Our Unknown Kind of baby Bird

by Carolyn
(Gatineau Quebec)

day one

day one

Yesterday while walking in the grass outside our home my 2 kids found a small baby bird. This bird has not even got any feathers yet.

It was quite amazing that no one had stepped on it as we had all been working in the yard.

We looked around and found another one about 15 feet away but this one was obviously dead and had been so for a little while.

A close friend of my daughter's and her mother raise birds at home and breed lovebirds. a container with toilet paper bedding and a phone were quickly sought.

Off the gang all went to visit the friend and her mother. I figured they could keep the bird there are look after it.

A short while later home came the group bird and all. They had a container of food and had been shown what to do.

The friends did not have any babies now and so were not going to put out the time necessary for keeping ours healthy. the task was now ours to do.

Night one -my daughter set her clock and got up every 2 hours as instructed to do and fed the bird. during the following day the same thing.

Now tonight I am off to work and I am bringing the bird with me for overnight care as this is exam week.

None of the kids can stay up all night and bird sit. Will be exciting for sure as I have to be careful as I work in a hospital.

They are all worried the bird will get sick. We have no idea even what kind of bird it is.

We now seem to have a bird and am not sure what to do. he is feeding well, peeps when hungry and time to feed, opens his little mouth wide and bops his head around looking for food.

He has a good output and we are changing the toilet paper every feed and he is sleeping well between feedings. time will tell...

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Jul 09, 2016
Baby Swifts
by: Anonymous

Swifts nest in our chimney. We thought it was fixed. Yesterday, mama swift and 3 new born swifts were in our fireplace, behind the screen.

We did not know how to care for them, and could not find any local, help. The information I just read will be a great help.

Will try the soaked bread and see if that works. Will get the cat food tomorrow and soak it. Thanks this will help.

Dec 07, 2012
Great Tit Nestling.
by: Rosemary

I live in Shinfield near Reading and this spring 2012 walking home I found a nestling lying on the side of the road.

I thought it was dead but picked it up and the warmth of my hand meant it was moving by the time I got home.

My daughter and her boyfriend helped look for the nest but there was no way we could get the little thing back in.

We found a shoebox and toilet paper and put a hotwater bottle underneath and searched the internet for help.

Soak dried cat food was the best suggestion which also provides fluid (giving water can drown small birds),and by the time we had been out to search for the nest, bought some cat food and soaked it at least 2 1/2 hours had passed.

This bird must have had some survival streak as she ate the cat food and we kept up feeding her although she preferred to eat about every hour and over the days called out when hungry.

She grew feathers and hopped around and with the help of small spiders, soaked cat food, robin seeds and fruit.

Sadly we had a calcium crisis and she lost the use of her legs.

The internet diagnosed calcium and preferably multivitamins and thankfully about a week of these saw her back on her feet. We called her Bowie as we didn't know her gender.

One of her legs has never worked properly we think maybe it was damaged in the fall from the nest, she also (we think)over preened some wing feathers which refuse to regrow which means she can't fly.

So, with these problems it was clear that release back to the wild was not going to happen.

She spent her first summer happy in the garden every day with me hunting spiders and crickets and going to sleep up my sleeve or even trouser leg if I was reading in the garden.

She now lives in a finch cage but I take her in the garden every day if I can(she's not impressed with rain)and she tries to make friends with other birds by hopping right up to them to say hello.

She loves cucumber and corn and talking to herself in her mirror and likes to play in my ponytail while sitting on my shoulder.

She is so much part of my life now and although I am sad for the life she has missed I try to make sure the one she has got is good.

Jun 07, 2010
3 Little Birds...
by: Ally

I found 3 baby birds stuck in a thorn bush a few days ago. They seem to be feeding well and doing ok, but I will just have to see.

I have NO idea what kind of bird they are. I would like to know, so maybe I can take a picture of them and post them on here... thanks, Ally.

PS.I am feeding them a peace of bread with warm water on it. but I just feed them a little bit at a time.

May 17, 2010
a nest of babys
by: Anonymous

Yesterday my son found a nest of birds with few feathers upside down in our yard.

We waited for momma to come back but as the day drew to a close around 7:30 it was getting colder and we brought them in placed them under a heat lamp and I am feeding these birds every 20 - 30 mins as instructed by several web sites.

Fortunately I have birds and had bird formula on hand, although I've never had a tiny baby. they are killing me! i don't want to let them die, I am trying my best but i have 4! wish us luck, please

May 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

I found the same bird today in my yard. I rang a friend who is training to be a vet and she told me to feed it some mushed yolk of an egg(cooked).

However the bird looked like he was really injured and would only move every couple of minutes. Sadly, it just died. Strangely, I feel really horrible!

Aug 08, 2009
I Found a Bird today
by: jannett

I found a bird today. I am a letter carrier for the P.O. We had a bad weather last night. I got to my des. to del. the mail, on the ground was this little bird.

I put him in my truck, gave him some water. He became more lively. So I brought him home. I believe he is a morning dove.I need some help on caring for him, if he will make it Thank You Jannett

Jul 08, 2009
i think this amazing:)
by: Anonymous

Hi. Im Kimball I'm only 12 years old and right now I'm nursing a baby bird until it can fly. It looks a bit like yours. and the best thing to feed it is mealworms.

If you go to your local animal feed store there should be a bag of dried mealworms.

They are not alive but they eat them anyway. If you soak them in water for a good 10 minutes then feed them to the baby bird they will be just fine DO NOT GIVE THE BIRD STRAIGHT WATER!

The baby bird will have diarrhea if you give it water. The bird must only have the water that is in the mealworms after you soak them.

My bird is also just learning to fly he is a bit of a rascal! :) but he thinks I'm his mother since I've raised him longer than his biological mother.

You will know when you have clicked with the bird because if you caw at him he will caw back!:) good luck and have fun raising the bird.

Jun 10, 2009
We have the same bird !!
by: Anonymous

Hello, my daughter found the exact same bird while out walking, we are taking care of it, but am not sure we are feeding it the correct food, can you please tell me what your feeding your bird, he seems to be doing ok, only time will tell,

Jun 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

What are you feeding it? I fed a mourning dove baby that had fallen from its make-shift nest.

I was horrified, but put it back up and the parents did not seem to come back. I was afraid it would die so I went to the internet and concocted a solution of warm water and bread crumbs.

I read that a dropper was NOT the way to go as it could poke through the bird's throat. I was so frantic, I put the solution in a small 1/4 cup and kind of let it drop it's beak into it, which, to my delight...IT DID!

Still, the parents did not return. I continued this over a few hours and then I just gave up.

I thought it was up to nature to decide whether this wee thing should live.

Within 2 hours, one of the parents returned and the changing of the guard continued until the bird developed its wings and flew away (sadly, it's sibling did not make it...fell from the nest first and one of our cats batted it around before I could discover what had happened).

Please share your progress with this bird. Anxious to know what kind it is and what you are feeding (and how!). Good luck!

You are a good bird-friend/guardian!

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