New Bluebird Pair

by Harlan Wilson
(Murrieta, CA, Riverside County)

I am at Guard

I am at Guard

OK. We have a "bird house" purchased a few years ago. The other day I saw a female bird going into the house. I then saw her return twice until I then saw the Male arrive.

He has a bright blue head and wings with a rust red chest. I have taken a few videos and captured a few photos from the videos. These are the first inhabitants of the house that we know of.

It is now April 10, 2016. The weather has been changing from cold to warm and back again for the last few weeks.

Usually in the mid 60's to sometimes into the 90's. We are not in a "cold" area and the city is at a 1,000' elevation.

We live in Murrieta California, Riverside County, next to a golf course on the 4th tee.

We are on a small hill above the golf course and we have had many "song birds" etc. and many many hummingbirds.

We have had a "lovebird" nest in a tree next to the house, a hummingbird nest also in a tree next to the entry way and a small bird nest (type unknown) in the rafters of the back deck cover.

We have two lemon trees that bloom about 3 times a year at alternate times thus giving us great food for the humming birds.

We really enjoy the birds and want to make sure the nest is safe. If someone could give us advise on protection issues it would be helpful.

The birdhouse is on top of a 5' iron fence in the backyard and isolated from any close tree or limb.

We will send more photos and videos (if accepted) as soon as action gets better. Mom is really doing a lot of work bringing in the nesting material.

Interesting is the fact that the male accompanies the female to the nest, perches on the roof or a sign on the birdhouse and then leaves along with the female. Really fun to watch.

Enough now, more to come. Thank you, Harlan Wilson

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Protecting Bluebirds
by: Gene


Wow! you're doing everything right to take care of our bluebirds and protecting them from predators.

Thank you so much!


Protect, protect, protect
by: Sierra

These little creatures have a tough time when it comes to survival of their eggs or themselves.

I put my nesting house on a pole, held up by a cement umbrella stand, making it movable.

I also have nothing but rock beneath my land making it difficult to bury anything deep. Even planting is difficult.

I added a baffle as well as deer netting on the bottom to prevent snakes from slithering up the pole. So far so good.

I'm waiting to see the babies fledge & hopefully thrive.

Good Advice
by: Gene

Previous post offered some good advice. The house being on a fence will give access to all sorts of climbing predators.

It's recommended that houses be on post with a baffle below to prevent snakes and raccoons from raiding the nest.

A golf course is a nice open space for Bluebirds and also for predators. Good luck.

Sparrow Spooker
by: Lisa from Pa

I'm assuming that you have House Sparrows around.

Here in the East we have Eastern Bluebirds. I'm guessing they're nesting habits are similar.

You should check the box daily and as soon as you see an egg you should install a Sparrow Spooker, you can google that on how to make one.

Once an egg is laid they are committed to the box, if you install a Spooker you must make sure mom and dad adjust to it.

It may take a couple of hours. This should deter the Sparrows, they are detrimental to Bluebirds and or the eggs.

I've had several successful broods and I truly believe the spooker saved many little ones.
As soon as babies fledge take it down.

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