The Fallen Baby Bird

by Maria Jones
(Houston, TX, USA)

Baby birds fell into a flower pot from their nest and this is what I did.

Yesterday, I was just walking around my yard when I saw two of the most adorable birds lying in one of my flower pot.

I looked up and decided that the nest was in the air vent.

We were not able to stick them back in because it is just so high up.

Instead, we kept them in a little box with an open end for them to breathe. We also stuck some paper and napkins inside.

There were always wild cats nearby so we covered the top with a thin sheet of napkin shielding it from the cold of the night.

Well, the very next day, we came home to find a bird died.

We fed the other one, allowing it to open its little mouth and grab a seed.

Then, we washed it down with some water in a tube. That worked quite well.

A few moments later, I peeked and there was a mother bird with food in its beak perching on top of the box!

But it flew away once it saw me... yes, huge, terrible, mean, dangerous me... in a bird's view of us-human beings.

I guess the mother (or father) hadn't abandoned them.

Our fear was that these were too weak nestlings that would soon be dead, and they kicked them out.

But I guess it was just plain curiosity. If I were to pick which bird, I would go with the more brave one taking the food.

That is a lesson here, if you are going to let curiosity overtake you, then you must have plenty of courage and bravery also, and don't be afraid to be a risk taker.

(Oh yes, and I am not being illegal by taking in this fella here! I am only placing it in the man-made nest of hope.

I am not keeping it because it is temporary and the bird will be gone once it can fly.)

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May 17, 2010
Baby Robin
by: Anonymous

Late yesterday afternoon, My dog and I came upon a fledgling robin sitting in the grass.

As night was descending and cats, raccoons, and foxes inhabit the area, I gathered it up in a towel and put it in a "birdcage" (decorative) on my second-floor balcony.

It promptly got out.

It fluttered its wings, but must only be in the initial stages of learning to fly.

It just stood behind one of my clay flowerpots, until I got a flashlight and put it in a cardboard box with holes and a towel, as well as some hot water in ziploc bags to keep it warm.

By morning, my dog and I took another walk and discovered yet another Robin fledgling sitting out in the open, soaking wet.

When I attempted to get this bird in a towel, I was almost pleased to be swooped upon by one of its parents.

I was relieved that the parents were on the scene, so I brought the first fledgling back to the scene and opened the box it had stayed in overnight safe from the rain.

I did see a nest that was intact but empty in a nearby tree but monitored the parents' activity as well as the fledglings' whereabouts throughout the day.

One fledgling disappeared from sight, but the other was being continually fed worms by its mother.

Its location kept changing, and now as nightfall approaches, I fear that the cold and rain, not to mention predators may cause its demise.

Should I attempt to keep it high and dry in a cardboard box on my second-floor balcony or leave it to the care of the parent birds?

May 31, 2009
by: Mounira Al Halabi

Your story is so nice. You are a caring wise girl. I wish you and your bird happy times together.

You know, I also have a story. I wrote it today: May 31/09. It is called: My Doudi.

I wish you see it and comment too.

May 05, 2009
WOoooo HOOoooo
by: Maria Jones

Thanks for all who commented, well my sparrow is trying to fly! She/ he is rapidly beating its wings!

Well Jeanne, I think its mother taught it or something cause I saw a bird feeding it the other day...I'll look into how to "teach" a bird to fly.

What do you think is a nice name for my little sparrow?

Every time I check on it, it opens its huge mouth and tells me," I am hungry! FEED ME!"

M. Jones

May 05, 2009
Fallen Baby Bird 5/5/09
by: J. Goodwin

Thank you all for your help. I looked up on this site about Fledging/Nestling.

It said if, when you put the bird on your finger and it grips your finger, then it's a fledging.

If on the other hand, it doesn't grip your finger, it's a nestling.

So this morning I put her on my finger and she held on tight, so that tells me she will soon be ready to fly.

I haven't figured out just how I'm going to teach her. We have certainly bonded.

She follows me with her little head when I walk away from her basket (clothes basket) but she stays in the corner.

I have put a soft towel on the bottom and soft paper towels on top of that so her feet don't get tangled up.

After her bath under the faucet this morning, she ate and went fast asleep.

I think she is eating less often, but when she is full, she just keeps that little mouth closed and just looks around, and eventually falls asleep.

She loves to lay on my chest and sleep and I personally think it's good for her, makes her feel "close" I think all animals need to feel the love of a Mother.

Thanks again, I'll keep you all up to date.

May 05, 2009
Fallen Baby Bird
by: J. Goodwin

Hi Maria

Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I plan to keep it until it can fly.

I guess I thought that flying was a natural instinct, but according to you, it's not.

Well, I guess I'll just have to start giving lessons in about another week.

This is day 4 and she's doing great.

How can such a little thing eat so much??? I would appreciate it if you could tell me how long after they are born they try to fly.

I can't find that information anyplace. If you have some ideas please let me know. Thanks, Jeanne

May 04, 2009
Reply to Fallen bird: Goodwin
by: Maria Jones

Dear friend,
you must first determine if it is a fledgling or a nestling. make sure its wings are not damaged.

I suppose from the way you tell it, it's a nestling.

I wish you good luck in keeping it alive and yes, mine also eats like a bear.

As if the last meal it had eaten was 100 years ago. What you did was probably right.

About when it can fly, well I am not so sure it was born to know when to fly.

I think the parents have to teach it to.

The other day, I saw a sparrow mother literally talking to it and taking care of it.

I think that you shouldn't keep it and they might take it away.

But if you are keeping it until it (possibly) could fly, you better take it to a bird center and give it shots.

I hope this has helped!

M Jones

May 04, 2009
Fallen Baby Bird
by: J. Goodwin

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my plight. This is now day 3 and she's still alive and eating very, very well.

I found out Saturday night when I thought I would be up feeding every 15-20 min. that when the sun went down, so did she.

She slept all night, not a peep out of her.

Yesterday, Sunday, it was back on schedule every 15-20 min then slept all night last night.

Today as I said is the 3rd day and she's eating like a bear.

She slept on my chest a little while ago and I stroked her little head--she loves that.

Today I'm going to find a wildlife organization so I can take her and have her checked out to be sure her legs are not broken, although I don't think they are.

But, her little feet turn IN and I don't know if that's normal or not.

Does anyone know how long it takes for them to fly away? I need to be ready for that.

May 03, 2009
Fallen Baby Bird
by: J. Goodwin

I found this tiny helpless baby bird on the ground yesterday.

A crow had been eating the rest of the family so I had to bring the baby to my condo.

Right or wrong, I lined a basket with a pillowcase, so her little feet would not get tangled up.

I am feeding her mashed-up cooked noodles, oatmeal, (cooked), and water.

And yes, during the day it was every 15/20 min. but last night, she slept all night.

She was still alive this A.M. so I continued with the same formula.

I'm just wondering how long before I can try to let her fly. Maybe I can find a site that will tell me.

She has full feathers, although her back, when her wings spread a little, is naked.

This has been an experience. Right now she is in a basket on my Lanai sleeping. Wish her luck.

I hope she lives so she can fly away because it looks like I've done everything wrong. But I just could not leave her on the ground to be eaten alive.

That would not set well with me at all.

At least I'm giving her a fighting chance to live.

Apr 22, 2009
Fallen baby bird
by: Christine - London UK

I think you did the right thing because so many birds that fall are left and do die, so are you now feeding it or has the parent taken over.

If its you I guess you are up all hours.

Good luck and thank you for your kindness not enough of it in this fabulous world we take for granted.

Keep us all posted, by the way what bird was it?

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