The Crow

by Barbara
(Lawrenceville, Ga)

Our Baby Crow Story While working in the yard one day I noticed a crow sitting on our fence post weakly calling.

Since it was such a large bird I, at first, thought it was sick or injured. More crows came in the evening and called to it.

Still it remained fixed only weakly calling back.

The next morning "my crow" had moved on down the fence line and other crows sat for quite a long time and called to it.

It seemed for hours (since the calling was a little annoying) that they called back and forth to each other.

Finally, I decided "my crow" was smaller and was possibly a young one. It could flutter to low branches but could not fly.

After a time the several other crows would fly away only to come back hours later. At one point I thought I saw them bring the "baby" something.

This continued for a couple of days with the "baby" moving along the fence line sometimes inside and sometimes outside.

Finally, I heard a terrible clatter of crows cawing urgently. A fox had found the baby and had pounced on it.

I was able to shoo the fox away and retrieve the poor crow which was gasping for air.

I decided I would try to find a basket that I could put it in and hang it from a tree so it could safely recover.

However, within a few minutes the crow was dead-either scared to death or fatally injured.

For another day or two the parents and friends remained calling for their baby.

In researching crows I discovered that they are very intelligent birds who live in communities.

They live with relatives and neighbors and look out for each other-even adopting orphaned crows or helping family members.

If tragedy strikes the community the crows will move on to another area.

I had never been much of a fan of crows since they will kill song birds, but this incident led me to respect and be a little in awe of them.

True to the information I read I have not seen any crows in my yard since.

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Jun 18, 2015
by: Anonymours

My almost feral cat deposited a dead baby crow on the deck last night. At about 7:00 AM, an adult crow picked it up and flew off. This adult had a partner. Amazed.

May 22, 2015
by: Harry Dolores

I don’t think that crows are the type of bird's that the people would usually notice, I am certain that no one cares to even look at them at the place where I live, most of them consider them as pests or a dark entity.

Aug 30, 2014
Comments on the Crow
by: Anonymous

It's kind of sad how the baby crow died.

I once read this book called Carolina Crow Girl. It was about this girl named Carolina. She lived on a bus with her mother and baby sister, Trinity. The bus was like a camper.

Anyway, one day Carolina hears this noise, so she checks it out, and it's guess what? a baby crow.

She takes care of the baby crow, since no crows are bothering to care for it, and, eventually, she lets it go.

Sad, but it also has a happy kind of ending.

Jul 13, 2010
Crow Story
by: Donna

Barbara, thanks for sharing your crow story. I,too, now have more respect for a bird that I don't particularly like. I think it was the movie The Birds that made me not especially like them.

Jul 12, 2010
The Crow
by: Janice

My neighbor. My friend. You are becoming quite the author! When did this happen? We should and do care for one another as family, friends, and neighbors as these crows so nicely demonstrated!

Jul 12, 2010
Great Story!
by: Enid

Barbara I loved the story even better the second time I read it. Keep up the good work.

Jul 11, 2010
Respect for Crows
by: Marian

I just loved what you shared about the crows, and their keeping vigil over the baby crow! What a sad ending, though!

I agree with you about admiring the crows, even though they are aggressive toward other birds.
Thanks so much for your sharing.

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