Wren Babies In Vase

by Louise Vitelli
(Hopewell Junction, NY)

vase that carolina wrens are nesting inside

vase that carolina wrens are nesting inside

On my deck, there is a huge tubular Vase, and on top is a planter with dried flowers.

My pup went bonkers yesterday, sniffing and barking at the planter.

I searched the planter, but nothing there.

But, when I lifted the planter, deep deep inside the vase was a Carolina Wren nest and 6 baby wrens chirping away. I was in awe.

Never would I have known this nest was there if my pup hadn't discovered it.

What was this mommy and daddy bird thinking?

They are well-protected and even let me stand nearby as they deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their young.

baby wrens inside vase

Nest and Baby Wrens

The only concern I have is how on earth are these babies going to fly out of the deep vase.

Nature is glorious and some animals take care of their young better than humans.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Louise Vitelli
Hopewell Junction N.Y.

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Maybe Not
by: Gene

Hey Lisa,

Potatoes won't be ready for quite a while. The potatoes have to die back before harvesting and if they are just blooming you've got a while.

Wrens eggs incubate for a couple of weeks and the young leave in another couple of weeks.

Your potatoes may not even be ready.

Nesting in potato tops
by: Lisa

I have 6 grow bags full of potatoes and the potato plant tops have grown up above the top of the grow bags.

The plants have started blooming and I just noticed a Carolina Wren making trips in and out with pieces of straw etc.

I'm going to have to encourage them to build somewhere else.

by: Teri

I have a big fluffy Carolina Wren on my porch.

Front porch babies
by: Anonymous

I bought a wreath one day for my front door I was so happy it said hello sunshine on the front.

Well, I hung it. A day or two later I opened my front door to leave and a bird flew out right in front of me I looked in my wreath a bird had her babies there.

I left them even though every single time I opened my door the bird would fly out lol.

So the bird got in my house a couple times the last time we liked to never got her out but we were easy enough but finally she flew out with help.

And I decided to move the nest over just a few inches off my door a day went by no mama ..so I moved it back I was worried.

I still haven't seen her. Will she come back? I'm sure they are still nestlings?

Wren in a wheel barrel
by: Anonymous

I have a wheel barrel that I failed to unload in my yard. Sat for a couple of weeks.

During times that I would move it, a bird would fly out.

This was in early August. I never thought a bird would be nesting in late summer.

I always wanted to dump the pile in the barrel but hesitated due to the concern there was maybe a nest.

Finally, my wife threatened to dump it. I felt I'd better make sure there was no nest.

I then lifted some layers of dead shrubbery hoping no nest but at the last minute, I noticed a clump of dead grass. And, inside small chicks.

Later after observing the activity, I realized they were Carolina Wrens.

Because there are gaps in the web of dead sticks, I'm worried that the chicks might fall into the barrels well when trying to leave the nest.

Also worried about water building in the barrel from thunderstorms, and predators. So far, so good.

I'm adding sticks to the web to help fill any large gaps but am still worried.

Nest in garage
by: Anonymous

Wrens have built a nest inside our garage. It’s in an old constitution hat that is hanging on a hook.

The open side of the hat is facing the wall but there is a big enough gap for them to get in.

When we are home on weekends and evenings the garage is open but closed when we go anywhere and at night. What do we do?

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I can sacrifice a fern for that sweet little family. I appreciate your feedback.

baby birds in fern
by: Gene

Do nothing, the adults will continue to feed their young.

If you need to water, do so at the edges of the planter so the nest and young do not get wet.
enjoy the process.

Should I feed them
by: Anonymous

There is a wren who has taken over one of my front porch Boston ferns.

Had no idea she had babies until I got a step ladder and looked over into the fern.

The babies were there wiggling around.

I had mistakenly watered the fern and the mother had flown out.

So now I have been in a panic all day thinking I drowned the little babies, but they are still there wiggling and I have watched the mother come and go all day through my window.

Should I feed her? What would she eat?

I feel so guilty about watering the fern and then discovering a little family living there.

looking in wrens nest
by: Anonymous

I noticed a wren building a nest on my front porch wreath it was always covered, but today it wasn't covered and the wren flew out at me, will she come back?

Bird nest deep in tall empty dog food container
by: Anonymous

For the past 2 days, there has been a frantically chirping wren on my covered deck.

I looked around and couldn't find the reason for its panic. This morning early, she was at it again.

So with a flashlight, I searched again to find a nest with fledglings deep in an empty dog food canister.

Evidently, it was time for them to leave the nest, and poor mom and dad didn't know how to get them out.

I gently leaned the container over and left it at an angle to make it possible for them to climb or be nudged out, and the adult birds immediately went in and quieted down.

I will check on them again in a few hours, but I think the problem is solved.

Will Baby Wrens Make it Out
by: Gene

When the adults begin to withhold food in order to encourage them to leave the nest, they'll get out.

You can always lay the container on its side at the appropriate time. Not a day too soon though or you'll cause early fledging.

Baby birds are never really anxious to leave the nest so don't be too quick to act.

Are the Wrens in too deep?
by: Nancy

We've got a Carolina Wrens nest in a deep, yellow LEGO bucket in the garage. I'm concerned that the baby birds will not be able to hop out of there.

How deep is too deep (15 inches vertical) for a baby wren? Will they be trapped there?

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