year!

Blue birds busy in NC!
by: Molly

I’m glad to hear that the birds in my yard are not unusual. I wondered why the pair in the back yard were checking out the available houses this late in the year.

The pair in the front yard insisted on using the newspaper box this summer. I moved the nest later to a bird house I bought for the front yard. I don’t know if they will use it.

What? Mid-oct in Tennessee
by: Anonymous

Busy little blue birds today going in and out of my gourd birdhouse? Can't remember this happening this late in the year.

Blue birds in Oct.
by: John S

Just watched three bluebirds at a house in our yard. Never in the past have we had them in our yard past Sept 15 or so.

They, two males and a female were in and out of the house for a couple of hours.

Can't believe they were trying to nest. We're in Western NY near Lake Ontario.

They're BACK
by: Cal

Oct. 15, 2017 and I have a pair checking out the homestead.

A pair raised 3 little ones during the summer and I have seen them bathing in my bird bath off and on for a month, but there were 6 of them at those times.

They seem to have been teaching the little ones how to bathe. As the baby males age their colors are amazing.

Anyway, today I could see a male and female checking out the cleaned box.

I read where someone had more than one box and I'm so tempted to get another.

I wish I had the option of posting pictures, as I snapped plenty over the summer and a few of them bathing. I used a telescopic lens.

Middle TN bluebirds in Oct
by: Sandy

A pair of bluebirds has been visiting our bluebird house every day for a week or two now. They go in and out of the house, stand on top of it, and guard it from the top of the nearby fence.

They don't seem to be building a nest. Could they be staking their claim for spring? Just seems a bit odd for this time of year, but we've had a very warm fall thus far.

Blue bird activity in October in NC
by: Anonymous

Today I noticed bluebirds going in and out of the houses I have. Wonder what they are up to and if they spend the winter in those houses.

Lucky you !
by: Linda

I have not seen my bluebirds since they fledged back in the summer ..... I live in NW NJ. Enjoy them!

Bluebirds seem to be breeding
by: Anonymous

It is October 6th 2017 in Orangeburg SC and I have at least four female and four male bluebirds jockeying for one birdhouse!

Bluebirds in NC
by: JBurton

I have two bluebird houses in my back yard one has seen three families raised.

I figured these guys would fly south by now (Charlotte, NC), but this morning (cool and crisp outside and we already have the heat on) I had at least 6 males and more females and there is quite a buzz and interest around the birdhouses.

They can't be nesting; are they looking for a roost?

This is our second year in this house and I think they did stay here at least most of last winter, but I don't remember them going in the bird houses.

I am a newbie wild bird feeder enthusiast. Looking into purchasing a roost.

Same Here
by: Adrian...PA

We noticed the same thing around one of our boxes in a favorite tree of the bluebirds last week, when it seemed like summer was returning with 80-90 degree weather.

Now it is 55 and that activity has stopped. Perhaps the weather confused them, or, possibly, as we noticed a few years ago when a large flock passed by, a few of them stopped and seemed to be "checking out" the bird-condo my husband had built that summer. Then they moved on.

Magenta, GA
by: Hank

I saw blues at my box today, at least four, I believe they will build nest soon as they did last year.

Last year I removed the nest after they seemed to move on without any laying activity. This year I will leave any nest to see if any will use it as a roost thìs winter

More on the bluebirds...
by: Betsy

I, too, have noticed a flurry of activity around the blue bird nesting box. I felt sure they could not be having another brood at this late date.

But they are certainly up to something.

And there are several pairs inspecting the box.

It looks like there are two males watching and a female spending a great deal of time just peering into the hole!

Blue Birds in Winter
by: Anonymous

Here we are on 9/27/2017 in Cumming, Georgia and my husband just came in from outside telling me that we have a pair of blue birds checking out our birdbird house.

We put it up this past spring and 3 broods were raised.

We are hoping they come to brood again! Let's see what happens!

Feeding Juveniles
by: Gene

It's very common for the males to continue feeding for about two weeks after fledging. The female begins next clutch during this time.

So happy!!
by: Anonymous

I put up my box and a pair of bluebirds immediately started building. I noticed there was a another box two houses over that they seemed to like too.

They finished the nest in my box but have started laying eggs in the other one.

They also have a juvenile male that the male is still feeding. Is it normal to start another clutch while they still have one to feed?

Marietta, GA
by: Hank

I had a very active winter with the blues visiting, perching, and showing great interest in the boxes in my yard, last year I had three broods.

This spring and presently blues drop by the boxes, but no nest building and their visits are less frequent than during winter.

The purple finches have nested twice on my front porch this spring.

Is it too early for the blues to build nest? I would enjoy hearing from other, especially in my area. Thanks

Turf wars ...
by: Linda

Now the Bluebirds are back and there seems to be a Turf War going on between them, the Finches and Wrens - all visiting each others boxes ! Very interesting to watch, I hope they settle soon and lay their eggs.

I have not seen any posts for a while - is this page still active ?

Bluebirds are back !
by: Anonymous

We have seen our bluebirds on and off during the winter, then they seemed to disappear - now they are back! Sitting on our picket fence on the patio, biding their time. So happy to see this beautiful couple!

NY Bluebirds
by: Gene

It's too early in your area for fledging. These sound like adults and last years young.

Rochester, Ny
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I looked out at my feeder and noticed a tinge of blue. Since yesterday I've seen 6 Bluebirds in my front yard!

Out of all of the bird species that are common to upstate, NY I have NEVER seen a bluebird before, and I am an avid bird watcher.

Is it possible that these were babies who have already hatched this spring? They don't look like adolescents to me but I'm not sure how soon they usually hatch.

I'm guessing February based on some of the other posts.

I put up a bluebird box in hopes of keeping them in my yard. Do you think it's too late for them to use it?

I've heard that they have a second round of egg laying each season. I'm so excited to see these little guys so I hope they stick around or come back next spring!

Bird nest
by: Anonymous

I would recommend cleaning out the old nest. I think they like to make a new one each time.

Too late to clean bluebird boxes?
by: Jeff_in_VT

I generally clean out the boxes here on our farm in the southern Champlain Valley of VT in February, but didn't get around to it this year.

I'm wondering if it's too late now, since I saw a Bluebird today (3/19) sitting on top of one of the boxes? Don't want to disturb them.

Bluebirds in February
by: Bob

Had Bluebirds all winter. Checked a box on Feb. 17 and found it had 1 egg!

Next day another and then another until there were 4 eggs by Feb. 20.

Checked on the nest on March 6 and all but one egg had hatched.

Checked again 2 days later and there were 4 mouths open for some food. Parents have been very attentive but very cold weather has returned.

27 last night but things seem ok as the parents have been in and out a lot today.

Bought mealworms and the parents found them immediately and really used them for themselves and feed for the babies.

One more cold night to go (25) hope we make it. 3/15/17

bluebirds in winter
by: Anonymous

what state do you live in having babies this early?

Bluebirds in winter
by: Anonymous

It is March 2,2017 I have a bluebird in my yard that is feeding her young. I was wondering if they will survive the weather is dropping temps tonight. I think it is to early for babies.

by: Anonymous

February 18, 2017
There's nothing better than bluebirds throughout the winter.

I've been enjoying them for at least 5 years. Surprisingly they are fairly easy to "train".

I usually start training the young by always setting out dry mealworms and making my own call signaling time to eat.

It didn't take too long. I was mindful not to do it so often because I want them to survive in the wild but come winter we have a schedule that works great.

I just sprinkle some on my deck, right outside my sliding glass door. Sit, with my tea and in no time there they are.

This year I only have 3, years past I've had close to 10. But I am thoroughly pleased that I have them at all.

It's taken me many years. Well worth it though.

Bluebirds ..8 in a birdhouse
by: Anonymous

Feb 12, 2017 Cazenovia, NY
Much to my surprise we had bluebirds flying in and out of one of our bird houses.

Eight birds flew into one tiny house and settled down for the night.

We never have that many blue birds at one time in our yard.

We spoke to someone a couple miles away who said they have had a flock of bluebirds around.

Why are they here like this? Did our last storm bring them in?

Advice about bird house cleaning needed
by: Jennifer

I'm just west of Atlanta. I put up a muti family birdhouse 3 years ago and have had bluebird families nesting ever since.

I don't know much about birds but was told I'm very lucky!

I was also told (by my father) that I should be cleaning out the house after each nesting season or a particular beetle will find it's way into the nest and will cause the babies or their eggs to die.

So in November my dad and I cleaned it out- I was surprised to see all four "apartments" had big nests!

Only one of them had the beetles and that one nest also had two tiny eggs!

I've been so upset ever since because I wonder if they were fresh eggs and maybe those beetles were harmless- do bluebirds lay eggs in November?

The bluebirds were back the day after we did this but now it is February and I haven't seen them again despite the fact that it's been warm. Did I make a mistake?

They're back
by: Ellen

I wrote a few days ago, I live in Jacksonville area FL. The bluebirds are back.

Very happy to report that yesterday we saw some nesting material being taken in the box.

Will be reporting in when we get some babies! I have no idea how long that will take.

It's my first experience with bluebirds. They are such beautiful birds.

Blue Birds Pleasant View, Indiana
by: Bill. Smith

We've got at least four blue birds hanging out in the back yard. I've never seen them in the winter before.

The biggest male has been sitting on the nesting box, but I haven't seen any of them go inside yet.

They're making pigs out of themselves eating suet and dried meal worms. I had one (the big male again) fly right by my face yesterday.

I'm not sure if it's two pair or one and last year's babies.

We had birds in the yard last year, but none nested in our box.

Hopefully they stay. We're thinking about putting up a second box, but we only have an acre.

Bluebirds came and went
by: Anonymous

I live near Jacksonville, FL. Bluebird house was put up end of January. Male and female arrived in just 2 days.

They came every day, singing and checking out the box in and out ... now all of a sudden I have not seen them for 3 days. Whats going on?

Bluebirds in New Hampshire
by: Anonymous Willie

January 29th 2017, first sighting of two female and one male bluebird the little three some were checking out one of our two nesting boxes which are situated in the middle of our fields.

Apparently they didn't care for one of the two digs, perhaps the rent was too high or they required an upper level.

They are fascinating to watch and we are thrilled, excited for the next sighting.

We saw them too !
by: Linda

We live in NW NJ and just had our family of 5 Bluebirds on the birdbath yesterday - what a thrill to see them. Hopefully they will take up residency with us again in the not too soon Spring!

So many bluebirds
by: Terry Doran

We have around 20 bluebirds show up at our house, about 25 miles southwest of philly, nearly everyday.
They are awsome!

Blue birds in my back yard!
by: Judy White

I love these beautiful birds. I'm originally from Mo. so very used to seeing them. Now I live in north Fl.

In Sept 2016 we put out our first nesting box for them.

Nothing came for months although we did see them in our front yard in the bird bath one time.

I think it was around Nov. that we saw the first one checking out the box.

Occasionally two started to come by every now and then but never went in the house. Just come sit on the top and then leave.

Well low and behold this last week they have been building a nest inside I believe! The male goes in while the female sits on top of the house.

After a few seconds he comes out and sits on top and she goes in! This happens off and on during the day.

They love to bath in the bird bath as well.

However they don't stay around long. When will they move in for good?

I have 2 meal worm feeders out for them and other feeders of all kinds.

I've never seen them eat until this morning. The male came on my patio and was eating the seeds from the black oil sunflower seeds that had been dropped.

I was standing right in front of the windows over looking the patio and pool!

So close! Sorry this is so long we are just excited and can't wait to have them move in fir good!!!

Morganton NC
by: Anonymous

I hate that bluebirds are declining around me here in Morganton NC so I bought a bluebird house offered by a nonfrofit group.

After a family of 5 deposited the ""ceremonial straw", in November, I've seen one in the area but not again feeding from my yard.

Starlings eat the food instead. Do they scare away the bluebirds? I know they can be aggressive.

My Winter Loves
by: Laurie Schindler

Strangely, the only time that I see Eastern Bluebirds is in the winter.

They have been coming back to my Central PA yard for a few years now.

First, they devour all of the berries on my Winterberry Holly shrubs and then they seek out the Winterberry Holly that I use in my fresh holiday window box arrangements.

It is a thrill to see them right outside my window. There is sometimes 4-5 at a time waiting their turn to grab the berries. It almost makes winter bearable!

Southwest Tennessee
by: Anonymous

My husband and I looked out yesterday and saw multiple bluebirds checking out the little house on a post on our deck. We have had tenants every year for the past 10 years.

Yesterday, the female looked too fat to get in the house. I told Mike that I believe they fluff up their feathers in the cold. Do they?
Pam in Selmer

Winter Bluebirds in Ohio
by: Jack

Temperatures are at a chilly 8° and several pair of my Bluebirds have stuck around for winter this year.

It's a delight to see them enjoying the nutty and sweet blocks of seed and suet I have in my backyard sanctuary.

They flutter around and look like they are almost playing 'catch me if you can', with the several varieties of Woodpeckers.

I'm not sure why they stayed but happy they did.

Bird lover
by: Anonymous

We live in Rochester NY and it's 17 above and snowing! Two male blue birds are sitting in a bush outside my window.

The bush has red hard berries on it but I have no idea what else would be around for them to eat! Any ideas?

A pair of beauties in Middle TN
by: Kat

So surprised to see a pair of bluebirds checking out my Christmas present from my brother in Iowa.

He built a bluebird house for me and put it up when he was here for Christmas.

Today a pair was checking it out! I hope they are future tenants.

Warm temps today of 63 degrees. Got a couple of great pictures in backyard in Tullahoma, TN.

Tulsa Oklahoma
by: Anonymous

Yesterday saw several bluebirds eating mealworms on our balcony. Glad to see them again today.

I was surprised also that they are wintering here. Happy New Year

Fairfield, CT
by: Anonymous

New Year's Day, and we have at least a dozen bluebirds in our yard on the edge of woods.

They were entering our bluebird box and feeding on the ground.

This is ironic, as we took our Christmas card picture by the birdhouse and perched a ceramic bluebird on top.

This summer the house had attracted a wren pair but no bluebirds.

I quickly put out dried mealworms in a hanging feeder, but no takers yet. We hope they'll stay around.

Bluebirds in Kansas
by: Karen

My Bluebirds are back! They're always here in the Spring and Summer & leave in the late Fall only to return around January/February.

This is the earliest I have seen them. Spotted them on Christmas Day. Couldn't believe it. I'll snap a picture tomorrow and try to post it.

Suppose to turn cold again next week so they move south for a bit.

But they're here now and oh how I love watching them!

My bluebirds
by: Anonymous

I live in Killingworth Ct and have bluebirds all year round.

I feed them mealworms twice a day. I have a family, Mom and Dad and a male and female youngster. I love watching them.

Blue bird eggs today
by: Anonymous

Today 12/27/2016 we cleaned out the bluebird houses--only to find 4 eggs in one of them.

Do they usually lay eggs this late in central NC? Will the babies survive if they hatch?

Birds Eye View
by: Anonymous

Couldn't believe I might be looking at a female bluebird perched on my fence the day after Thanksgiving until the male perched in the tree limb directly above her.

Today which is Dec 27, 2016 they visited again accompanied by a chickadee.

I was totally not expecting that sight in my yard today in Middletown DE.

Northern Virginia Christmas Bluebird Sighting
by: Joan

I am ecstatic seeing the bluebirds in our yard now -- a great Christmas surprise!

We had never seen bluebirds in our backyard until this fall.

Hopefully they will be make themselves at home here.

Christmas bluebird
by: Anonymous

Looked in my backyard today and saw several types of birds, including the brightest colored bluebird I could ever imagine!

So surprised to see all the places, including Canada, where the bluebirds have been seen in the past month!

Bluebirds on Christmas Day
by: Linda

Bluebirds on the birdbath on Christmas Day in NW NJ Wonderful!

Holiday greetings to all.

Saw the bluebirds today
by: Linda

We had been gone for a week and so now have fresh water in the birdbath, with a heater in it ... today I saw 2 bluebirds on the birdbath and then they were checking out their old birdhouse .... thrilled to see them! We live in NW NJ.

Beautiful Blue in December
by: Moola Coola

I had a beautiful bluebird on my fence Sunday, December 18th in Lexington, OH. Couldn't believe my eyes.

Can't believe my eyes ..
by: Linda

Saw my family of bluebirds yesterday, there were four of them flying around the birdbath, checking out their old homestead.

Not sure if they will stay for the winter or what.

We are thrilled that we have had them as guests this year and hope they will be back next year, or just stay through the winter. We live in NW New Jersey.

Akron, early December
by: debbie

Doubted my eyes at first, but saw bluebirds in Sand Run Metropark yesterday; they seemed to be flying alongside the trail, not too far from Nature Realm.

Akron, early December
by: debbie

Doubted my eyes at first, but saw bluebirds in Sand Run Metropark yesterday; they seemed to be flying alongside the trail, not too far from Nature Realm.

Bluebirds Wintering in South Central PA
by: Adrian

We had a family of 5 Bluebirds overwinter here last year and all survived into the spring.

When we found that they did not leave by last November we started feeding them dried meal worms (live ones on very cold,snowy days).

This year we did not feed them again in the hopes they would head south--they did not.

Instead they were scouting out some of the birdhouses in our yard.

So we started putting dried meal worms out again around Thanksgiving when the nights got down into the 30's.

They were there in a flash with very healthy appetites. So I guess we will overwinter them again.

Nice to see them here brightening up the dull winter landscape along with the red cardinals.

Bluebirds in TN
by: Gretchen

I too am seeing Blue birds in middle TN today December 3rd, 2016. Seems like several pairs are trying to claim 2 bird houses.

Maybe they are babies from this spring? When do they go south? I am surprised to still see them. Guess its the warmer weather here lately.

they are here
by: Claudia Willson

Just talking to my Mom in NE Pa, she states that she saw 3 bluebirds taking the sticks out of the purple martin house, maybe they are going to make a warmer bed and stay, I hope not, its gets soooooo cold here.

Just saw 4 Bluebirds checking out a box
by: Nick

I just saw what looked a family of bluebirds checking out a nesting box in our back yard, it's Nov. 27 in Western NY State with day time temps in the low 40's deg F.

It looked like a couple of juvenile birds and a least one adult.

Is this normal behavior? Are they just looking for a place to spend the night?

I can't imagine them trying to raise another brood this late in the year.

This box didn't have any pairs in them this year.

We've hosted them in the past but not this year. Would love to have them back in the spring.


November bluebirds
by: Linda

I have bluebirds scoping out my box this morning (Nov. 26) in central Illinois.

There are actually 4 birds. We have had a mild fall so far but I hadn't seen any bluebirds for quite awhile. It will get very cold here. I am amazed.

Great website
by: Linda

I agree, this is such a good website, enjoy reading all of the comments.

Nov. 25?
by: Anonymous

I'm in central Ohio.
I found this site because I am watching a male blue bird right now investigating a nesting box which has been up for a year and a half with no "takers" yet.... so maybe he's looking to build a cozy spot against the cold weather?

Hope they come back in the spring for raising a family!

by: Amber

Hi there! I just googled bluebirds nesting in fall and found you! I wouldn't believe it had I not witnessed it now with my own eyes!

I too live in Georgia and I have 4 bluebirds on my fence. One is a bright blue and she is very round!

They are preparing the nest box again. This is cool-I love it.

Thanksgiving Bluebirds
by: RJ

In Roseville, CA we've had bluebirds all year.

There were two families this year plus another with baby birds but a blue jay poked his head in b-house, killed 2 & ate one.

I understand that's not terribly uncommon but had never experienced it before.

They are still in and out of the two bluebird boxes we have within 5 feet of each other.

I'm feeding them dried meal worms.

We take a holiday for a few days during the year so they don't get fed. They don't leave but know when we return.

I saw one catch a mosquito in the air which was quite fun. I used to use live mealworms when I lived farther north in CA - they wouldn't eat dried ; ).

We've had 5 bluebirds (the family) since March, but lately down to 3 or 4.

I put the worms on a little stand birdbath (walmart). Summer watch for ants.

November Bliebirds
by: Ed & Lynn Vervoort, Glencoe, Ontario, Canada

I would not have believed it had I not seen it for myself, 4 Eastern bluebirds sitting on the fence posts surrounding our little farm.

They were feeding on a few worms they found nearby while temperatures hovered near the freezing mark.

We've enjoyed our bluebirds all summer as they raised their family in an old fence post where they hollowed out their home.

Nov 22, 2016
by: Martha

Have seen a pair of bluebirds going in and out of our nest box here in Central WV . I really thought they flocked together and went into the woods during winter.

good comment
by: Gene

Thanks for contributing Kristi. This is the primary reason for seeing nesting material brought to nest boxes.

Update to my Bluebird post
by: Anonymous

Hello Folks.

I just wanted to let you know that I reached out to a few other fellow birders and discovered one who got to watch a family of bluebirds add material to a next box in November last year.

Then around dusk they all got in the box and huddled together for the night. His observations uncovered that the bluebirds were doing this as a means to stay warm, not to nest. Let's hope the same is true this year.

Roosting Boxes

Provide a Roosting House For Your Bluebirds This Winter

winter roosting box for birds

I would encourage folks to watch the nest boxes as late into the evening as possible to see what is happening. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

I'm going to post a video on my blog birdmentor in a week about this.

I'd love to hear what you have seen. Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below the video. *should be up by next Wednesday at the latest.

All the best,

November nesting
by: Yves Gauthier

I just read that a member of our forum in Québec, Canada, saw a couple of Eastern Bluebirds just started to build a nest in a nesting box in his backyard this morning, November 15th!

This is exceptional here in Quebec because we have very hard winters.

The female brings the nesting material, goes inside the box while the male stays close and watches.

I Wonder how this will develop in the nearby future.

Sorry for my bad English.

by: Linda

That is also my concern as we plan to be gone, so perhaps best not to begin feeding and then be fine for a week or two.

Just hope for the best for our backyard visitors.

Bluebirds Surveying Nest Boxes in MI
by: Jan

Have never seen this before. Three bluebirds scoping out our nest boxes on November 11th.

Taking turns peering inside and I can swear they have pieces of moss in their beaks.

Then a fourth one calls from across the way and they all take off to check out a new location.

We see them here on sunny days all winter long, but have never witnessed them checking out the boxes.

It's supposed to get really cold here tonight for the next few days.

I wonder it they prepare a nest box for warmth in case the tree cavities are too breezy?

providing mealworms
by: Gene

You don't need a special feeder, we offer them to those who would like them.

Plenty of other birds will eat them also. In the heat of summer I offer them to Robins raising their young.

by: Londa

Thanks for the information on mealworms. Do I need a mealworm feeder or just out on plate .. Sorry for so many questions. I guess other birds would eat them also?

The bluebirds were here yesterday hanging out on the birdbath along with tons of robins. We live in NW NJ?

by: Gene

You can buy them dry at big box stores. Soak them and place them out. You can buy them online both dry and live. Live are more expensive but worth it in spring.

Which mealworms are the best?
by: Linda

Can anyone give me advice on mealworms ... Are they dried, etc. etc. how do I feed to birds ..are they like suet?


I saw my blue birds
by: Anonymous

It is November 7th my blue bird house is in front of my window and my blue birds are there today going in and out of the nest.

They raised 3 nest this year many people are amazed they have set up home so close to us.

I am so excited to see them and I have to get some more mealworms to feed them through the winter, I had no idea they stayed here.

Still seeing Bluebirds in NC
by: Anonymous

Here is is, November, and I am quite surprised (and pleased) that I am still seeing a number of bluebirds in my yard every day.

I've been in NC for 8 years and never remember them hanging around this late in the season.

So surprised!
by: Ladybugsue

We have seen bluebirds hanging around both of our houses this last 10 days and looking they are going to nest.

Have never seen them this late in the fall. Wondering if due to such warm weather.

Cleaning Boxes
by: Marietta, GA

I've seen different comments about cleaning old nest from boxes. I generally remove the old nest after a broods departure.

I've had blues build nest during the winter months, but never nested, I removed these as well before spring mating.

I, also, allow the box to air out by keeping the box front open a few days with a branch between nestings.

Last year, I had three broods from one box. Any suggestions from the birds?

Bluebirds in peachtree city, ga.
by: C. Pazenski

Hey Lynn what's your location? Always like to know where bluebirds are.

Anyway thought I'd comment that if you feed(mealworms) and keep water out all winter they should hang around (at least in the south anyway).

Having multiple nesting boxes helps as they are very territorial.

This year for first time I have had a flock of bluebirds eating berries off dogwood tree.

They also love the berries off a huge holly bush.

One last thing, I had bluebirds all over one of the boxes in the backyard.

One morning at about 6:30 I looked out and saw the box was turned around, don't know how or why, but when I went out to fix it out flew a bluebird! A mystery!

by: Anonymous

I just saw a family of five bluebirds in my yard. I was surprised to see them since it is Nov 2. It is very warm for this time of year in Birmingham! Are they going to nest this time of year?

Bluebirds drinking from birdbath
by: Lynn Overman

I saw three bluebirds this morning, November 1st! I hadn't seen many over the summer months in my backyard but they have nested in some mysterious place in the eaves of my house for years.

It's unseasonably warm this fall and I was wondering if I should try to feed them over the winter? I also have an Indigo bunting who stops by every June. What a sight!

Bluebird eggs now?
by: Cary, Nc

I thought it might be time for me to clean out my bluebird house for the winter, as I have not noticed any action.

I pulled out the nest, and as it fell to the ground, I saw there were a couple of tiny blue eggs in it!

Unfortunately, one of the eggs broke. Since I was wearing garden gloves, I placed the unbroken egg back in the nest and slid it back into the house.

Could there be nesting going on now? Or would these be abandoned eggs from last season?
I feel terrible!

Bluebirds in NJ
by: Linda

We live in NW NJ and have had the same family nest twice on our patio, first time in a bluebird house and then in a decorative one after the wrens moved out.

We keep seeing them on and off and today, October 29th, they have reappeared and are checking out the bird houses.

We would be thrilled if they nested for warmth during the winter months.

I just came across this page and so interesting to read all the comments.

October Bluebird Activity
by: Andrea

We live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, and our bluebirds stay around all year.

Today, we watched five males battling each other for one female.

We could hear the bonded pair talking to each other while the other males fussed.

The males were brilliant blue and I suppose most of them are from this summer's nestings. We have one box in our front yard and one box in the back.

Only the front box was used this year but bluebirds are abundant in our neighborhood.

Perhaps the hubbub this morning was practice, but it was amazing to watch.

Every fall, our bluebirds gather at the front yard box, inspecting or doing what they do...together; this is the first time we've seen fighting in autumn.

Our temps have been unseasonably warm during the day and chilly in the a.m.

Our only problem is the resident hawk. We moved our feeding stations from the open area to a spot closer to the trees... for cover.

We feed mealworms in early spring and winter, along with suet and seed for all of our birds, going through two large bags a month.

Happy birds and happy birdwatchers!!!!

Oct 28, 2016
by: MERGE BOLLING, Flowery Br, Ga

We have had some bluebirds all summer, but none have used our bluebird house.

However, we did have a wren or chickadee nest we removed in late summer. We were so disappointed with not getting any bluebirds to nest.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed many more backyard bluebirds. We live in Flowery Branch, Ga.

To our excitement we noticed a pair of bluebirds starting to build a nest just this morning.

However, are they building for a brood now, or for the spring?

We never expected a family this time of year. Will post if we see a brood in the next few weeks. We are delighted to watch them.

Bluebirds in Peachtree City
by: C. Pazenski

Funny Chris that your story appeared just as I was entering my quest as to why bluebirds were all over nesting box this time of year(October 26).

I do think they are just checking out sites for next year.

I try to keep them around all year with mealworms and water, they love their 3 p.m. splash!, and I love watching them.

Have 2 boxes up and planning a third but wrens are a problem by me either destroying eggs or filling up box with sticks.

So happy to read others comments about bluebirds so far north, especially in winter! Is it the climate change? Enjoy!

Morganton NC
by: Dalenn Hardy

I had not seen any bluebirds all year but worry about their decline. The first house I put up was in a dogwood and Chickadees started building.

Still no bluebirds.

Midsummer I bought a house from my bank! Of all places.

A local wildlife org. builds and sells these astonishing wooden bluebird houses with instructions for feeding and even a recipe for suet bluebirds like all for just $10.

This house I located as suggested and put out the homemade suet and mealworns.

All other of my birds and squirrels had found it but still no bluebirds.

It's Sept, what I thought was after breeding season here, and this morning at the bluebird suet there were 3 bluebirds in the mix!

I kept watching and noticed them coming and going from the house not far from the food. So delighted!!

But do they continue to use the houses for warmth during the winter? Should I get another house?

Watching Bluebirds winter over Dahlonega Ga.
by: Lisa Brooks

It's so exciting when the Bluebirds show up, did not see them much in Nov and Dec. Now they are checking out there old box.

I moved it Feb 22 was to close to bird feeder, very happy to say I saw them this morning at the new location.

I read we were supposed to clean the bird house out, there was a lot of old black stuff and a snail, with a small layer straw.

Can anyone tell me if I messed up by doing this. I just went and got meal worms and some suet blocks. I hope to see more pairs. I have woods all around me.

I am also obsessed with bluebirds. I will post pictures now.

The Blue Birds Stayed
by: Crookedcreek Dahlonega Ga

I was also amazed to see during our January snow a pair of bluebirds perched on the branches waiting there turn to eat at the feeders out side my kitchen window.

So excited ran to get my camera, I was able to get pictures of them.

Now picking there house begins, the male is peaking in and the female sits on top waits her turn to look.

I do recall them going in the box in December. But other birds were too.

The box was in a high traffic area right near the feeder.

I moved the box yesterday Feb 22 2016 I peaked in box and it did need cleaning. All night I hoped they would find the new place.

I am so excited to say I did not hurt them they found the new location AM Feb 23. I put up another box yesterday so now they have three.

This one is farther it's where I can see out my screen porch.

I feed all the birds daily. Did not know about meal worms for Blue Birds saw on site last night.

Any suggestions how to do this for our Beautiful Blue Birds.

I am on instagram Crookedcreekwildlife will post pics. So happy you love them like I do.

Bluebirds and cardinals in Hephzibah, feb. 10 2016
by: Jos Meeusen

Hey! I'm from Holland and amazed by your bluebirds and cardinals. Started feeding here in the backyard near Augusta GA. And I saw so many birds.

The ones I mentioned were there with low night temperatures this week. Makes me thinking to make some birdhouses for them.

I have to go google to see what they need to look like. And where to put them.

Projects for next time I will be around here for three months.

Tomorrow my plane goes back to Europe again. So sorry....

Bluebirds in Winter--the rest of the story
by: Adrian

I was so concerned about my family of 5 bluebirds when the blizzard of 2016 struck last week and temperatures plummeted to single digits.

We diligently brought double portions of mealworms out to our bluebird feeding station.

We didn't see any during the storm. But low and behold, the morning after, there they were--all 5.

When we checked after they were gone, they had even eaten not only the batch we had brought out that morning, but also the frozen worms left from the day before!

It is now February and they are still thriving. Can't wait for Spring to arrive!

Bluebird eggs in January in Midlands of SC
by: Anonymous

I was going to clean out our bluebird house yesterday (Jan. 31, 2016), but when I opened it there were 3 eggs.

Decided to close it back as was and wait a couple weeks. Any thoughts/comments?

by: Anonymous

Yesterday was Jan 25th 2016. I was straightening the pole my bluebird house sits on and I opened the door of the house and low and behold there was a tiny blue egg there in a nest.

Is it possible this is a new nest.? I live in Wedowee Alabama.

Concerned about our 13 bluebirds...
by: Retta

The blizzard of 2016 has hit Aston, PA and I'm so worried about our bluebirds.

The first successful brood to fledge from our front yard bluebird house has remained, and has brought along all of their friends to our feeder.

It was supposed to be a hanging oriole feeder, but my husband turned it over and mounted it to a pole.

He fills the cups with dried mealworms in the early morning and at approximately 4 PM every day.

Yesterday at 4 PM, the minute he walked away from the feeder, we had 13 bluebirds!

They also love our heated birdbath, which is the only source of non-frozen water around.

They fly from front to back yard throughout the day, but mostly during the "feeding times".

I have two mounted houses, included the one they nested in, but they have not sought shelter in either of them.

I'm surprised and curious as to where they go to keep warm. I'm so happy that they have continued to visit, but also worried to think they will need more than these mealworms to survive. Any thoughts?

Bluebirds in Winter
by: Adrian

The bluebirds that nested on our property in Pennsylvania this year, which we believe was a returning pair, had 2 broods. The second brood is still with the parents.

In November my husband took the opportunity to fix the house they had used, cleaned it up and reset it in their favorite tree.

No sooner was it set up again when they were seen flitting in and out of the house and the male sitting on top of it for several days.

The weather here has been very mild this year up through Christmas and they remained here.

Now that it has turned bitterly cold we thought they would leave but they have not.

We have been feeding them mealworms to get them through the cold but even after we went away for a week, they were still here!

I don't know what they are surviving on, other than the mealworms, so I will keep feeding them until late Spring.

revised New Years Eve
by: Lisa Gardner

There is no "ceremonial straw" yet, so the bluebirds are just scouting out for spring.

New Years Eve in PA
by: Lisa Gardner

Today I see bluebirds nesting. It has been a mild winter here, and a mild January is in the forecast.

They first nested last March in a new box. I found the young dead inside (I think hawks chased them away).

Then swallows commandeered the box for the rest of the summer. It is good to see the blues have not given up.

Bluebirds in late Dec. in PA
by: Mary Jane Hurley Brant

We are also excited seeing a male and female checking out our new box put in our yard.

Because this is a developing community under construction we just thought we would have to wait until spring.

My husband put it in the ground in Sept. But I had this feeling....

I'll stop by again and thanks for your lovely post!

Mary Jane Hurley Brant

California Bluebirds
by: RJ

I have a bluebird concrete acorn on my patio and December 23rd the bluebirds are in and out.

Sometimes 3 to 4 go in at one time. Does anyone know why this is?

This spring I had a "couple" looking for weeks but the swallows came and usurped the house.

However, the bluebird parents and fledglings returned to hang out in the trees and eat the mealworms I have out everyday.

Now, there are 6 bluebirds that visit on a daily basis and have for months.

I also have an "official" bluebird box they occasionally peek into. We live in Roseville, CA on a golf course so there is a nice open space.

I told them they better make their nest before the swallows come again ; ). I stumbled on this site and have enjoyed the comments.

December bluebirds at box
by: Anonymous

Here in Atlanta the bluebirds are inspecting the box that has had broods the past four years, I clean the boxes thoroughly in January with a chlorine tinged water scrubbing to kill the mites.

December 16, warmer weather may have them confused

Pair of bluebirds
by: Shirley Cox

Saw a pair of Bluebirds today in Lake Claire, in Atlanta this morning, December 15.

Was surprised to see them since I thought they were still rare. They were flitting in an old Oak tree, then over to a small dogwood. What a nice surprise.

by: Anonymous

Well I guess I really can't but for the last three years we've had several fledges and the group seems to get bigger. Just assuming I guess.

Mass. Blues
by: Anonymous

How can you tell they are the birds that were hatched at your location?

December in Massachusetts!
by: Anonymous

Believe it or not, It's December in western Mass and 7 bluebirds that hatched in the bluebird house over the last couple of years are still here every day.

I put mealworms out and it keeps them coming! I'm obsessed with them. Maybe they'll stay through the winter as long as they are fed.

Winter Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

I live in Dacula, Georgia. This is our first winter here after moving from Northern Wisconsin and I immediately put up bird feeders.

Though my neighbor across the street talked about her bluebirds all summer long I did not see any.

This morning, December 8th, I had two females in my feeder. I will certainly get some bluebird houses up. Do they stay all winter in Georgia?

Blues checking boxes Nov 28
by: Henry in Marietta, GA

I noticed today four blues, is this a family checking out a box that had successfully raised two clutches during the spring and summer?

It's a beautiful sunny day with temps in the high fifties, are they confused with the spring type weather?

Last year this time, they actually built a nest and later I removed it to keep the box clean, this year I'll leave it be if they decide to rebuild.

Questions: What are they doing at the boxes this time of year?

Are they scouting nesting sites for next spring and believe by nest building they're claiming the box?.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

Me too!!!
by: Kristie NC

Standing at my back window in Reidsville, NC on November 21, 2015 watching my male and female Eastern bluebirds flitting in and out of one of my houses I have up for them.

I guess that's maybe a sign that our winter is going to be tough.

November in Greensboro
by: Anonymous

I have a pair using a nesting (Nov 12).
We have not had a hard freeze yet.

I did not realize they would use the birdhouse this late. I wonder if this is normal, or because of the warm fall.

From Greensboro,NC

Bluebird banging into window
by: Kelli

So, it's Nov. 12th in NH, and our family of bluebirds, mom, dad, and several young from this summers fledlings have been hanging out on the bluebird house, going in and out.

Every morning mama comes and continuously flies into the window, as if she is trying to get in.

She did the same thing during the summer months when she was laying eggs.

We have had to put up a towel on one window, and now she is at another window.

Put decals up on that window, but she is still here.

I do feed them meal worms and keep a water container out. Also, a family of purple finches "hangs out" with the bluebirds.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Thanks, Kelli

Bluebirds in PA late October
by: Alan

We fledged two nestfuls this summer in southeast PA. Then we put out dried mealworms and they kept coming.

Now it's Halloween and 5 or 6 birds come every evening around 5:30, splash in the bird bath and eat some worms.

It will be interesting to see how long into the winter this goes on.

Bluebirds in late Oct in Atlanta..40 degrees
by: Joan Carter

I have heard bluebird houses have to be a half acre I've had no luck but with one...I too live in Atlanta and young blue birds flurry in and out of house and it's 40 had straw in mouth but none in house...I just wonder why the interest in late Oct.

Bluebirds are Nesting Again Here
by: Anonymous

I live in Summerville SC and I have just noticed today my bluebirds are nesting in the same house as the spring and summer.

Don't know if it's the same ones but do know they have run the wrens and the finches away today.

My yard is theirs and I have three houses They are guarding two and running off any other birds in the third house too.

Bluebirds in late Oct in Atlanta..40 degrees
by: Anonymous

Yes, I too live in Atlanta and it is now late Oct and young Bluebirds flurries around and in and out of bird house but left.

I just suppose them staking their house for Spring, but not sure and it happens every yr.

I have had two family's born every yr for 26 yrs averaging 4 to a nest which would be 128 bluebirds who were born in my birdhouse.

I had to nail to house as something would clean out eggs or birds when not on side of house and Mom and dad would hollow for hrs...

bluebirds going in birdhouse
by: Gene

Hi Joan, it's pretty common for them to check out and even roost in the houses during winter. Sometimes, several Bluebirds will spend the night in the birdhouse.

Be sure to clean it really well before the nesting season.

Bluebirds in late Oct in Atlanta..40 degrees
by: Joan Carter

I can not figure why blue birds fly in and out of bluebird house in late Oct, but after a few checkouts, fly away...they seem to be young maybe been born in house they are scoring. ..does anyone know why ?

Bluebirds Surival
by: Anonymous

We have had Bluebirds off and on all Winter, around the birdhouse. After a severe ice storm here in Tennessee, we found 14 dead Bluebirds in the birdhouse!

Last summer we watched as one pair raised 2 families, totaling 12 young. Could this have been the same birds? Would they have died from cold, lack of food and water or oxygen?

Newfane, NY
by: Anonymous

We have 4 bluebird houses on our property and normally see bluebirds here.

This winter has been brutal though with many nights below zero.

Just before dusk, I would watch as the bluebirds would return to our locust tree from their day out foraging. First 1 then 2 then 3.

Finally when all 8 were perched in the tree, they took turns entering just one of the birdhouses.

I don't know how they all fit in one house, but I bet they stayed warm with all their body heat.

march 1, 15
by: Anonymous

Was in my kitchen doing dishes and happened to see a blue bird land on the neighbors roof.

First one I seen in cold weather, made me wonder, do they migrate?

We live in Pennsylvania. I do feed the birds during the winter but never seen the bluebird around.

first time sighting of eastern bluebird Canada
by: J C

Wow, My wife and I were in the dining room when I happened to look out at my deck and feeder, "Wow" I told my wife, look robins are here.

It's February 22nd 5PM minus 10 Celsius Welland Ontario Canada

My wife said they`re blue in color the red chest made me think robin but then noticed yes blue.

Never seen these here before, looked up on the computer and found the same bird called Eastern Bluebird.

Took many pictures but could barely make them out because of the distance.

I'm looking out for them today and hope to get better pics checked on them and said 0-2 % chance of sighting in this area

Dried Mealworms
by: Gene

The dried mealworms need to be re-hydrated before putting out. They'll freeze quickly if not eaten.

Winter Bluebirds
by: Anonymous

We live in SE CT. On occasion during the summers we have been fortunate to see a bluebird or two.

This winter starting two weeks ago we have 7 male and 4 female bluebirds spend their days at our suet feeders.

They don't like to cling to the suet cages but sit below and catch the scraps the other birds drop. What a sight!

We put a shallow plastic lid with water out and they also loved that. Its been terribly cold here and lots of snow.

They have gotten used to us replenishing the feeders, They will fly away to the closest tree and return as soon as we are inside.

We are going to try dried mealworms also.

Bluebirds in the snow!!
by: Anonymous

We live in the deep woods of south central Pennsylvania and everything is covered with snow.
The temperature is a balmy 10 degrees.

I still have evergreens and berries in my window boxes and, as I was doing dishes, three bluebirds flew to the box in front of me.

This had happened also on Feb. 4. I was so surprised to see them a few weeks ago and was equally astonished to see them again this morning.

We have bluebirds in the meadow along our lane but never see them here in the woods even in the warmer months. I always thought they migrated.

We have seen and heard robins and I did know that some of them never migrate. Didn't know that bluebirds stay here also.

Bluebirds this morning Feb 17 2015
by: Bridget

I just saw 8 bluebirds on my deck. I have about 6 different feeders, two are the suet kind and the bluebirds were feeding off the suet.

I was so excited to see them. I have all types of birds, but this is the first time I've seen the Bluebirds.

It is now afternoon and they have not come back. Any ideas on how to bring them back?

Fort Wayne IN
by: Angie

It is Feb 2 2015
We just moved about a year ago, and always would feed the birds. We would see blue birds, but only for a few days in feb. or march.

Now our new house backs up to a small woods with more birds then I ever new existed.

I saw a pair last winter just a few times, when I saw them this winter we put worms and fruit out.

They come everyday morning till night. We got a foot of snow yesterday and they still came, and they were waiting for me this morning to clean the snow out of the feeder for them.

Does anyone know how we keep them around during the summer?

My mom has a pair that nest year after year, but never sees them in the summer.

We live in Northern IN, so you would think we wouldn't see them when it's this cold but more in the summer.

Birds in NE PA
by: Maria

The bluebirds always stay through the winter.

I have several bird houses for them but wasn't sure if they stayed in them as it is extremely cold in north Pennsylvania.

Recently while looking out the window about 7AM I counted 5 bluebirds coming out of the same house.

I have no idea how they all fit in there but now I know how they keep warm.

Bluebird dough
by: Anonymous

I am enjoying about six regular bluebirds coming for my peanut butter suet in Marietta Ga.

Is anyone providing roost boxes for their bluebirds/titmouse birds?

Marietta, GA
by: Reenie

Here in Marietta, GA we had about 5 or 6 bluebirds hanging out around our birdbath on Christmas day (2014).

It was such a nice surprise. Haven't seen them since then. Reading up on how to keep them coming back. Enjoyed your article.

very strange sight
by: Anonymous

It is December 28th and I live in northwest Ga. My husband and I were just saying how strange it was to spot bluebirds this time of year.

They were all around our birdhouse. We rarely see this many in the spring or summer.

Bluebirds in Mt Airy MD
by: Ruth

I have a feeder attached to my family room window. I keep it filled with mealworms (dried) and in the winter I am almost always rewarded with multiple bluebirds enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the winter months.

This year I have had 6 males at one time, munching away! I also have a heated birdbath nearby and they will also eat some of the high protein hulled bird seed that I have at another window feeder.

I don't have as much luck with nesting. A few years ago I had three broods in one season, but when the birdhouse finally disintegrated after being out for years, I replaced it with a "Cadillac" version and haven't had a single brood since.

I sometimes wonder if the bluebirds who winter in my yard, are different from the bluebirds who nest.

Winter, Bluebird in PA. in December
by: Belinda Rohrer

I think this is a wonderful story!m I love Bluebirds!

Here it is December 18th, 2014 and looking out my backyard patio door, on top of my daughter's playhouse sat a bright blue, Bluebird!

Yes! I said Bluebird not Blue Jay! God just gave me a beautiful gift.

I wanted so much to see one and God is the Creator of All things, especially Miracles.

Thank you Lord for granting mine! Happy Holidays Everyone.

Belinda Rohrer

by: Gene

In winter it is common for Bluebirds to roost together to stay warm. When Spring arrives they claim territories.


blue birds
by: Satty poo

We just saw 5 blue birds trying to get in the same house here in Arkansas! Its very cold today!

We have never seen this before! We also have 2 houses for them quite far apart, but they are all choosing this one!

western mass
by: Anonymous

Where do you live in western mass Richard? I'm in Lee.

Bluebirds in December
by: Richard

I was looking out my Kitchen window here in Western Mass and noticed a large group of Bluebirds in the back yard.

They were all looking at all the bird houses in the yard.

I was told they like meal worms and I can get them at Agway.

I hope the birds stay around they are so beautiful. Today is December 14.

Bluebirds in Western Mass!
by: Anonymous

I'm living in western Massachusetts and low and behold, I just saw 4 bluebirds in the nesting box again!

Probably the same ones from summer. Just wondering why they'd be here in the snowy freezing weather

Bluebirds in December
by: Anonymous

I live in Durham, NC and had a box that was used twice this year.

Now in December I have noticed several bluebirds going in and out of the box and also feeding at my feeders and suet stations.

Bluebirds in the Fall
by: Jude

We just moved into a house in Sandy Springs, GA. The previous homeowners were kind enough to leave the bluebird house for us as they have a breeding pair returning each spring.

Yesterday I noticed the pair were still here and were in the house. They defended it a few times as another bird kept trying to claim it. Fascinating.

Bluebirds in November
by: Emsnana

During the Fall season, I have seen a couple of bluebirds occasionally. Today, there were 5.

Two were on the suet feeder and three were in the seed dishes on the deck.

I was really surprised to see this many this late in the season.

by: Gene

Where are you located? They can be found pretty far north.

Bluebird Surprise
by: Anonymous

While looking out our living room window this morning, toward out woods out back, I noticed some movement around our bluebird feeders.

It is November 9th, and I had never seen any bluebirds this late in the season.

First the male checked out the house, and then the female flew in and out.

Another male was also feeding on our black oil sunflower feeder.

Highly unusual for this time of year...any ideas why?

Bluebirds in Indian Trail, NC
by: Anonymous

My husband and I witnessed three pairs of bluebirds darting in and out of our one bluebird house.

They were swooping all over the yard, back to the bird feeder then back to the bluebird house.

This is weird because we haven't seen bluebirds all Summer or in Spring either.

Caring for Bluebirds in Winter
by: Gene

Hi Bluebird Watcher,

You can keep your houses up so they can roost in them during cold nights. You can offer mealworms and fruit. (blueberries and such)

You can also offer water in a heated bird bath An open water source is important during winter.

They may move further south as harsh weather sets in looking for food.


Edwardsville IL Bluebirds
by: Bluebird Watcher

It's November 8, 2014 and we have a couple Bluebirds fighting off sparrows for a Bluebird house in Edwardsville, IL. (about 30 minutes from St. Louis, MO).

We were amazed that the Bluebirds had not yet migrated for the winter, but then not actually sure when and where they migrate to.

It's just starting to turn colder here, (53 was the high yesterday, next week will be just below 32 at night).

Assume they're checking out the house for next year but will keep an eye out during the winter and hopefully we'll have many more by March 2015.

Can anyone advise what to do during the winter to keep them safe and warm or educate on whether they migrate elsewhere?

Here too !
by: Ed

I live in N Georgia and today there are four bluebirds challenging each other for the bird house in our garden.

The house has been up for several years and has hatched many bluebirds - but never before in November.

I have noticed dozens of bluebirds feeding on berries on the dogwoods on the property the last few days - again something I haven't seen before this time of year.

October 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yes, nice to know that I am not seeing things! Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird are nesting again!

I am new to Chapel Hill, and was so happy to have two broods in my 4 birdhouse condo.

Right now, it looks like two sets of blue birds are building nests. I am pretty sure that I have two males and females.

Bluebirds nesting in Oct. In Ga
by: Anonymous

I had just walked outside to clean my bluebird house for the winter, knowing they were done laying eggs.

Low and behold there were four light blue eggs in the nest.

I had seen bluebirds going in the house last week but just assumed they were checking out the house for next year.

I will keep my eye on the house now to see if these were actually laid earlier in the season and the abandoned for some reason.

Bluebirds and houses
by: Trish

I also have Bluebirds still nesting and it is getting very cold here in Mideast Michigan.

The day was very sunny and beautiful here yesterday, Oct 19th 2014, and the Bluebirds were making another nest.

We had just cleaned out the house a few weeks earlier as they had left but yesterday they were very active and bringing dry grass and moss into the box they had left a couple weeks ago.

Very strange I thought and told my boyfriend to keep watch as they looked like they were making a new spot to stay for the winter with all the fluff they were bringing in.

Does anyone know why they would be doing this so late in October?

When to clean out the house
by: Leslie

The info was great! My bluebirds are still in and out of the nest babies too when do I clean it out or just leave it?

Bluebird family in Maryland
by: Ann

It was snowing in Maryland yesterday. To my amazement, I saw a family of six bluebirds go into
one of our boxes during the snow.

I do not know how they had enough room, but they were inside.

They stayed overnight and are enjoying life today.
The family have been here over the winter from last year.

We are also enjoying them and the other birds. I had never seen this before, just read about it.

blue bird eggs mid January
by: Linda

On January 15, a week after my blue birds finished the first nest of 2014, Mama Blue laid her first egg. Today, January 20, Mama is sitting on the eggs.

We are to have freezing temperatures at night this week in Tyler TX. Last year the couple built a month later, in February, and I thought that was really early.

I am hoping that Mama and the little eggs can make it through this weather. Meal worms are coming tomorrow, so perhaps that will help.

Bluebirds are back.....
by: Anonymous

Pinehurst, NC... Bluebirds are back! It is cold and windy.

The mealworms are being eaten up faster then I can keep up with!

Bluebird pair
by: Linda

We live in PA,and we have a pair of Bluebirds that have been here for about a month.

We are feeding them mealworms, and when it is snowing they sit up underneath of the wishing well to stay dry.

I'm afraid with this bitter cold that's coming they will freeze.

Bluebirds in Atlanta on Dec 12
by: Anonymous

I'm always excited to see bluebirds in the early spring. However, today - in Duluth GA which is a northeast suburb that is colder than the rest of the city - I've got a pair of them feeding almost non-stop at my feeder.

They're eating both the seeds in the tray and the suet cake.

I've never seen them at this time of the year and it's been a wonderful treat today to watch them with the cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches and others.

Eastern New York
by: Joanne

It is Nov 30, 2013, I have Bluebirds in our nesting box!

It's 28 degrees out there! I've put water out for them, but at this point that's all I can do! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Bluebird of happiness
by: Michigander

Was astonished to see a bluebird out the kitchen window yesterday morning. I glanced at the thermometer noting it was 32F/0C!

When I looked up again more were joining it.

One became 3, then 7. As I adjusted my gaze outward I was amazed to see more than a dozen moving around the yard.

The leaves have left the trees and the hedge row is barren so they were easy to spot.

This sighting was even more unusual because in the 36 years my family has been in this house (I was 3!) we have never had a single bluebird.

We have been discussing what might have brought them here since our bird feeder is uncharacteristically empty, and my dad mentioned that our pear tree has fresh buds.

Rather it did on Monday.

What a wonderful gift this Thanksgiving!

Eastern Bluebird Siting
by: Anonymous

We live in central Massachusetts and it is late November, 2013. We were coming down the road in our car and noticed a bird sitting on top of our mailbox.

As we got closer, the bird flew up to the tree and I could see it was a blue bird.

We got out of our car to get a better look and five more bluebirds appeared!

They sat there on out lawn and mailbox for several minutes before flying into the rhododendrons we have in front of our house.

It was such a nice and unexpected surprise to get, especially for this time of year!

they are back!
by: Anonymous

Yes, my precious, aggravating bluebirds are BACK! And it's really cold so I presume they were looking for a warm place to get out of the wind.

But they are pecking at our windows just like they did when they were nesting earlier this year. We are in Roswell, GA.

November 24 2013-Bluebirds Abound
by: Anonymous

I live in middle GA. This morning I let my dogs out in the back yard and noticed a beautiful bright blue bird on the fence post, then another landed and I thought it came out of the bird house.

Next thing I knew, there were 3 pair flitting about.

At one point 5 of them were perched along the fence line with one still checking out the house.

It really was an awesome sight. I would have loved to have gotten a picture, but the dogs ran by and the birds all took flight.

Surely, they are not nesting or considering nesting????

more Atlanta birds
by: Anonymous

I'm in Atlanta(gwinnett) and never noticed my bluebirds in the fall till yesterday.

2 or 3 pairs hanging out by their box and checking out some small houses as well.

I always take them as my sign of spring. Will they stick around or migrate? The last few winters have been so warm.

My bluebirds
by: Gay B

I just noticed what I think are my original blue birds back checking out the houses in my back yard.

I couldn't imagine what they were doing this time of year- so it was good to see your comments.

I am in VA, and worry it could get pretty cold - it was 48 degrees this am. I will keep watch and hope for the best!

Where are my bluebirds?
by: Anonymous

I live in Atlanta and have seen many Bluebirds in my yard and my neighbors as well over the last three seasons.

This year not a one have I sighted. Usually they nest in my birdhouse around February and March, but not this year. What could it be?


Blue Birds in January???
by: Anonymous

We live in Northern In it is January 22 and we are below 0 and we have 5 males and 1 female drinking water. Is it too early for them this time a yr?

It's not uncommon to have Bluebirds in your area this time of year.

As long as woodland shrubs have fruit available they'll be able to eat.

Providing water in winter like you're doing is a real asset to them.

If times get too tough they'll retreat southward.

Is it too early for Blue Birds? They are Here!
by: Mr Gus

Today is January 21, 2013 and much to my surprise I have a pair of blue birds building a nest in my blue bird house.

Isn't it too early for them? Can they find enough food this time of year? Once I spotted them I put out dried meal worms and they immediately spotted them.

Is there anything else I could put out for them?

Box of Males
by: Anonymous

I live in western Pennsylvania. I always thought bluebirds flew south. I don't see them everyday but I do see them around.

When it gets really cold, around zero degrees or colder,they come to the boxes to spend the night.

One very cold February evening 2 years ago, the first time I witnessed this. I watched 10 males pile into the box in my backyard.

One actually got booted out and roosted in a tree very near to the box. Has anyone heard of this?

Bluebirds in October in Georgia!
by: rlariscy

I am astounded! It is October 18 and after not having any bluebirds during the summer, I have two pair back now!

They are having a ball in the fountain! I had one pair in spring, then one day I went outside and the door had swung open----I was so upset!

I haven't seen any since until today! I will feed them all winter if they wish to hang around!!!

Blue Family Returns
by: Audrey

Our hot dry summer in Northeast Texas caused me to suspect the family of Bluebirds may have died or fled.

Last week(Oct 12) all five (maybe Mom & Dad, 3 kids) were fluttering about the birdhouse, some scuffling on the ground, like a family reunion.

This week it seems they've decided to build a nest, or are preparing for a winter abode?

I'm going to put up a second house in hopes they'll stick together.

Thank God for creating this entertainment right in my backyard!

Bluebirds nesting in Marietta, GA
by: Anonymous

The summer of 2011 was a productive one! Our Bluebirds nested and had babies three times.

They always had 4-5 little ones and they all survived.

We have two Bluebird boxes in our back yard, but they always chose the same one.

We fed them meal worms - somewhat expensive - but the Bluebirds love them and it helped make Mama strong for the coming births, as well as good nourishment for the babies afterwards.

We placed the mealworms right outside our sunroom window so we could observe them.

It is a sight to see 5 little babies, plus Mama and Papa all trying to sit around this tiny feeder at the same time.

They loved it and ate like little piggies. When it was feeding time, I or my husband would go outside and whistle - always the same whistle to summon them.

After awhile they became used to the whistle and would come flying in like jet planes out of nowhere. We had a lot of enjoyment watching them all summer and can't wait until next year.

They would make good little tax deductions if IRS allowed it as the cost of the mealworms adds up - but it is worth it!

Where are the nesting bluebirds in 2011?
by: Anonymous

I live in Atlanta, GA. I have had 3 bluebird boxes filled the past 2 years with nesting bluebirds.

In February, 2011, I saw a number of bluebirds checking out the houses and feeding from the feeders.

We had a cold snap in the weather in March. Now, it is in April and there are no bluebirds.

Has anybody in Atlanta, GA had the same problem. I am very disappointed.

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