Aggressive mama Robin!

by Bev
(The Poconos, PA, USA)

Robin Nest Next To Spider Plant on Deck Rail

Robin Nest Next To Spider Plant on Deck Rail

About a month ago, we noticed the sudden appearance of a new bird nest, neatly hidden on the side of a large, Spider plant.

This plant sits on the railing of our deck.

We live in a quiet residential area, with woods surrounding the property, so we were surprised that this Robin chose to build her nest on the deck railing.

At first we were delighted at the prospect of witnessing the eggs hatch and seeing the babies grow into fledglings.

However, very quickly it became apparent that mama Robin did not appreciate our presence!

She began swoooping down at us making "peek and tut" calls.

At first, this was mildly amusing, but when the swooping turned into dive bombing and literally making contact, it has become an annoyance.

Not so much for myself or my husband, but for our two dogs, who get the most negative attention from the Robin.

Our yard is fenced in so we can let the dogs out without worrying they might get hit by a car, or follow a scent and run off.

The yard has been their "territory". Now the Robin has laid claim to it!

The dogs are under constant attack the moment they walk onto the deck and one of them is literally traumatized and refuses to go onto the deck or into the yard.

We have to take them out the front door, leashed and walked.

We've taken the terrified dog into the back yard to do his business, but he's too afraid and only shakes and runs back to the door.

These dogs are 70 plus pounds. Not little dogs!

We have kept a respectful distance from the nest since day one. Dogs don’t know its there.

We seem to have a very protective mom!

The dad is also around, but we don't see him as much and our presence doesn't seem to bother him.

We'd appreciate any advice! The babies will fly off at some point (hopefully sooner than later!), but until then, our one dog is soon going to need a doggy shrink and/or anxiety meds!

Not to mention, we'd like to be able to use our deck again.

We grill nightly in the summer, but have to take our meals inside instead of enjoying said meals outside on our once serene deck!

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