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Our New Residents- The Bluebirds

by Kelly Sherman
(Columbus, Ohio)

Columbus Ohio enjoys the Bluebirds!

Columbus Ohio enjoys the Bluebirds!

I have been a long time customer of Wild Birds Unlimited in Dublin, Ohio. It used to be my neighbor and I would see the occasional eastern bluebird, but with the help of the proper house, roosting box, feeders and food we enjoy several pairs on a daily basis and practically throughout the year!

We have had quite a bit of snow this winter, thus the European Starlings have been driving me crazy as well as everyone else and eating up all of the food.

I tried everything to keep the Starlings from eating all of the bluebird food and all of the other songbird favorites. Doc at WBU suggested a bell feeder.

At first the top was up too high and the Starlings ate an entire bag of meal worms and bark butter nuggets within a few minutes.

After several failed attempts I finally was able to attract the Bluebirds, Nuthatch and Chickadees and keep the Starlings OUT.

Hold your index and third fingers together and place them on the top of the tray and lower the bell to rest gently on the top of the index finger and tighten.

I have had numerous Starlings attempt to get in the bell feeder and they absolutely are unable to do so.

Last night and this morning we have had up to ten bluebirds sitting at the bell feeder enjoying meal worms and bark butter nuggets.

Here are some pictures I took recently of the bluebirds!

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Feb 10, 2015
Loved articke but my fingers are too fat
by: Barrybuckeye

Dear Kelly,

I read it with such joy your efforts to attract bluebirds and was so excited to try your recommendation myself. I trampled through the snow and was so frustrated when I realized my fingers are too fat to perform your trick.

If I bought you a nice bag of some fancy feed, would you come to my house and pinch your index and third finger together so those starlings will be forced to ransack someone else's backyard?

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