Baby Barn Swallows

(Hillsboro, OR USA)

The Baby Barn Swallows hatched today (June 20 2017)!

We have been watching the nest since spring, waiting for this day.

There were 2 eggs in the nest on May 29. They laid a total of 4.

At this point only 3 of the 4 eggs have hatched. These are very new chicks.

Notice how the barn swallows call to make the babies open their mouths for food.

There are six subspecies of barn swallow, which breed across the Northern Hemisphere.

Four are strongly migratory, and their wintering grounds cover much of the Southern Hemisphere as far south as central Argentina.

These are nesting in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.

Day 3

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Barn swallows
by: Patti

I have had 2 bluebird houses for 2 years.

I have never seen a bluebird but last year a pair of barn swallows nest in one.

This morning there are 6 barn swallows swooping and fighting over the houses. They are so so beautiful!!!

What a great start to my day!!! I love barn swallows!!

Enjoying the nest under our front porch
by: Bernee

Thanks for this site. Since our nest is up so high, we can't see inside; so, it was nice to see your videos.

One of the three babies has fledged. I hope he makes it! Such amazing flyers!

Adding Barn Swallow Photos
by: Gene

If you want to add a photo you will need to upload to a photo hosting site and use their link.

Keep the size in the 400 x 500 range. If you need help, scroll to the very bottom of this page and you'll see a link to contact us.

Thank you,


Coming soon!
by: Carp

We have a pair that have nested on our front porch, these birds are beautiful and fierce protectors of their nest.

Looks like we have 3 eggs and they should be soon to hatch. Keep you all posted.

Is there a way to add photos?

So sad
by: Anonymous

For the second year barn swallows nested in the eves of my front porch.

4 babies hatched and were doing well and then one by one they fell out of the nest and died.

Mama bird kept going back to the nest so I finally took it down. She is now building another one.

It's been so sad to watch her go through this again! Does anyone know why this happened?

Barn Swallows - Frisco, TX
by: Caitlin

I am a new resident to Texas, arrived on January 1, 2020. I absolutely love Texas and have been enjoying learning about the wildlife and birds.

Being an avid birder I have had the pleasure of watching all the birds in my neighborhood out my office window.

I began noticing birds were flying to the front entrance of my home making quite a bit of chatter.

As I watched them zoom past my window it was difficult to identify the coloring.

As I watched them fly it became evident that they were some type of swallow.

A few nights ago I went to turn on my porch light (it was almost past dusk) when I heard chatter.

I slowly opened the door and and just up the right in the alcove was a stunning Barn Swallow gripping tightly to the brick.

I quickly closed the door and shut off the light.

With great excitement I have Barn Swallows making their nest!

Grateful to have the opportunity to watch them raise their brood(s).

New Nest
by: Dr Ed Markin

Have a new nest 04 Feb 2020 on a corner eave of out screened in front porch overlooking a small lake.

Will need to block off the screen door as it will hit the nest.

Lots of MOSS included in the nest. Will watch as things develop.
Thanks for your site.

Love these birds!
by: Anonymous

We've had a nesting pair every year for 4 years. I love your video, as our nest is too high to see into.

Each year they hatch two separate sets of chicks. Thanks for shedding more light on my favorite bird!

Love these little birds
by: Dorothy Peterson

A pair of Barn Swallows decided to build a nest on my outdoor camera close to the front entrance.

We knocked the first one down but in two days they were back and had laid another foundation.

I decided to leave it for now. It has been a source of entertainment for me.

Having morning coffee and watching evening sunsets.

I don't believe they are hatched yet and am noticing the changing of habits from day to day.

Thanks for sharing the most interesting, educational and entertaining film.

The gift of nature.
by: Anonymous

That was so beautiful to watch. I missed my opportunity when our head of maintenance just destroyed a second nest of the same pair.

I'm so full of anger because this time it destroyed their newly laid eggs.

I doubt he even knew it was illegal to do so. I'm so glad I found this.

Thanks for sharing your gift.

Barn swallows
by: Anonymous

This was FABULOUS, thank you for posting this.
Very informative!

Barn Swallows
by: Gene

You have no idea how much I've wanted a pair of barn swallows around. I did have one follow behind my mower recently.

Thank you for your submission.


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