Western Red Cedar Purple Martin House

by Robert Mohler
(Ft Worth, Texas)

Western Red Cedar Martin House

Western Red Cedar Martin House

Western Red Cedar Martin House Martin House Under Construction Our organizational logo Baby Purple Martins

We already have two metal martin houses and ten gourds in our Purple Martin colony but fledging 123 young last year we thought why not add a new house. Rather than buy another metal house, I decided to purchase the plans and build one myself.

This was a very nice project for me and it took me about two weeks to finish it. I have had a lot of nice comments on the construction.

So far this year, we have 14 martins and they have returned to the same metal house that they were in last year. However, this morning with much joy, I saw a male martin checking out one of the compartments in the new wood house.

With SY's still on their way yet from South America, were hoping to fill the new house with mating pairs.

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