Baby Doves in Nest with Snow

by Anna Cascio
(Wyndmoor, PA)

Baby Doves in the Snow

Baby Doves in the Snow

Baby Doves Surviving in Snow in Nest

I live in Wyndmoor, PA in a 100 year old stone house. The stone seems to be very attractive to the particular doves who have nested here for decades.

The parent would usually build the nest on the narrow windowsill.

She continuously stares into my daughter's bedroom window to keep an eye on her activity, but she never seemed put off.

This year, the parent abandoned the nest and built a new one on the opposite side of my daughter's room.

This time, she built it on top of my patio speaker which is nestled in our wisteria pergola.

I have watched the Mom/Dad sit in the nest for about two weeks with no activity- or so I thought.

One morning I was surprised to see some pretty big babies with full dark feathers.

So I believe that the dove was actually sitting on her babies all of this time with me thinking the eggs still had not hatched!

Today is snowing and the babies are still on their own.

They seem pretty fat and are covered in snowflakes.

I was so worried that they died, since they were so still.

However, one of them blinked when I opened up the window directly above them so I was relieved.

I am hoping that one of the parents returns to help them. The babies look very content to just sit in the nest right now but it is very cold.

I have attached photos starting when the baby doves were visible and ending with today's shot of them in the snowy nest.

I hope that you enjoy the photos.

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