Robin's Nest and Eggs Attacked by Cat

One baby robin had hatched that day

One baby robin had hatched that day

I had the most beautiful Robin's nest in my rhododendron bush.

I watched daily as it had 3 beautiful blue eggs in it. I watch Mommy and Daddy taking such good care.

I took pictures when I could when Mommy was gone to document the development.

It was such a beautiful thing to witness.

I have security cameras all around my home and one on the deck, where the nest was built.

At about 1 am a couple of nights ago, a neighbor’s cat stalked and jumped into the bush, knocking the nest to the ground, killing the two unhatched babies and one that just hatched that day.

This is just a warning that if you have a nest in a vulnerable location and have cats in the neighborhood, please take precautions.

Set up some sort of blockage or tarp to secure the sides. I was heartbroken.

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