Window Ledge Robins

by Mary Lamar Cancino
(McKinney, TX USA)

View of Robin Through Window

View of Robin Through Window

Robins Nesting on Our Window Ledge

This Spring brought us a beautiful miracle of life on our small bathroom window ledge.

Mrs. Robin began building her nest little by little as we watched whenever we could sneak a peek.

When she got to using mud, it became difficult to see her as the window got smudged up.

Day by day we would use a mirror to watch her as she sat there waiting to lay her eggs.

Finally we saw something that looked like 3 tiny blue eggs, but we couldn't be sure.

I noticed 3 little pink bundles in the nest.

We had a few cool nights and Mrs. Robin would fluff up her feathers and sit on her little ones.

She would make her daily food trips on and off daily to feed her brood. We saw them stretch their tiny necks to receive their meal.

One of them did not seem to get any of the insects Momma brought, so we were sad to think that maybe one baby was not getting his proper nutrition.

They were pink and not too cute looking at first, but they were growing so fast.

So finally, and what seemed like overnight, they were bigger and finally got feathers.

By then, we finally figured out that one baby did not make it, because all we could see were two heads bobbing up and down to get their meals.

This made us very sad, because we were growing attached to those little guys.

Well, it won't be long before the two baby robins will leave their home and Mr. Robin will keep watch over them as the Mrs. goes off to build another nest.

God speed, we'll say to our little adored Robin family. We shall miss our daily entertainment in our retirement.

They brought us so much joy.

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