My little Squirt the Dove

by Angie Ross
(Madera, CA)

My Dove Squirt helped me with frosting my cupcakes

My Dove Squirt helped me with frosting my cupcakes

Isn't it funny how life goes, just when you think things in your life are just hum drum, and you take your life for granted.

And especially the spirit of Jesus in you as it slowly becomes dimmer and dimmer.

God knew this and gave me Squirt (a Dove) as a gift.

The impossible was made possible when from an egg, she turned into a bird, I loved more than I could ever know.

As much or almost as much as Kola, (my dog) my little joy in my life.

Time went on she grew and grew, a miracle in itself. I knew there was a message in this but was not getting it, as time went on I was taking this miracle and my life for granted.

Doing things in my life that I knew did not line up with what God had planned for me. I even broke a promise I made to God.

Then the mighty hand of God had to take control of my life because I was not doing very well on my own.

On the 4th of July within ten minutes Squirt had flown away. I looked at her go and it was surreal to see her fly out of my life.

I knew this message God was trying to relay to me was a correction for my own good. But that did not help the hole in my heart, I wanted my little Squirt to come home.

God said to go on a 3 day fast and I did. I did not tell anyone and the reason I am now is because I want to glorify GOD.

I went out every morning and evening and walked the neighborhood putting up flyers, my feet where so sore and bleeding in places.

I cried and prayed and continued on my fast.

Today was the 3rd day, I said Lord this is the 3rd day and I still haven't heard from you.

After my dawn walk, I heard the lord say take your car and drive around the block, and so I did.

And I saw a Dove on the roof of this house. I always knew the vicinity where she was because I just knew.

Well, sitting on a roof was a dove. I was not sure if it was her and drove past. Something said go back and I did.

I was intimidated to get out and go up the driveway to see if it was her, but I did. So here I am early in the morning cooing to a bird on this roof top.

People were going to work, I expected someone to call 911 and say there's this nut woman cooing to a bird on this roof.

I kept it up though, and all of a sudden she flew down and landed on my shoulder.

I cannot explain how I felt when she did that. It was very close to when I was baptized in flathead lake in Montana, right threw the ice in the month of February.

I believe it was a taste of Heaven on Earth.

Through all of this what I have learned is, I was going off the path and God gave me correction for my own good.

Don't we discipline our children for there own good. Well I know this is not what some believe but this is what I feel God did for me not to me, because he is LOVE.

This is to Glorify God not anything I did because without God this would not have happened.

I fasted and prayed for 3 days and stood on this scripture.


I felt Squirt was a gift from God, and he would take her from me. Thank You Jesus. As I can see again, the light is very bright and only God knew I needed this.

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Jan 31, 2014
by: Anonymous

Gods ways are beyond our understanding. Out of the blue your message fell in my inbox - a picture of your doves which you called: my 2 diamonds.

You couldn't know I was deciding to participate in a diamond course or not. What an amazing God! His gifts are always a blessing for more than one and how wonderful to see that Squirt was sitting on a blue cupcake!

Dec 29, 2013

Squirt died yesterday December 28, 2013

Squirt is gone from sight but will remain in my heart forever. Thank you Jesus for letting me have him for a little while.

Jan 09, 2013
by: Hank's Mom

I was so touched when I read your story about Squirt! You have truly been blessed just as I feel I have been with my mourning dove, Hank!

My whole life changed when Hank came into it, he has a special way of making everything whole again!

I too believe Hank and Squirt are both a gift from God, true blessings! I wish you and Squirt the very best!

Oct 24, 2012
by: cindy sue

God so knows you. I love the faithfulness of God. He so loves you Angie, and Squirt!!!!!

Dec 14, 2011
by: Marianne

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and moving story. Squirt is just darling and enhances your cupcakes! What a wonderful partnership.

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