Doves on my balcony

by Jan
(Plano, Texas)

Nest in the snow

Nest in the snow

Since Spring of 2007, I've had mourning doves nesting in a flower box hanging off my balcony. The first year I got some pretty good pictures. That was a particularly active family.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a digital camera yet, so some of my pictures turned out shall we say...not as good as they could be.

The families I've had more recently haven't been as active, and I haven't had the wonderful experience of watching the babies learn to fly, as I did with the first family.

There are pictures of the first and second families on

Just a few weeks ago a snow storm blew through.

That morning, mother mourning dove had laid her first egg. The wind howled and the snow fell all night (very severe for Texas).

I didn't think the mother was going to make it.

When I looked out the window the next morning, I thought for sure she had frozen because the flower box was covered in snow.

I was surprised when, as I opened the balcony door, Mom's head popped out from under the snow!

I was worried about the egg because not long after that, Mom left and didn't come back for several hours.

I thought for sure the baby would freeze. Mom went on to lay another egg, and a few days ago I was happy to see that both eggs had hatched.

I knew the babies were old enough to start flying soon, but hadn't seen them doing it yet. This morning I noticed the parents were gone, so I went out on the balcony to see how big the babies were.

To my dismay and surprise, both babies flew away! The parents have been back several times today, but the babies haven't returned. I'm so worried. I hope they're OK.

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Nov 30, 2021
I experienced the same thing
by: Anonymous

Hey I experienced the same thing, baby dove flew away when I opened my balcony door, mummy Bird was not present at that time.

Now mommy bird keeps coming, maybe looking for her baby.

What happened to the baby dove in your house, did you get to see the baby dove again? Curious to know.

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Baby Dove on Apartment Balcony

by Jim
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

About three weeks ago I discovered a young mourning dove on my balcony. For the first couple of weeks the parents would come and feed him.

When I would sit out there he would peck at the seed I dropped, often walking between my feet and once actually flying up to land on my shoulder for a few seconds before landing back on the balcony floor.

The parents disappeared about a week ago but he still comes back for the seed and the water I have placed in a saucer for him.

I'm concerned that he should have left by now and that I'm interfering with his nature to go out into the wild.

He seems to have found a home beneath our barbecue which keeps him out of sight from above and I'm wondering if this isn't a natural protection from birds of prey.

We're in Southern California and hawks and owls abound. When full nightfall comes he disappears and I've given up thinking he's gone as he reappears each morning.

I'm very fond of this little bird which now seems to be fully grown and while I enjoy his/her company I want what is best for him. If anyone out there has any advice it would be most welcome.


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Jun 14, 2016
Dove on balcony
by: Anonymous

Thanks Gene! I've noticed that he/she flies away in the evening and is coming back during the day. One of the parents continues to check on him/her as well.

Jun 14, 2016
by: Gene

It will leave in time. The adults are around.

Jun 13, 2016
Worried about a bird
by: Anonymous

I had a dove nest on my balcony, and the two babies hatched just fine. One has flown away, but the other has remained-in concerned that he or she will not get the proper nutrition. I'll be moving soon, and don't want to start feeding the bird, because I'm afraid he'll get used to not looking for his own food.

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Doves On My Balcony Part 2

by Mihoko Tokoro
(Woodland Hills, CA)

2 more days to go!

2 more days to go!

A few days after I wrote the original column, two eggs hatched. The chicks were so quiet and the loving and studious parents were there 24 hours a day to nurture the chicks.

I was so amazed how fast they grew. They are almost like inflatable ducks!! The size is doubled each day.

On exactly 14th day, they all few out to the wide blue skies. I was so happy for them, but so sad because I will never see these pretty faces again. All I have now is the empty nest...

This picture was taken 2 days before they flew!

Come back soon!!

Doves On My Balcony Part 3

A week after I wrote "Doves On My Balcony Part 2" success story, there were a pair of doves checking this empty nest. Not sure if they are the same couple or their

Today, a dove start sitting on the nest and looks like she is ready to start a family. Can't tell if she had already laid the eggs, but let's cross our fingers for a happy ending.

I can't wait to see more babies... will keep you posted.


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Doves On My Balcony Part 4

by Mihoko Tokoro
(Woodland Hills, CA)

Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family

After the last month's success story, the new couple laid 2 eggs in the same nest. One hatched 2 days before the second one, so the chicks are in 2 different sizes!! It's so amazing how fast they grow.

This couple amuses me because the father is a slacker... he comes in so late in the morning around 10:30 a.m. and he falls asleep file watching the babies. One day, the mother came in at around 2 p.m., so his shift was only 4 hours!! mmm... maybe they need a nanny?

Also, he leaves before the mother comes in letting the babies defend themselves alone. Soon, the mother comes in just like a clockwork. Amazing!

My balcony must be very suitable for nesting. The chicks are healthy and am so happy to report another success story!! In a week or so, the nest will be empty but there will be 2 more happy chicks flying in the vast California sky....

Hope you enjoy the pix.. taken by my pro-photographer.


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Aug 15, 2018
Will baby doves fall out of nest on balcony railing?
by: Wendy

I have a nest with two eggs. It is in a flower pot on my balcony railing. I am concerned because even though I have glass bulbs to water, the plant is dying making her cover not so good anymore. Also concerned babies will fall out of flower pot to the ground about 15 feet below. Should I be doing anything?

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Flower Pot Dove and Babies

by Pat
(Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)

I had put a plant out on the balcony of my 3rd story apartment back in the winter. This past weekend, I noticed a bird sitting in it. I went online to determine what type of bird it was. From descriptions, I believe it is a Mourning Dove.

What I thought was interesting was that the bird appeared to be there all the time. Every time I looked she was just sitting there. A co-worker mentioned maybe I would see babies shortly. I thought it late in the year for baby birds. I guess I thought they were born in the spring. So, I started to watch daily to see what happened next.

Well, two days ago I noticed babies. I thought there were two. One being very visible and what appeared to be another one the adult bird was sitting on. For two days I never saw her leave, just continuing to sit there. Then lo and behold, she actually left for a little bit and you could see both the baby Doves. They are just adorable.

I am not sure why she picked a third story balcony with an abandoned plant pot to nest in, but hopefully I get to watch them grow. While it does seem an odd place to pick, they are safe from any animal predators up here. So, maybe she was just smart!

I did some research online and know that they do not always survive. Also, the mother Dove was gone for an entire evening and I worried that she had abandoned the babies. I read where they do sometimes abandon nest if they feel endangered. I have not gone out on the balcony since I know animals don’t like too much human activity around their young ones. But luckily she was present again this morning and still here when I returned from work.

The babies are holding their heads up better today than yesterday. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Doves On Balcony

by Susan
(Charleston, SC)

I live on the third floor of an apartment building that faces a large wooded area in Charleston, SC. When I moved in last September, I was delighted and entertained by lizards and tree frogs - in and out of the apartment - and since Spring/Summer has returned, I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival.

So far, no lizards or frogs, but a couple of months ago my balcony became the home of three "families" of wasps.

They have been interesting companions, not bothering me or my cats as long as we don't bother them.

During this time, I was visited by a Mourning Dove that seemed to randomly land on my balcony railing while I was sitting outside. It immediately flew away, but a week or so later I was surprised when I startled a pair of doves as I came out onto the balcony. Again, they flew away immediately.

Then, 2 weeks ago, I went on a 7 day vacation. Upon my return, I was even more surprised to see a nesting dove in the small "alcove" at the top of the pillar on the balcony!

For the past week, we - the kitties, the wasps, the doves, and myself - have been living in what I hope is a comfortable harmony.

It wasn't until today that I checked out this website and discovered that the one bird I've been calling Mama Bird is actually 2 birds! I will now call the extremely watchful daytime bird Papa Bird and the more relaxed nighttime bird Mama Bird. :)

Over 10 years ago, I was blessed to watch 2 baby doves hatch, grow, and fly from the nest that was haphazardly thrown together on my bedroom window sill.

I hope this couple is just as successful! I'm limiting my time (and the kitties' time) on the balcony, trying very hard not to frighten, startle, or upset the birds.

Soon, I will keep the kitties off the balcony completely so there's no chance of a baby falling and being killed by one of them.

What an exciting experience! Wish my camera wasn't broken so I could share a pic or 2!

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Mourning Doves Feel At Home

by Jacquelyn Fuqua
(Tulsa, OK)

Mourning Birds Feel At Home

Mama and Daddy Dark Eyes moved into a planter hanging over my balcony. I went to water my plants one evening and a bird startled me as I poured water onto the plant. To my amazement, I found a nest with two tiny white eggs.

It was after dusk so I couldn't see the type of bird except that it was also startled. As it flew away I saw a very long, prominent white tail, enough for me to discover the type of bird nesting on my balcony. I soon found a picture of a Mourning Dove and recognized my bird immediately. Every day the birds sit diligently on the eggs.

Now when I water, I talk to the bird as though they always lived there. Mom or Dad never move when I water the planter with the nest. Our summer temperatures have been averaging 112 degrees and so they probably welcome the cooling of the soil as I water. To my surprise, the flowers in that planter are also thriving.

Two days ago I noticed two little ones. The photos show them shortly after I discovered they had arrived. I suspect they will soon be able to leave their little nursery. I will remember them after they've gone.

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Mar 28, 2014
So inspired
by: Nichell

It has been amazing to read these post. My family and I returned from a weekend retreat only to discover a mourning dove located on a shelf that we keep on our 3rd floor balcony.

It has been 9 days since our return and she has not moved. I have not spotted her hubby and have been quite hesitant about venturing out on the balcony in fear that my family as well as myself may be attacked.

I just want her to remain comfortable no babies yet but I can't wait to see the little ones when they arrive.

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Doves Living in my Patio

by Iris
(Orange, California)

Through the screen door

Through the screen door

I had stumbled across this page to find out what doves enjoy eating, along with how long they take to leave the nest as I have a few new guests on my 2nd floor backyard balcony of my apartment.

I noticed one of the doves roughly a month ago, which seemed to make a habit out of perching on the wooden fence structure of the balcony.

The other day there was a trail of ants coming from the balcony through my sliding glass door as I noticed a dove watching me spray bug killer outside, but it was strange because normally they just fly away.

There have been other birds that nested in one of my plants before, not exactly any being a dove but it wasn't anything new to see a nest back there.

I didn't find a nest, but I noticed small fragments of eggshells in a corner of the balcony so I guess the mother didn't have any time to build a nest.

I left out a small dish of water, and after about 20 minutes I heard chirping, the mother was with 2 baby doves and drinking as they were walking in the dish.

Much like my problem with the ants, I could tell the birds were covered in a few insects. I'll only leave some water and a few bread crumbs out for them, because bathing in the water seemed to make them chirp more, which makes me think is a sign of health, and I don't want to attract anything that would become a problem for them.

They can become noisy at times, but I don't mind and I'm noticing the different sounds they make when they're chirping, especially when they notice me near the patio door.

I've always been told never to touch them, so I keep a distance away. I was completely unaware that doves could go without a nest, they usually just huddle under a table or one of the chairs outside, and they all seem to be close when the mother isn't out looking for food.

I'm trying to avoid feeding them or offering them too much, while I enjoy the birds being around I don't want them to lose their instincts to survive so I'll have to remain a safe distance until they leave and it's why the photo is so terrible having to watch them through a screen door.

One last thing that I noticed was that this is the second time the mother or father bird is absent but I can't tell the difference between which is male or female. There's only one around that feeds the birds, the other must have left but I wondered if this was common.

I enjoy the birds around but even if they make this their home I'll avoid putting food out there because I know they're less likely to survive on their own if they rely on it.

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Jul 03, 2016
One Adult Dove at a Time
by: Gene

The males will feed and train the fledglings while the female begins a new clutch.

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Love Birds on our Balcony

by Bruce Trimmer
(St. Catharines Ontario)

Our front balcony is very small so it took a while to figure out how I was going to arrange my plants and seating for the neighbors.

Then along came a beautiful set of outdoor speakers, and patio lights, then party lights for any type of occasion so I installed a nice shelf for all our indoor plants so they can finally get some light.

I left a pot at the outside/end of the shelf and I think I ran out of time transplanting so after a few days out of town working, came home, sat out on the patio with a beer and some tunes going and all of a sudden, a dove flew into the pot, installed a few twigs and took off in one direction while another flew in to arrange a few more twigs.

When I came out later in the evening I saw her sitting in the pot, and it seemed like she was there for almost two weeks, but obviously they were doing shifts.

The first time she only laid one egg, then she was laying two at a time 'til the end of the year.

The next year I didn't know they would return, but saw them out on the shelf so I thought I'd make some kind of shelter or something that would block the cold wind that was still blowing, and there she was again! You could easily see they liked their summer cottage!

So now they're on their third year, and they do let us get closer before they start flappin' and defending their kids, (by all rights). The tips of their feathers seem pretty sharp when they give you a couple'o whacks.

I get'em pretty hard when I'm watering the plants or hanging my speakers!

Everyone is amazed that a bunch of us can party with the music going and they don't even move.

They seem to a have good degree of intelligence, and for a bird their size they also have amazing speed.

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Jul 03, 2019
Mourning Doves
by: Karen

Don't they grow quickly? It seems like they are barely hatched and off they go!

I work at a retirement community and several residents had nests in their flower pots, and we had one at the front porch hanging basket. It was hard to water till they hatched and went on their way! Enjoy them!

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Dove nest on 3rd story balcony of river condo

by Susan L
(West Monroe, LA, USA )

Mama & Babies on balcony ledge planter

Mama & Babies on balcony ledge planter

What a great surprise my kids had when they found a dove nest on the balcony of our vacation rental. We are on 3rd story of a condo overlooking a river in West Monroe, LA. We really enjoyed watching Mama Bird feed the babies.

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