What the Cat Brought Home Baby Bird

About two weeks ago, our cat brought a baby bird into the house. I managed to get the bird away from her thinking that it was probably hurt since she had carried him in in her mouth.

I looked the bird over and found no injuries. He just seemed to be hungry.

Because all of the trees in our yard are very tall, I knew there was no hope of me being able to put him back into a nest.

Also, I didn't really know where the cat actually found him. So, I got a box and put some newspapers in it and put the bird in the box.

The baby bird was not completely covered in feathers, so I put him in the laundry room where it is warmer and started feeding him little pieces of bread dipped in water.

He was no problem to feed. I figured he wouldn't make it through the night, but I hated to see the cats in our neighborhood get hold of him.

I fed him every few minutes that day up until the time I went to bed around 12 pm.

I figured the next morning that he'd be dead. Wrong!! The next morning the bird was alive and well.

So, I spent the next day feeding the baby every few minutes until I went to bed that night around 12 pm. I just knew that the birds luck would run out that night.

I got up the next morning expecting to go into the laundry room to find a dead bird. Wrong!! The bird was alive and doing well.

Over a week has passed and now Tex--the name my 24 year old daughter gave him--has blossomed into a fully grown brownish colored bird. His mouth no longer is the biggest part of his face.

He has a very good appetite, even though by now you'd think he would be getting a little tired of bread and water--he hasn't taken to the seed laced suet we bought him at PetSmart.

He is no longer residing in a laundry basket with another one turned upside on top, but is now in a large borrowed bird cage.

I've tried several times to get Tex to turn loose of my finger and fly away with the other birds that frequent our yard, but he doesn't seem to want to go.

He loves his bread and water and refuses to eat the suet. I don't know what to do with Tex at this point. My husband isn't an animal lover and keeps telling me to take him outside and let him go.

I would if he would go safely and not become cat food.

If there is anyone out there who can tell me how to get my baby bird to leave the nest, I would certainly appreciate it. I want him to go, but go safely, that way mama bird (me) will feel like I have done a good job.

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Aug 03, 2009
i have a baby wren?
by: Anna Jameson

Hi, I have a baby Wren and I have no clue what i need to feed him. I am feeding him chopped up worms(eeeeeew, not the best job,but it is so worth it!)and the occasional bread in water.

He is brownish on top with a white belly that has black''spots'' on it, I was told he was something like a terry wren or something, I can't remember.

I feed him when-ever he opens his mouth and chirps, sometimes he will sit there and sort of ''pant'' he opens his beak, takes water, but not food.

What is the normal color of skin for a wren?
thanks! And if anyone has any info please e-mail me PRONTO at:

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thank-you so much!!!

Jul 07, 2009
How to give Tex his freedom
by: Bonnie

You probably need to find out what kind of bird Tex is, and begin feeding him his natural diet. Have you asked your vet?

You don't say what state you're in, but you could put up a "winter roost" house for Tex to stay in when it's cold, if you can't get him to accept his freedom.

In junior high, my sister and I raised a baby sparrow, which gradually took to the wild in our neighborhood. We kept it inside in a small cage, feeding it grasshoppers and moistened bread, until it had enough feathers to fly.

Then we began to take it outdoors and we'd go to a tree in our yard, put it on a branch, and then turn and run!

At first "Susie" would fly after us, cheeping frantically, but we kept trying. We'd catch grasshoppers and bring them to her after maiming them so they couldn't escape.

As time went by, Susie began to spend more time outdoors, and neighborhood children would tell us that they saw "our bird" in their back yard, catching bugs.

She eventually took her place in nature and didn't return. Best of luck to you and Tex.

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