Wrens make home in baby stroller!

by Moonbeam
(Titusville, Fl)

Help us with our new babies to be!

Help us with our new babies to be!

It all started one late winter day in Florida. We winter here and stay at a campgrounds in central Florida.

We were having our morning tea in our outside living area. The next thing we know we had visitors! The male and female Wren came knocking.

Or rather singing as loudly as could be. Hello, hello we love your little space here, can we make this our home too? Well these little creatures decided to make their home here as well.

The only problem is they decided to make their home in my dog's stroller! I tried to move the starting of the nest to try and encourage them to build somewhere else but nope, not them, they were determined.

What better place to have our home and bring into the world our new family but into a baby stroller!

So here we are watching them so determined all throughout the day to build this little home. We sat out there having our tea in the morning and they come right in next to us and sing away and add another twig or two to the nest. The same rang true for lunch and dinner!

We knew that we were now going to be expecting parents of a new Wren family! This was going to be a problem tho, because just as of today, (March 26th, 2016) I saw eggs in the nest! Why is this a problem you ask?

Well you see our time here is about over and will need to head back north in 2 weeks! My oh my what are we to do!?!?!?!?

We will need to relocate this little home, but not sure how. Anyone out there with info on how too do so, please, please let us know. We don't want too disrupt this happy home, but as you can see we are in a bit of a predicament here.

Please feel free to contact me at: moonbeam333@earthlink. net (delete space before net - removed to prevent spam)

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Moving Nest
by: Gene

Hopefully the eggs will have hatched by the time you leave. This will keep a stronger bond to the nest site.

The important thing is to keep it as close to where it is currently located and provide some protection. You'll need to think about predation,snakes, cats, etc.

Folks will tell you that it against the law, and it is technically. The law is more about preventing trading in birds, feathers, nest and eggs in order to profit. All to protect native species.

I would try to keep the nest at the same height, as close to where it is and try to provide cover.

By the time you leave, the hatchlings will have no feathers.

I had one website visitor who had a wren nest inside the house. Her story is on this website.

Wren Nesting Indoors

She might suggest you move the stroller a little each day toward a shrub. Then place it in the shrub and monitor how it goes. - Good luck


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