Our Robins Above Our Front Door

by Dee OHara

Last June, one Robin was born above my front door.

I named her Olympia in honor of the athletes competing in the FINA WORLD Artistic Swimming Championships.

female robin feeding nestlings a worm

We are hoping they will be added to the Olympics.

Since I am the coach of the first male in the sport and he won the first gold medal in the event in Kazan Russia.

I feel this is a blessing and a sign, especially since Olympia came back this year and gave us three chicks we named Golden, Silver, and Bronze!

I have a lot of lovely pictures of them I took from behind the window in my dark garage.
three baby robins in nest

Golden, Silver, and Bronze

I never used my front door while they were nesting above it, I always just used my garage.

I enjoyed watching them through the entire nesting process.

Olympia was here much longer than the chicks, Olympia and Poseidon I should say.

After they left, which was two days after Mother’s Day :( . I waited a few days then cleaned away everything.

A week later Olympia and Poseidon started building
again! Here she is sitting on the eggs.

robin sitting and incubating a second set of eggs

Within four days they had a new nest and now are on round two!

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