Bluebirds From Heaven

by Denise Gardner Dunn

Are Bluebirds Sent From Heaven?

Sometimes we see the favorite birds of a loved one shortly after he/she passes.

Are these birds a comforting sign from heaven?
bluebird standing on mealworm feeder

Denise shares her story below. Feel free to add your comments or start a new page with your experiences.

I want to share a special story that touches my heart about my bluebirds, that started several years ago.

My father, who lives 600 miles from me was building bluebird houses for the Lions Club, and they were selling them.

I kept bugging him and telling him I wanted a bluebird house. He kept promising me one.

In Easter of 2008, Dad was at my house visiting in Florida, and we were sitting out in the yard talking about the birds and ducks we were watching.

I turned to Dad, and said, "Yeah, where are my bluebird houses?"

With that little mischievous grin, he said.."Maybe Santa will bring them for Christmas!"

My father hasn't been well, and I didn't bring the subject up again.

As Christmas approached, my father's health was failing.

He had been fighting incurable cancer.

I knew he was in no shape to build me those bluebird houses, but I really wanted to attract bluebirds to my yard.

So, after the first of the year, I purchased 2 bluebird houses from the local Walmart, and my husband and I picked two places in the yard and installed them.

We wanted to get them up for the early Spring.

In February, my father took a turn for the worse, and I made the trip to North Carolina to see him at the hospital and visited for 5 days.

The day I returned, I got out of the car and walked around to my front yard, to talk to my aunt that was standing in the yard.

While we were standing there, a bluebird landed in the grass.

"How Ironic," I thought. I looked at my aunt and said...half-jokingly, " I wonder if he will move into my house".

Several days later my husband (Dwight) saw the bluebird again.

Three weeks later, my father passed away, and again I made the trip to North Carolina for the funeral services.

My husband was also having radiation for Cancer and couldn't go with me, but we stayed in constant contact on the phone.

As I was driving home from my father's funeral, Dwight called me, and said " You aren't going to believe what I am doing." Of course, I wanted to know!

He said, " I am sitting here watching a Bluebird make a nest in the Bluebird house!"

I was so excited and felt a special calmness come over me.

No one will ever convince me that my father didn't have a hand in placing those bluebirds in my yard.
male and female blubird at birdhouse

Male Bluebird Bringing Female Food

We had Bluebird babies Fledge last week, and now, they are busy making another nest!

Dad has been gone for not quite two months, and I miss him terribly, but in my heart, I know these bluebirds are a sign that everything is okay, and can't help but feel Dad is watching over me.

Do you know what my father called all of us children when he couldn't remember our names? ( there were 5 of us) growing up.

He would just say.."hey, bird.........." No matter who he was speaking to.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went camping in our motor home, which we bought from my dad last year when it was determined he was too ill to travel.

We took it out over Easter weekend, and when we pulled into our yard, I saw the bluebird on the bluebird house.

I grabbed my camera and went to take a picture.

As I was focusing on the one on the roof, another bluebird stuck her head out the hole, and I got them both!

She was sitting on the eggs, and the male came to feed her.

Since then, the babies have hatched, and fledged, and the pair are busy making another nest.

I love birds, of all kinds. But these bluebirds are very very special.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story.

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Bluebirds Have Returned
by: Kathy

My sister and I were watching a bluebird nest about 13 years ago.

My sister would come down to my house every day to watch them. After that season, I never saw the bluebirds again.

My sister passed away three months ago. My heart is aching, and now, a pair of bluebirds are nesting in that same birdhouse.

She would've been thrilled. I think she has something to do with this. How amazing, God is good.

To You Darlene
by: Gene

Yes, God is with you and your two boys.

I do know what it's like to have your special one cross over. Just know that he is enveloped in a love that truly surpasses understanding.

Give God thanks for every day, try to love others, and enjoy the life you've been given. We will all get home one day.

Blue birds
by: Darlene

My husband of 41 years died this past January and as we waited for the undertaker to come, there were three Bluebirds in the front tree.

There for a while when we hardly ever see them. Now it is just me and my two boys left.
God is with me.

Bluebird from heaven
by: Judy

My husband passed away 2 years ago.

He always loved the bluebirds that would fly through the pecan trees in our yard so he built some houses for them.

We have a large backyard so he would watch them thru binoculars.

A couple of weeks ago I heard a tapping on the glass of the backdoor and discovered it to be a pair of bluebirds.

It happened again yesterday after a very emotional incident I was experiencing.

We have lived here for 17 yrs. And nothing like this has ever happened and also the fact that the houses are far from the backdoor.

I truly believe they are a connection with my husband.

Miracle from God
by: Joan

Hello all
I Have been praying very hard to God for a miracle to cure my brain cancer/tumor.

I saw a Bluebird the other day and in my heart, I feel he has answered my prayers. I feel I am healed.

I will know more after my treatments are over but that bird was a sign from God that I will be okay.

Always believe God is listening I say.

we knew it was a sign
by: Judy Hunter

Very similar story! my mother was so adoring of Eastern bluebirds, she put up 3 houses in her yard.

She waited and watched for about a year for them to come.

Like some of the stories I have read here, she became ill, and after trying to fight her cancer, she was called Home to Heaven.

However, we were sitting at the table with her about 2 weeks before she passed.

We noticed one day that there were in fact, bluebirds nesting finally.

The day we buried her, we were on our way to the gravesite and saw bluebirds on the grounds of the cemetery, flying, and nesting.

About a week later, we heard babies in the houses in her yard, and also noticed it was 2 separate families of birds that had moved in.

She wanted bluebird babies so bad, and never got to see them...we knew it had to be a sign from God, He had allowed her to spread her wings to fly back to comfort us.

They are still there in her yard today.

Thank you for your stories
by: Pam

Thank you for your stories. I was always told if you saw a cardinal that meant a loved one would come to visit you.

I have been seeing this bluebird in my yard all week long.

My mom passed away 11 months ago and I longed to see a cardinal and know she was okay.

Little did I know the bluebird I have been seeing must be her to let me know all is okay I am so happy now :-)

by: Pam

I Love This Blue Bird Story. Thank You For Sharing It With Us.

My mom sent me bluebirds too!
by: Jamie in California

I had the exact same thing happen to me!

My mother who I took care of for the last 10 years because she had dementia just died in March.

The day before her memorial I was in my living room and I looked onto our front porch and saw two western bluebirds.

They were popping in and out of a hole in the wood in the entryway and sure enough, they were building a nest!

This is the first nest we'd ever had on our house and I knew it was a sign from my mom that she was watching over me and sending new life to let me know she was OK and at peace.

Sadly though, I'm not sure if they've abandoned the nest because it's been several days since I've seen them.

I took a look and the nest is still there with no sign of egg laying yet.

Does anyone know if this is common for the nest to be built and then left alone before eggs are laid?

I'm so hoping they are not gone.

Cardinals and Bluebirds!
by: Anonymous

My story is about a cardinal. But this is very similar.

I have always had a special bond with my

My mom was a single mom, my dad died when I was very young and she raised us with the help of my grandmother so I was as close to Gram as to Mom!

Maybe closer, Gram had the time, Mom had to support all of us.

Anyway, when I met my husband we decided to build a house and get that order.

Gram had been getting frailer and did not get out much anymore.

I had made a special place for her on our sun porch so she could sit in the sun during the day in the winter and watch the birds and their antics.

Gram loved the birds, all of them.

When she was in better health, she made her own suet and catered to the bluebirds by raising her own mealworms.

She had several hummingbird feeders and several birdhouses. She set up her whole yard to cater to the birds.

Sitting on the sun porch watching the birds I truly believe kept her alive and with us much longer.

After our new house was built I wanted to take Gram to see it, but her health was failing rapidly so we decided to wait unit spring.

Gram passed in March and was unable to ever see my new house.

We moved into our house 2 weeks after she died.

I moved all the bird feeders and birdhouses from her yard into mine. It made me feel a little closer to her.

One day I am standing at the kitchen window and this little cardinal lands on the sill and started tapping on the glass.

As I watch him he flew to the next window and did the same thing.

I followed that little bird as he went to every single window in the house and tapped on the glass.

I finally opened the front door to shoo him away and he flew right into the house.

Afraid he would hurt himself by flying into a window I ran after him to try and get him back to the front door.

He flew into every single room in my house.

After he saw every room he flew to the top of the front door and perched.

I just stood and watched him. He looked around,
flapped his wings, did a sweep of the living room, and then flew out the front door.

I realize it may be crazy to think this, but I truly felt that my grandmother had something to do with that little bird checking out every room.

Maybe she was seeing my house through his eyes.

I Received A Similar Sign
by: CJ

I had never seen a bluebird "in person" before.

This past spring after my mom died, one showed up on my fence rail, and then a 2nd one, and I kind of liked feeling that maybe they were a sign sent from her.

Then a Goldfinch showed up a couple of days later (another I'd never seen "in person" before).

I told my dad about the bluebirds (he's a bird lover) and he built a box for them. They immediately moved in.

They soon had 2 babies. Sadly I hadn't seen them for over a month or so now, and figured they'd moved on.

Yesterday I asked my mom for a sign because I hadn't asked for or gotten one for a while.

I didn't get anything yesterday, but this morning, looking out the kitchen window, who showed up on the deck railing but a bluebird, looking right at me.

Then another landed next to it in the flower box.

Then 2 more landed on the other side of the flower box. I was so excited.

I think they (and she) stopped by to say hi.

by: Anonymous

Love this picture with the straw in the mouth.

Great pics
by: Tina from UK

Wow, Denise what great photos and a wonderful story, I am sure you are right and your dad sent those Bluebirds to your house.

The pictures are fantastic, you must have a great camera, what make is it I would love to get myself one of those.

I don't think I have ever seen such clarity in a photo.

by: Penny

I love your story Denise and love all the pictures you send me of your beautiful bluebirds you have there in Florida.

thanks to the owner
by: Denise

Thank you for adding both pictures.

Thank you for sharing!

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