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Modified 10-13-2023

This is kind of a funny page. I first did this page around 2005. Youtube was around but not many people visited the site for birding information.

At that time, I wanted to add something enjoyable for people and decided to embed some homemade videos of bluebirds for you to watch.

Now, not quite 20 years later, these Bluebird videos are here more for my nostalgia than anything else. I hope you can both laugh and enjoy these poorly done videos.

The nicer ones were submitted by people who knew what they were doing.

A few moments of a Bluebird in a tree at the Baker Wetlands in Lawrence Kansas.

I remember my camcorder, yes, I said camcorder. It had a 60 times zoom that would give you the shakiest video in the world.

For its time, it was one cool camera for my bird videos. I've gotten much older and have much better equipment, but I kind of like this stuff.

Did you know you can attract more birds with moving water? Turn your exsisting birdbath into a solar powered bath with this Solar Fountain Kit.

Bluebird Pair Hanging Out on Purple Martin Gourd Rack

This is a sad video for me now in 2023. Mr. Franklin who managed this purple martin site has long passed away.

His last season hosting Purple Martins ended with very few birds nesting in his gourds. His colony was raided by raccoons and abandoned by the purple martins.

I would visit his colony a couple of times every season until I got my colony started. His niece moved in and took the housing down as it wasn't safe for her children.

I have notice that his neice and her husband have raise at least one of his gourd racks.

They now have too many trees which bring in owls, and they will have a tough time getting the purple martins to come back.

Fingers crossed for them anyway as we need younger people in this mission.

I purchased a couple of gourds from him and he made me promise to use predator guards around my poles to protect the martin birds.

I've kept that promise and have had a Purple Martin colony for 16 years as of the end of 2023.

Watch This Pair Of Bluebirds Get Their Fill Of Mealworms

What? Never heard of this Bluebird food magnet called mealworms. Check them out here: Live Mealworms.

Check Out This Bluebird House You'll Never Have to Replace


Going In and Out These Bluebirds Have Found A Home

The videographer mentions that you can hear Purple Martins in this video as well. If you've ever hosted these birds you'll instantly notice when they are around. A great bird to have around.

Yes, there are sparrows chirping also. There are always House Sparrows. Enjoy the birds.

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