Our Resident Hummingbird

by Ila Blair
(Chavies, Kentucky)

Our Resident Hummer

Our Resident Hummer

My husband Morgan and I live in an Industrial Park which is located in Hazard Kentucky. We are in an area where we have no trees in the area of our home.

Not far from us there are trees and shrubs but nothing to close. We both love watching the birds that visit us.

Last summer we were visited by a Ruby-throated male which we thought was a real blessing because of where we live.

So as Spring finally arrived we were excited to see if our Ruby-throated Hummingbird would return.

In setting up our bird feeders this year I had purchased a beautiful ruby colored bird feeder for our seed eating birds and I hadn't at this point put out our feeder for the hummingbird.

Well later that day I was out tending to my flower garden and low and behold a little hummingbird came flying up to this feeder.

My heart was sad that it wasn't one that offered any sustenance for our little feathered friend so I immediately went in and set to making some nectar and getting the hummingbird feeder ready to set out.

Then Morgan and I waited for our hummer to return and we were soon rewarded with it's appearance.

As we looked upon our little friend we found that this one was marked with dark green and a grayish breast so we began to wonder if this was the female companion to our Ruby-throated hummer from last year.

As the days past our little hummer came and went but still it's colors remain the same.

In the ensuing days that followed we were hoping to see if other hummers would arrive but as of today July 20, 2011 the only hummer that comes around is the little female ( we assume this because the breast hasn't any other coloring in it up to this day.)

We are concerned and are wondering if this is normal for these little hummers to be alone.

I am searching out information on plants to attract these beautiful creatures and what kind of habitat that they like the most.

Seeing that summer is almost over I am looking to fall flowers to feed these little friends.

Next year there will be a playground abounding in an array of flowers, plants and housing that we hope will entice these lovely birds to take up and build a home with us.

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Jul 21, 2011
by: Karen

:-) Just :-)

Jul 21, 2011
by: Marianne

What a beautiful picture and a such a sweet story.

I am glad you and the little lady have found each other and I hope that many, many little friends will come along to enjoy your hospitality. Thanks for sharing.

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