Rock-a-Bye Doves!

by Robin J Wilson
(Modesto CA)

Nesting Doves

Nesting Doves

I first thought the sounds I was hearing had to be an Owl. It was moving- in- day.

Just kept hearing same sound. Finally, I was told by my boyfriend, "What you think is an Owl, is in fact, Doves!

He continued, Modesto is known for their Trees, and many Doves.

I decided to purchase a bird feeder. This lead to several kinds, and a bird bath too.

I decided that if the birds are all over, they must like it in our yard. We have got them all sorts of their favorite items to eat.

I was a bit surprised when I saw two Doves circling our covered patio. It was as if they were hunting for a place to call their own.

Soon I was hearing that coo- call Doves do so well. I looked out the patio, to see they decided to nest inside our beautiful hanging plant.

I was not sure, till I went to water the plant, and saw little heads moving, the Mom or Dad, watching me, as if the Parent were a statue!

Doves win! Seeing the parents sit, sit and rarely leave but to take turns eating I assume, was far more interesting than that pretty plant.

Within a very short time, the birds grew large, and I feared they were too fat to fly away. I then noticed how the parents would leave, to encourage them to leave the nest.

I did happen to see one bird sitting on the tempered glass patio table, I thought maybe it is thinking of the time I got to the glass door to make sure it was okay, it just took flight!

I have seen a couple Doves return to this same spot, new Doves, have abandoned babies. I think was due to a neighbor, who lives behind us building at a bad time for the nervous new parents.

I have seen other varieties stay and breed in this same spot. If we move on, I will advise new home owners of this spot, and hope to keep Doves a home.

For the meantime, we will make a happy environment for Doves, and birds in Modesto.

I get so much comfort observing them!

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Apr 09, 2015
Very good Article
by: Mahmood Javaid

I read with great interest this article and pictures are amazing too. You wrote it so well, I wish I could write like you.

Please keep up the good work and keep posting. I had posted an article about doves nesting on an electric fan outside my room.

Doves have been nesting here for many years, but presently it is unoccupied. I am waiting for a new pair to come and nest here.

I will write as soon as it happens. Thanks and Good Luck.

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