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Are you seaching for the perfect Bluebird gift idea? Well, look no more. We've gathered some of the most popular products offered for all bird lovers.

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bluebird suet
Aspects Vista Dome Feeder

post bird feeder
Duncraft Bluebird Post Feeder
bluebird feeder
Eco-Friendly Mealworm Feeder

bluebird house
Duncraft Eastern Bluebird house

what bluebirds do Book
What Bluebirds Do
bluebird feeder
Eco-Friendly Mealworm Feeder
Stokes Bluebird DVD
Stokes Bluebird Basics DVD
stokes bluebird book
Stokes Bluebird Book
bluebird trails book
Bluebird Trails
building birdhouses book
Building Birdhouses
bluebird birdhouse kit
Bluebird Birdhouse Kit
bluebird feeders all
Bluebird Feeders
bluebird suet
Aspects Vista Dome Feeder

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It's important to do all we can for these birds. Bluebirds used to be as common as Robins but not so anymore. Almost disappearing due to habitat loss and equally the competiton from House Sparrows and European Starlings.

These two species continue to compete with bluebirds for nesting sites. House Sparrows and Starlings are far more aggressive than our native bluebirds. Our native species haven't had time to evolve defenses against these two species.

In Europe for example (where these two originate) oodpeckers have evolved to nest later in the season after the Starlings have begun nesting. This allows the Woodpeckers a chance to create a nest site and raise their young.

In this country, Woodpeckers are watched by Starlings and just as the woodpecker completes its new home in a tree the Starlings will attack often killing the woodpecker to get the cavity.

Your purchase of any of these Bluebird gift ideas lets us know you want to help keep these birds around. We thank you for your purchase and we also thank you for caring about our birds.