Robin Built Nest On My Bird Feeder: Should I Move It?

by Sandra Lister
(Ontario Canada)

I love watching birds and have many bird feeders and houses on my property.

I have a robin that has used a nest on my house for several years, but it was taken over by doves this year.

robin on nest built on a bird feeder

I just noticed that a robin built a nest on one of my bird feeders.

This is a feeder that I use for many birds in the summer. I would love to just sit and watch the birds and the babies when they hatch.

My concern is that many use this feeder including blue jays chickadees, finches, starlings, and even crows.

I would add I'm worried that they will get at the eggs. It's not a safe spot.

I haven't checked to see if there are eggs or not and I won't put seeds in this feeder with the nest there but it’s out in the open and squirrels climb up there too.

Should I move the nest?

I would love to just watch them as it is right outside my front window but I am just concerned about the well-being of the babies.

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Moving Robin Nest
by: Gene

It's never a good idea to move a Robin or any other bird's nest. Most times it's illegal if it's active.

The Robins will think it's been attacked by a predator and abandon the site.

Instead, make sure you have a predator guard for your pole and place food in another feeder much farther away.

The birds will find the food with no issues.

Hopefully, everything works out well and you can enjoy the process.

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