Our Bluebird Lost To A Hawk

by Donna Macauley
(Pasadena, MD)

Mr. Bluebird feeding his newly fledged bluebirds

Mr. Bluebird feeding his newly fledged bluebirds

For over two years we have had a pair of bluebirds in our yard, all year long. They have built 6 nests and we have watched 17 baby bluebirds fledge in two years.

Mr. Blue was always at my window, sitting on my deck, singing in the trees, sitting on top of the birdhouse, feeding his mate and his babies.

Last Monday a hawk grabbed and killed Mr. Bluebird as he flew between the hawk and his mate.

I think he was trying to protect her. I saw this and have been devastated ever since.

I cry every day and I miss him so much. He was killed just 7 days after his latest nestlings hatched.

Now I watch his mate do the best she can trying to feed the three nestlings alone.

I am providing food for her every day as I've always done but she does not have Mr. Blue anymore helping her feed them.

Birding is a wonderful thing to behold, and having babies born and populate the Bluebird species is a feeling of great joy.

But the sadness that has taken over has left me feeling empty.

I will never get the vision and sound out of my head when the hawk grabbed the Bluebird.

I hope one day another male shows up.

The picture I have added is one of Mr. Blue feeding the third family last summer.

I am happy for the experience but my story doesn't have a happy ending.

I pray the little babies make it.


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Aug 22, 2023
My Sweet Bluebird, Pete Gone Today
by: Janice

I also had a little bluebird pair that I started feeding mealworms to three years ago.

I name them Sweet Pete and Momma Pete. It was actually what made me become an avid birder!

I conditioned them over the summer to come to the mealworm feeder when I called.

I watched them so many times as frantic parents looking for food for babies and I never imagined how many live mealworms Pete could cram into his mouth at once and fly away looking for fledglings or back to their nest box in my neighbor's yard to feed nestlings or share with Momma.

I am so sad today though. Have been hearing and seeing Cooper's hawk recently and now Pete is missing.

Still, see Momma at feeder-but without Pete.

I found a male bluebird feather near the feeder and I suspect it was his.

While I sit on my back deck looking toward Pete's feeder I am overwhelmed with sadness at the loss- like losing a friend.

I am so grateful for him and his beauty and sweetness. I will miss his calls.

I don't know how old your post is, but I feel your sadness.

I hope you have continued to feed the birds— they are beautiful and for me bring joy in watching and listening and getting to know individual birds.

Nature is nature. We cannot and should not want to change the nature of a hawk. Just wish he would hunt somewhere else.

Thank you for sharing your story— I am so sorry for your loss.

Aug 20, 2013
You are not alone
by: Lisa Fulton

That would be so tragic to witness the death of any of my two broods. Daddy Blue is my favorite too.

As soon as I go out my back door, there he is! People do not realize how much work the parents of Bluebirds need to do!

There have been a few times over the last few weeks that I thought they were gone. It is a sickening feeling.

Goes to show you, to enjoy what you have when you have it!

Good luck in the future with your gang. I know what joy they can bring!

May 27, 2011
Mr Blue
by: Marianne

Oh, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I have followed your story and loved every minute. I have been crying as tho he was a dear friend.

I don't know how you get past it but I do hope Mom and the babies find an acceptable step-mate. Mr. Blue will be sorely missed. God Bless you all.

May 26, 2011
sweet story
by: Anonymous

My dog found a baby bluebird this am in my yard and after a few hours of worrying over what to do to help him, I noticed his parents landing to feed him every so often.

So I'm watching now to make sure he learns to fly, hoping it's sooner rather than later.

I came across your story looking for info and I'm a sobbing mess lol .... I'm the same way when it comes to getting so close to nature.

Last year I used to feed baby geese and their parents on my lunch breaks for about 2 weeks every day.

The parents were friendly (assuming they knew I was no harm) well, one morning on my way in I saw that one of the 3 babies had been hit by a car overnight.

I was a basket case and had to call out of work!!!

It's life, but it hurts so bad when you get so attached. Anyway, you're not alone :) and I'm so glad Mr. Blue2 came to the rescue, very sweet :)

Jul 22, 2010
Mr Blue
by: Marianne

I have thought of Mr Blue many, many times. I am so glad that there is a new man in her life. I know Mr Blue can never be replaced but Mrs and babies will thrive with the help. I hope you and new Mr Blue have a wonderful relationship for many, many years.

Jul 21, 2010
A new male has come
by: Donna Macauley

Two weeks after Mr. Blue was killed, a new male showed up singing in the trees. He sung for days while the female fed her babies.

All the babies fledged and the female fed them high up in the trees.

And all of a sudden the new male started feeding her babies right along with her! I cried tears of joy!

The fledglings are now on their own and the new male Mr. Blue2 and Mrs. Blue have built a nest together, (her fourth this season) and there are four eggs she is incubating.

I still miss Mr. Blue1 terribly because he interacted with me very closely. The new male is a bit shy and not as friendly, but I am sure he will come around.

He now comes when I whistle, just like the others. Yay!


Jul 21, 2010
Poor Mr. Blue
by: Jewels

Hi Donna,
I read your story with a tears in my eyes - I'm sorry for the loss of your Mr. Blue! Perhaps another mate WILL show up for the Widow Blue. That's a nice thought isn't it?

Jun 12, 2010
Mr Blue
by: Marianne

I am so sorry for your loss. I'm crying right along with you. The loss is terrible. What a beautiful story and life Mr. Blue had with you. He was lucky to have found you and he will be missed.

Jun 12, 2010
So Sorry
by: Phyllis

You were lucky to have the wonderful experience of watching the bluebirds and their family.

Jun 12, 2010
Circle of Life
by: Carolyn

We are equally saddened for Mr. Blue's loss. Though this is the circle of life, it is very difficult to accept. Thanks for sharing.

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