Robin's in Whipped Topping Tub

by Ginger Favret
(Watertown NY USA)

One morning after a real windy evening we found that a robin's nest had blown out of the maple tree in our back yard.

About a foot away from the nest were two baby robins. They were nothing but fuzz balls and couldn't lift their heads. The day was extremely hot with high 90's temperatures.

We were heart broken to see the little ones lying there in the heat but we thought it best to leave them and let nature take its' course but then we couldn't take it any longer.

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We decided we had to do something to try to save them. We took a Whipped Topping container and nailed it to the crotch of the tree about 7' up. We realized this wasn't an ideal spot for the nest but it was the best we could do.

Husband then, with gloves, picked up the baby birds and gently placed them in the nest which he then placed into the Whipped Topping container.

It didn't take long for the mother to discover her babies and she and the adult male are tending to the babies nicely.

At first the adult robins were skittish about my husband and I being in our own back yard but now they are trusting us knowing we are not going to harm their little ones.

Maybe it was because my husband said to them. " Who the heck do you think saved your babies and put them up the tree for you".

It has been 3 days and so far all are doing well. They are a pleasure to watch.

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Baby Robins
by: Sharon n Sonny

Am not surprised how well you two took care of the baby robins. You always have good ideas on how to solve problems. You are caring people and we are thankful you live right next door to us. Just wish we had been home to see them.

by: SC Carol

I am envious - I have my feeders and such but have never experienced anything like that. I enjoy watching my cardinals, and then lots of little birds, and doves.

I do occasionally get a male woodpecker - have no idea why - I watch him get his seed and then he packs it in the bark on the tree. Trying now to get some humming birds.

Bought bushes that are supposed to attract them and butterflies. We'll see. At any rate, appreciated you and Mark sharing this. Pretty nice.


enjoyed your Robin story. It is just what we would have done. It was only last week that I found an injured Bluejay and took it to the vet.

We have been busy watching the many birds in our backyard, along with the hawk, turkeys, and other critters and have taken many pictures.

I'm sure the Robins thanked you as the Bluejay did when I left him (or her). It turned it's head and looked straight at me.

save the robins
by: Sharon

Those robins were blessed to be in your yard.
They knew you would take good care of them.
Cousins Sharon and Sheila.

save the robins
by: cousin steve

Grear job. You are the best at mothering, also with the help of your husband.

Update on Baby Robins in Whipping Tub
by: Ginger Favret

I found this morning that the nest was empty. I am saddened to say that I missed seeing them be on their own. They gave us much pleasure watching them grow these past couple of weeks.

by: Kim Homan Noble

Great!! Glad all is well Enjoyed :-)

Heart Warming Story
by: Bonnie Detwiler

As most of us are always told NOT to try to help baby birds - this story certainly explains just how to do it!

Those robins will probably be back!!

Robins in whipped topping tub
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful story. I bet they'll be back
next summer. . . .. Barb

even birds love whip cream
by: nancy

I'll bet when word gets out from this Robin's family, you'll have many more in your backyard as all the bird population will know your's is a safe haven..great job..

Lucky birds
by: Virginia Jones

How nice of you to save the babies. Watching the birds is more entertaining than most t.v.

Wonderful Story
by: Sally

That is such a great story. Sounds just like you guys!!! Wish we were still neighbors so we could have helped with the "rescue." Maybe the babies will visit us in the winter.
Jack & Sally
Myrtle Beach, SC

by: SonOfAGun

Very neat story and pic. It's nice to know that you added two babies to the Robin population of Upstate NY and hope to hear a follow-up when they fly the coop.

lucy birds
by: Linda

What a great story. Lucky baby birds.

we need you 2 in government!
by: Anonymous

We should send people like you two to Washington. We need some Caring people there. Dont forget the gloves you will need them there@

Thanks for the memories
by: Dean and Bill Keyes

Ginger, We loved this story. I can just see Mark on the ladder with his gloves on. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, The Keyes in Ecuador.

by: jane porter

What a nice story! Only you could do this! Nice pic!

parental responsibilities coming
by: sandra

What do you intend to do when they become teenagers. Good going.

Baby Robin's
by: Rhonda

Thank you for sharing this story, it is nice to hear of something so positive when there are such sad things going on in the country and our own county. Good job Guys. Life goes on!!!

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nice story
by: Anonymous

A heart warming story.....glad the babies are okay

by: Arizona Visitor

Very Cute, I hope those babies will make their nests in your back yard knowing how safe they are back there.

Beautiful story
by: Anonymous

Such a neat story about how you saved these two little birdies and how the mother and father came to trust you. It will be fun for you to watch the baby birds grow and eventually fly out of their nest, knowing you saved them.

"Rock-a-bye Baby"
by: Anonymous

What a great story...with a happy ending!! Glad to hear the babies are doing well. Rolla & Cindy

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