Robin Attack!

by By: Grace Miller

It was one sunny summer day. My dad, brothers, and I were getting to go fishing.

My dad was getting the fishing poles ready while Dan, Rob,(my brothers), and I were going to get worms to use for bait.

We went into the garden behind our house to look for them.

Worms were always the best bait to use when you go fishing. The fake bait never works.

We were looking for the worms early in the morning because that was the best time to look for them.

Video Robin Dive Bombing at Camera

Rob and Dan had already got a lot of worms to use for their fishing poles but I just couldn't find any.

Maybe it was because we were all looking at different parts of the garden.

But then I realized something. There were 5 robins looking for worms about 2 yards away from me.

Then I knew why I wasn't finding any worms.

I had about ten worms in my can. Not enough if you fish like me. I am always losing my worm!

I wanted to get more worms so I decided to go shoo the robins away so I could get more.

I got up and went over. I waved my hands at them and said "Shoo, shoo! Get away!".

I thought it worked because the robins flew away but then I realized that two were coming back. I was confused.

They flew down and landed on the edge of the can. I was scared then.

All of a sudden they started sticking their beaks in and pulling out worms.

I was so surprised and confused that I didn't do anything for a moment.

Then I realized they were still there and started running around until they flew away.

And guess what? They took all of my worms except two! I walked back to my digging place.

Rob and Dan were laughing at me. I bet I did look funny running around like a mad woman.

"Back to digging," I said as Rob and Dan got up to get their poles.

Next time I think I will pass when they ask me to go fishing.

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Robin attacks Blue Jay
by: Anonymous

I put birdseed on a stump today. There was a robin near the stump digging for worms.

Then a blue jay landed on the stump. The robin attacked him.

The blue jay retreated and waited in a nearby tree. After a couple of minutes, he went back to the stump and got attacked again!

I always thought that blue jays were the aggressive ones!

Squirrel Attack???
by: Anonymous

For several days I kept seeing healthy branches and pieces of nests on my deck.

A few days later, I saw a squirrel antagonizing two robins who reacted with splayed tail feathers and lots of noise.

I forgot about it, and then two days later my deck looked like a hurricane had hit...lots of branches and pieces of nests everywhere on the lower deck.

On the upper deck, I found three robin babies dead. Do gray squirrels kill birds? Is this a territorial issue?

Tonight I see more broken branches from a perfectly healthy tree.

The work of this crazy squirrel? Any insight?


Robin Attack as well
by: Anonymous

Two years ago, a robin nested in my tulip tree. I was the target of her aggression.

Every time I (no one else was ever attacked) went onto my deck, she dive bombed me.

Friends and family would come out, and she did NOTHING. When I walked out, she would attack me immediately.

I got so frustrated that I would spray her with water because she wouldn't even let me water my potted plants!

Have you had any similar experiences?

by: Linda in Ankeny, Ia

Today I went out to mow my grass and the Robin that made a nest in my hanging plant on my porch started swooping down back and forth.

Getting faster and faster with each swoop and getting closer and closer to my head...I stopped and ran in the house.

Decided I had to finish mowing so I put on a hat (after I lined it with cardboard inside) and bravely went back out.

As soon as I restarted the mower she came back _WITH HER FRIENDS!

Now there were three Robins ready to attack me so I ran back into the house.

Here I am looking at my front yard that's half mowed, not knowing what to do now?


They'll get upset and fly close but just continue mowing. They'll settle down when you're done.

by: Anonymous

A robin has her nest above my front door and I can't even use the door because she keeps trying to attack me!

I even feed her and she still has this attitude against only me! There are three little babies in the nest...its scary!

Crabby Robins
by: Anonymous

Has a Robin ever hurt a human?

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