My Robin Eggs Hatched!

by Barbara Rodgers
(Greenville, MS)

This is the second installment about the nest that was built in my rose moss hanging basket this spring.

I discovered the nest while watering my plants and I watched every day to see them hatch.

The red-breasted robin mother faithfully sat on her three eggs every day for at least 11 days after I found them.

How Long Does it Take for Robin Eggs to Hatch?

Looking online, I discovered it takes 12 to 14 days for Robin eggs to hatch.

robin eggs in nest built in hanging plant

Robin Eggs Ready to Hatch

I guess they had been there 1 to 3 days before I found them.

Sometimes she would get off to go forage for bugs, worms, or seeds in my lawn. But she was back on the nest within 5 minutes.

I was so excited when I discovered they had hatched. She barely would let me close enough to get a picture.

I watched until I caught her off the nest foraging and grabbed my camera.

Oh, they were the tiniest, naked little cute, ugly things I have ever seen!

I did observe that one egg didn't hatch and the mother moved it out of the nest.

She was very protective of her babies at this stage. There seemed to be several adults helping her watch.

Baby robins- Named them Virginia and Carrollton

She perched on the edge of the nest to watch and keep them warm.

As they started growing hairy feathers she would leave for longer lengths of time but never far away.

I tried to make a video of the baby birds for my grandchildren.

Unfortunately, the mother and two more Robins came from the bushes and started flying at my head so I turned and ran quickly back into the house!

Another day I was working in the yard nearby but giving the nest plenty of space when I saw a snake heading toward them.

I grabbed a shovel and chopped his head off before he could get further.

I hope the birds appreciated my help in protecting them.

They have learned to fly and have vacated the nest.

I missed seeing them fly away but discovered they were gone when I came home one afternoon.

My patio and flower basket seem like a lonely place to me now.

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I'm lonely too!
by: Ellen

I saw your story. I know how you feel. I was hoping my Robins would return this year, but that didn't happen.

Before they left last year and the nest was empty, The Robins ( and I'm pretty sure it was the same two parents) perched on the roof next door and saw me in the window and it was as if they were saying goodbye.

The nest fell off the drain pipe and I do miss the robins.

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our babies in Muscatine!
by: Anonymous

We had a Robin build a nest up on the bracket of our portable basketball hoop, she had two broods last year of two eggs each!

They both did great, then they flew away! This year she built a new nest and had four babies, they all did great and again flew away!

Now we have a momma sitting on the nest again so we are on egg watch!! Also, we moved the basketball hoop over right under our picture window so we can watch it more easier, also our cat is very entertained by them!!!

by: The man

When do they hatch?

hatch time
by: Gene

Usually about 2 weeks after the last egg is laid.

Amazing things happen right on my front door!
by: Anonymous

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a bird sitting on top of the twig wreath hanging on my front door.

I noticed that the wreath had become a little fuller on the very top – she had built her nest there.

Well, I couldn’t see inside, a much taller friend was able to peek in - we had 4 tiny blue eggs.

She started incubating the eggs and in the last two days, we’ve noticed mom and dad bringing tiny worms to the nest to feed their new babies.

It’s amazing that they have become used to me moving inside the house – I have been able to take close-up pictures.

Even though I still can’t see inside the nest I can take pictures of mom and dad sitting on either side of the nest, they don’t fly away.

Real up-close nature is still the best!

by: Anonymous

Hi. I watched a Robin build her nest from nothing. It was so interesting. She's fairly high up and I can only see her.

I'd love to see her beautiful blue eggs. I want to watch the babies peeking out. Oh well......
Maybe I'll get a drone lol!

by: Anonymous

I found 3 Robin Eggs on the ground and the nest what do we do?

Finding Robin Eggs
by: Gene

Please see:

Finding Bird Eggs

by: Lula

Gosh, I feel like I wrote this! I'm waiting for Robins to hatch! I watch her incubating every day for weeks! I feel So lucky.

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