Robin Carport Condo

by Maureen and Chuck
(Germantown, TN)

Two years ago a mother Robin built a nest in the top of a flower wreath hanging on the carport wall.

She laid 4 eggs and dutifully sat on them most of the time.

Usually she flew off when we drove our cars in and out, but not always.

All four eggs hatched and the mother was busy all day going back and forth to the nest feeding them.

My husband worried the babies would fall onto the hard cement so put a blanket on the floor under them.

Well, to his amazement, each baby took its turn standing on the edge of the nest and successfully flying off without a bit of trouble.

My husband leaves bread crumbs on the end of the driveway daily, and lots of birds and squirrels come to eat.

Often there are as many as 20 little birds sitting on the fence waiting for their "breakfast".

Last year no bird used the carport wreath to our disappointment.

I was thinking of taking it down but never did.

A few weeks ago a Robin started refurbishing the old nest in the wreath and built it up at least an inch higher.

She deposited 4 eggs in the nest and is sitting on it most of the time.

I wondered if this could be the same mother Robin.

Meanwhile, 2 smaller birds, either sparrows or wrens have built themselves a nest in the lower loop of the same carport wreath.

They have little marble sized eggs in the nest.

It's cute to see the mother Robin looking down at the other little birds in the lower "condo for birds".

It's a busy place with birds coming and going.

It is awesome how these birds build a nest, lay the eggs, sit on them to keep them warm, then feed the little ones once they hatch.

We've seen the mother drop the food into the big open beaks of the babies.

And after they fly from the nest, the mother still brings back food to them in the safety of the thick bushes along the back fence.

Then eventually we see the little ones eating from the bread crumbs on the driveway and pecking for worms and bugs in the grass.

The only disadvantage to having this "condo for birds" is the free bird dropping deposits on the cars and floor of the carport.

But it's a small inconvenience compared to the privilege of watching the beautiful gift of God's creation.

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Robin Carport Condo
by: Christine London UK

What a delightful story, a real pleasure to read. We have a wren nesting in our back garden, no eggs yet as the male builds a selection of nests and the female chooses, as you would expect.

A robin built four nests in our post box but kept pulling them out and starting again, he never made it but it was great to watch.

I think the same birds do come back as every year we have a robin singing over his territory in our garden and our opposite neighbors, they are feisty birds with some longevity. Enjoy your families!

Bird Condo
by: Beverly

That is really interesting. I have a similar situation on top of an air conditioner. The morning dove is on the left of the air conditioner and the robin is on the right of the air conditioner top.

They usually have their backs to one another and heads turned away. The morning dove never leaves the nest except to trade places with her mate. The robin leaves the nest when I open my patio doors.

It's surprising they are only a foot and a half from each others nest. I love just sitting there watching them.

Hanging Basket
by: Anonymous

I just had robins build a nest in my hanging basket I brought home from the store. The day I brought it home was the day they moved in.

I just went to move the basket down because we are having terrible winds and to my surprise there were two eggs inside.

I put the basket back up despite the wind. I sure hope the wind does not blow the basket down and I hope the robin comes back to her eggs, less my disturbance.

by: Maureen in TN

Well, finally after faithfully sitting on her three eggs, mother Robin happily welcomed her 3 hatched babies.

She tirelessly flew back and forth between her warming sittings to drop worms in the eager open beaks of her little ones.

Each day little heads would stretch up further and further begging for food. Sometimes papa Robin would take his turn dropping food in the little mouths.

He never sat on the nest but always perched on its edge in a stately fashion before flying off for more food.

Mother Robin wiggled her body over the babies and pushed at their feathers as they popped out on their tiny bodies replacing the balls of fuzzy fur.

Yesterday was the big day of freedom for baby bird one. This guy was the most aggressive and would stretch and flap his wings and dangle precariously on the edge of the nest.

I happened to open the door to the carport rather quickly scaring the mother Robin. As she spread her wings to fly off, she accidentally knocked big guy right out of the nest!

He spread his wings as he fluttered to the cement floor landing softly. Then he sat paralyzed while mother Robin flew frantically back and forth in three feet arcs screeching in a panic.

My husband thought he should pick up the little bird with garden gloves and replace it in the nest.

But when he reached for the little one, the baby bird hopped, fluttered a few inches and ran on wobbly legs over onto the grass.

The mother Robin kept a close watch over the little one as he explored his new world.

The rest of the day the papa Robin continued to drop worms into the beaks of the remaining two babies while mother Robin watched out for the loose little one.

Today the other two babies flew off into the back yard world after stretching and flapping their wings in the nest often.

Below in the other bird nest are two little heads with open beaks and lots of fuzzy fur around them. We don't see too much of their mother since she is small and hides in the leaves of the wreath whenever she sees or hears us. Their fate is yet to be seen.

It is so amazing to watch such small creatures instinctively build a nest just the right size and know to lay the eggs there and keep them warm.

Then they know what to feed the babies and how to push them around in the nest and help them loosen their feathered wings.

And they know just where their babies are at all times once they are out in the big world.

How's that for some awesome creation by an awesome Creator!

It has been a hard day
by: Anonymous

We just moved into an older house with a big front porch. Here I noticed a bird building her nest frantically several weeks ago (it took her many tries)....and then earlier this week we noticed four little baby robins being fed by the mommy constantly throughout the day.

Here today I went out with my infant son to check on our "babies" and one was hanging upside down by one foot on the nest (which is very high up)...I thought at first that perhaps it was getting ready to fly and the mother was giving it tough love (she was sitting in the nest while this was happening).

She flew away and I guess the daddy came in to feed the others and the little robin fell straight to the concrete ground of my porch (right in front of our eyes).

I am so distraught -if only I wouldn't have swept up the parts of the nest that fell down (right where this bird landed), or if I would have been faster and thought to put a cushion down when the bird was hanging there.

I looked on the internet to see if there was anything I could do (as the baby bird was breathing), and found a place to take him to (put him in a cardboard box with holes poked through)...he made it to the vet (30 min drive) but they didn't expect him to live long.

I didn't ask if it was because he was sick or because of the fall -I couldn't find this out as it would have killed me -but I am praying the little guy is okay or at least not in any pain.

I've never been a bird watcher, but this experience has turned me into a major bird lover -they are the most precious creatures on this earth.

I am just so sad that I perhaps could have made the fall a lot easier on him -that is the hard thing to deal with now.

So so 10 month old didn't know what really happened but I am distraught.

Baby robins
by: Anonymous

So worried about the baby robins day 7 and they don’t seem to be moving much. Breathing but don’t see them eating. Mom is still sitting on them. Not sure what to do. I hope they’ Ok

baby robins
by: Gene

Takes about 2 weeks before they leave the nest. Let mom and dad do the heavy lifting.

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