Robin Nesting in Rose Moss

by Barbara Rodgers
(Greenville, MS)

Robin Nest in Patio Plant

I brought my patio plants inside for winter as I normally do.

This spring I hung them back on the patio and a few weeks later made my watering rounds.

Since the rose moss hangs above my head I can't see inside the basket but I noticed an unusual pattern to the growth of the vines.

Usually, they grow in a downward pattern but this time I noticed the growth in a circle.

When I took the basket down to examine it I saw a beautifully constructed bird nest.

I suspected it was a red robin because it contained 3 beautiful blue eggs.
robin eggs in nest built in a hanging plant

Robin Eggs in Hanging Plant

I had already sprayed them with water and was so afraid the eggs were damaged. I watched to see if the bird would return.

I didn't know that cats are on their list of predators.

My neighbor's cat comes over often even though I don't encourage it. I never feed the cat!

I saw the bird coming closer at ground level but when she saw the cat she flew away.

I chased the cat away and hid inside to see what would happen next.

First, a gray bird with an orangish red breast flew to the top of the patio and rested to watch and see what was happening with the nest.

Then she flew to a nearby hanging plant to wait and watch.

When it looked safe she flew into the nest with 3 eggs in it.

I check every 30 minutes or so and she has now been on the nest nonstop for 3 hours.

I can't imagine it taking that long for her to lay another egg! So she must be trying to hatch them out.

I have posted her saga on my Facebook timeline and she has 16 followers!

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