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Mom Robin On The Attack

by Susan
(Anc Ont)

A Robin had built a nest on my bathroom window ledge.

I had watched for two season's these lovely little Robins grow and fly away. I was privileged enough to see the moment they actually flew off into the tall trees in our yard where the mother was not far behind.

Last year the nest on the window ledge was again holding two tiny bird's. The window ledge was under my clothes line, when I thought it was safe I tried to hang some clothes on the linel.

I must have scared the baby Robin, out of nowhere the mother diving towards me screeching a sound that was both upsetting and terrifying.

I knew right then I was in trouble, she was obviously distraught that I had scared the baby, maybe out of the nest when it wasn't ready to fly.

I was beside myself feeling terrible, I cried. I didn't mean to, I had watched these little guy's for week's and was loving them.

Anyway, the mother and the baby were in a nearby tree for a long time.

I think she forgave me, because this year they are back again. Two new babies, only not on the window ledge this time, but in a nearby shrub.

I still check on them occasionally, but now I keep my distance.

Love those bird's, hope they always stay close.

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Jul 15, 2016
Robin Attack
by: Gene

The Robins will not harm you, it's mostly an annoyance. At the most, They'll brush you. Some guard a larger territory than just the nest site.

Jul 15, 2016
Vicious robins
by: Anonymous

We have a robin's nest under our deck & the mama or daddy bird is so vicious we can't even go in our backyard. It has attacked my husband, dog & swooped down on me screeching. We are no where near its nest. This is getting crazy I'm afraid to go in my own backyard!

May 20, 2013
Mother Red Breast Tried to Attack
by: Anonymous

I have a nest in my backyard in a bush by my trash. Every time I go to put trash out, two birds start flying around my head.

I am afraid to even go into the yard.

I hope they leave soon. After they leave the bush will come down. Terrified of Robin Red Breast.

May 01, 2012
My heartbreaking story
by: C. Beach

The happy tales I read here failed to play out for me and the young Robin mother that built her nest in our front yard bush... only four feet above the ground. I hope my photos will help to open the season on crows to a full twelve months!

Jun 03, 2011
Was chased down and yelled at
by: Anonymous

I just had this happen today. I scared the last two baby Robins from the nest. I didn't mean too.

The mom came and immediately began showing screeching and went away w/ 1 baby; but I realized a few minutes later 1 was by the gutter on the side of the garage, it flew to a nearby tree and I watched it for about an hour.

The male Robin came back to the nest to find it empty w/mouth full of worms. I went to see if the one in the tree was still there or hurtl.

I got too close and it flew away again and both the male and female parents chased me down!!! Screeching and darting at me!!! As I deserved...

I feel terrible I disrupted their balance.... I know this was the youngest of the hatchlings just because it was the smallest and the mom did lay her last egg a couple days after the others.

I hope my disruption doesn't ruin the last baby's chance of surviving.....It did have all of it's feathers already and could fly, colors already in : ( and the two other siblings fledged the nest yesterday.

I can't believe what amazing parents Robins are. It's weird seeing the empty nest I think I'll remove it as it is right next to our main entrance and grill, which we haven't been able to use for a month now.

Jun 08, 2010
Robin attacks?
by: Anonymous

I have always loved robins... until now. A new pair decided to nest on a ledge near my backdoor. I thought how great it will be to watch them grow! NOT. One of the parents is EXTREMELY aggressive!

My patio is a good 15 feet away from the nest, but one of the adults keeps dive bombing my head. It swoops down from any nearby tree and has gotten very close, close enough to feel the wind from it's wings.

It will do this repeatedly, even at my dog. I have to wear a large brimmed hat in the yard. I've never seen such an aggressive bird, but most unexpected from a robin.

I will do what I can to avoid them, but next year... they will not be welcomed back.

May 07, 2010
Mom Robin on the Attack
by: Cindy

I felt your compassion with these birds. What a beautiful yet misunderstood incident. Poor YOU!

That's how I feel about the Roadrunners that have staked my home out for their territory. They are the friendliest birds, and I have been watching mom and dad who have actually nested here for the first time.

I have been here 14 years and never have I seen a nest of theirs before. I want to take pictures of the babies so badly. They should be hatching right now, but I will NOT disturb them on the nest at all.

I'll have to wait till they are getting food for them. Not all birds are aggressive and will attack an intruder.

Mockingbirds will and so will Blue Jays and a few others. Guess now we know that Robins are agressive too!

I'm glad they've come back and are nesting again. And glad the baby made it to safety with the mother!

Thanks for your story.

May 07, 2010
Sweet Story
by: Marianne

What a great story. I am so glad they came back to be with you. I'm sure she just wanted to let you know the rules. How sweet is that. Good Luck to all of you.

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