Our Lightbulb Baby Birds.

by Krystal Davis
(Bostic, NC)

Our sandbucket birds nest!

Our sandbucket birds nest!

The Following are Short Stories About Baby Birds Submitted by Our Visitors, Enjoy

We have been in our home for a year now, and the same couple of birds have had a few babies.

Our kids and we really enjoy hearing them squawk and watching the Mommy and Daddy bird providing for them.

Recently our oldest son about 4 years old, had noticed upon looking out to check on them and was telling us over and over that the whole nest was scattered all over our front porch.

What should we do with baby birds? Well, there were 5 babies on our porch and a very confused and excited Mommy and Daddy bird.

Being the parents we are, my husband and I retrieved our kid's sand bucket, stuffed it full of dead grass, and hung as well as we could right next to our light!

Sure enough, Mommy and Daddy bird came back and we all could not be happier. The sand bucket had saved the day!

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Carolina Wrens Nesting in the Window Box

by Kaylor

Nest Full of Carolina Wrens

Nest Full of Carolina Wrens

A young Carolina Wren couple built on the adjoining parcel, previously identified as "the window box on the right side of our bay window".

They thoughtfully situated it so the opening almost directly faces our window.

The missus laid 4 eggs over four days, and last Monday they started hatching. I can't tell you the thrill this has given us.

We try to be thoughtful neighbors: keeping the evening lights to a minimum, no sudden movements around the window, and cautious traffic across the deck...but I confess she knows we're here.

She cranes her neck to look in the window with each food delivery.

I would have to be totally inept not to get amazing shots when all we have to do is raise the window a few inches, aim, and click.

I've attached my favorite. WOW! Doesn't it look like a bass with feathers?

I wondered if we should help supplement the food supply, not by actually feeding but by laying out an appetizing selection if mom and dad are interested.

Any thoughts on that?

I only ask because there are four babies in there. On the other hand, they all seem to be doing well.

And before anyone chastises me, beyond taking a few pictures when the parents are away we are taking great care to simply observe this wondrous cycle, and appreciate the opportunity presented to us.

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Jul 22, 2008
go ahead and feed those nesting chickadees!
by: judy

I wouldn't chastise you.....can't say you're doing anything wrong!

I put black oil sunflower seed on the driveway outside the garage (nesting on the garage door opener) and the chickadees quickly found it. So did the Cardinal family which fledged about 3 weeks ago!

I've read there is nothing wrong with continuing to feed the birds after winter.

It's a good thing to aid birds during nesting season for that very reason....4 extra mouths to feed!


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Caring For My Two Babies.

by Cathy Forsyth
(Rohnert Park, CA)

I had just put our newborn baby boy down for a nap when our seven-year-old son came running in.

He had found a tiny bird on top of our patio roof and wanted us to take a look.

Sure enough, there it was, just a couple of days old with no feathers at all.

After being unable to find out where it may have come from, we decided that we would have to try to take care of it.

Upon showing it to my neighbor, she suggested that we bring the bird down to the local bird rescue in town.

When I placed the call the woman on the phone said that she couldn't possibly take any more birds but that she would come right over and teach me how to take care of mine.

Soon, she was at my door armed with a box of baby birds that she had been caring for and a large manual for me to read.

Then she said, "You know that you must take these baby birds with you wherever you go!".

I already had my hands full trying to care for our newborn son, and taking on another "baby" wasn't what I had in mind.

"Also," she said, on Wednesday evenings, we have baby bird parenting classes that you should come to." I politely declined.

So began the most intense two weeks I had experienced in a long time.

Every 30 minutes I would feed the baby bird then turn around to feed our newborn son every two hours then change diapers and clean up after the baby bird.

The woman from bird rescue was so pleased that she asked if I could take in a whole nest of baby crows. I declined that as well.

Finally, the baby bird was old enough to be released and with a sigh of relief, we let him fly off.

The very next day I hear a tapping at my glass sliding door.

I look down and what do I see, but another baby bird that had fallen out of a tree with its beak pressed up against the glass!

I opened the door and it just hopped right in.

So began another baby bird story.

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Apr 15, 2012
What did you feede it?
by: Anonymous

We just found a baby bird with some feathers and I don't know what to feed it! What did you feed yours?

Jun 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Wow, that was hilarious! Poor you! I wonder what on earth got into that bird woman that she would ask you to take a bunch of other birds when you already had a baby to take care of, too, though.

I think that was rather thoughtless. But that second bird you found, gee that was funny!

Jun 16, 2009
Roped into it
by: Bonnie

Had to laugh at the bird rescue lady's arrival at your home with MORE baby birds!

I'm sure they are swamped in springtime with all the lost babies or nests blown down in storms, etc.

To do all that with a newborn of your own, you are a GOOD person! Hugs & applause!

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Baby Robin Nest Jumper

by Laura
(Greenwood, Ca)

Nestling Robin

Nestling Robin

We don't know whether this bird jumped or was pushed from the nest.

But by her eager demeanor, it is safe to say, she probably jumped!

I think it's a Robin redbreast, but I could be totally wrong.

We put her in a makeshift nest and have her outside in hopes her folks will come back and feed her.

I have been giving her some moths to eat.

She gobbles them up greedily and begs for more. She had 5 of them for breakfast!

And these are the big mori bombyx silkworm moths!

She needs to grow fast and get her wings so she can join nature.

We are keeping a close eye on her safety and welfare.

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Mother & 2 Babies in nest

by Gail
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Dove and 2 babies

Dove and 2 babies

We have found a Mourning Dove nesting in our tree.

We soon discovered she had two babies. They seem to be doing fine. We have enjoyed seeing them and Mom.

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Year, After Year

by Jessica Butler

Year after year I always end up with baby birds on my porch or fallen out of the trees in my yard.

I have always successfully been able to raise the baby birds and set them free when the time is right. Luck may have to do with it, but time and patients overrule.

My local vet instructed me that you can feed them a mixture of scrambled eggs and wet cat/dog food. It seems to work.

Upon reading this article, I'm surprised to find out you must feed every 10 - 20 min. I feed every 2 hrs.

At the present time, I have rescued a morning dove with no feet and surrendered him to a bird sanctuary.

Now I have two baby Robins I saved from some attacking blackbirds. Their names are Ike and Spike.

I tried putting them back in their nest on the ground but Ike was determined to cross the road wobbling and hopping.

I'm now on day two and all is going well.

I really like this site for the information it gives, and now I must go feed them.

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Carolina Wren Nest in Flower Pot

by Donny
(Gainsville,TX. USA)

Carolina Wren Nest in Flower Pot

Carolina Wren Nest in Flower Pot

Howdy! I'm from north Texas and I have a little bird story for yall!

I notice the nest about three weeks ago in a little round tin planter on my patio table that is on our front porch, and I notice it had eggs in it.

I thought it the most unlikely place for a nest because of my four large dogs that I am constantly letting in and out because of the extremely hot weather we are having down here.

Well, THEY HATCHED! and they are the most pretty little things I have ever seen.

I guess it doesn't bother her (Carolina Wren) because she still is coming around to take care of her babies.

I try to watch out the window to make sure their mama is not in the middle of feeding them before I let the dogs out.

I hope they all live through this difficult time in their lives. They grow up quickly, don't they?

They are getting big and their eyes are open, so I guess it won't be long before they are leaving the nest, hopefully, they will stick around and eat some of my bugs for me.

Good luck little guys.

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