Wren Nest is Late Bloomers

by Nalinne Jones
(South Lyon, Michigan, United States)

Late summer we noticed a little bird flitting around our deck and into our fluorescent pink hanging basket of New Guinea Impatiens, with pieces of straw and such in his beak. We were surprised to find out the little guy was building a nest!

We did some research and found out he was a little wren. Within a couple of days, a full nest was built.

It was an enclosed nest with a hole, so we couldn't see inside of it. Soon, he was busy flying in and out of the nest with wriggling worms in his beak.

One day, when he had returned with a worm, we noticed a hummingbird dive bombing him! He bounced and flapped his wings quickly to shoo the hummer away.

For a couple of weeks he would just go in and out of the nest with worms until finally one blustery day, I saw what looked like a leaf gently hit our sliding glass door and land on the deck. Our cat quickly ran over and began chattering at the leaf.

I noticed the wrens flying around and sounding off in the direction of my cat, so I had to take a closer look.

As I got nearer to what the kitty was so focused on, I realized what I had thought was a leaf, was really a baby wren!

After a few moments, the baby flew to the banister where I was able to take some glorious photos of it with it's fluffy "hair" blowing in the wind, reminiscent of Einstein.

After some resting time, it finally flew into the trees, and landed next to a second baby wren!

The rest of the day they were flying from the trees to the deck and attempting to return to their nest, a couple of times, running into our sliding glass door.

Since it is late September, and their second brooding time should end in July, we are worried that they will not have time to travel south for winter, we are now on our way to get a couple of wren houses to give them a warm option if they have to stay here in Michigan.

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