My cat has attacked a Wrens nest

by Shelley Din
(London UK)

Good morning,
For the last couple of days I noticed a Wren had set up a nest in my blackberry branch that protrudes out from the side of my my shed. It is only four foot from the floor and attatched to a trellis. Easy to access!

I had been googling sites to find out about these birds and assumed this nest was one of several that would probably be declined by the female as it seemed not safe.

My cat had become fixated on it two days ago and I had to keep bringing her in. Yesterday evening she leaped up and caught a Wren in her mouth who I can assume was sitting in the nest, it happened so quickly I ran out to the garden and managed to free the bird which moved off so quickly that I didn't see if it was badly injured.

After much thought and the cat put in a room I made the decision to gently move the nest, if the bird was to survive I didn't want him coming back and nesting again so by removing it hopefully he would move on to a more suitable spot.

I wasn't 100% sure it was empty so when I lifted it I cupped it in my hand. I then felt a warm egg roll in the palm of my hand which turned out to be five eggs when I took a peak.

I had just bought a natural nest from the garden centre yesterday that I had intended to put near the nest but in a safer place to hopefully entice the Wren to move home.

My daughter grab it as I held onto the remains of the original nest and the eggs in my hand. I had put some dog hair in it that I had brushed from my dog and I gently took the inner lining of the original nest and put it into the new nest.

I gently put the eggs back with as little movement as possible and then covered them with some leftover leaves from the original nest.

I then placed the nest back in the blackberry bush but this time two foot higher from the original spot which was less accessible for predators but hopefully near enough to find.

A wren came back after about 30mins later but just kept looking at where the nest was stayed for a few minutes then flew away.

I don't know what to do, I know I've done more than I should of but I didn't expect to find the eggs.

I'm scared the eggs may die in the cold without the warmth of there mum there. And I'm not sure now if its the mum or dad returning now I know there must of been two.

I'm hoping whichever one my cat got survived? Any advice please!

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by: Gene

The mate will find a new mate if it's early in the season and renest. Otherwise they will just feed and wait for migration. Most will mate again.

One of the nesting Wrens killed by cat
by: Michele

I would like to know what the remaining Wren does when its mate is killed. So sad! I so look forward to the time they spend in my yard and to have one of them slaughtered by a cat is painful to them and to me. I haven't found any information on this topic so far.

Thank you Porch Wren
by: Pati B

Thank you Porch Wren! We have a similar situation and 3 cats who usually spend a few hours hours outside each day. We have been going in and out through the garage as well.

This afternoon we were alarmed by seeing three cats sitting on the front porch staring at the basket which contains the nest

After reading this article, we moved the basket about 12 in up and slightly over in One Direction.
Mother did not seem to mind thank goodness.

Cats are now grounded for the duration unless accompanied by an adult.

Porch wren
by: Anonymous

We had to move a nest our house wren built in one of our potted plants because it rained and the pot was filling up with water.

We couldn't leave it on the porch because we have raccoons and a opossum and a cat, so we brought it inside for half an hour or so till it stopped raining, then hastily put it back on the porch rail.

Mama when was back inside in two minutes, after giving us what for all the time it was gone.

There are four eggs today and we have hope for babies this week. These birds choose the oddest places to nest.

This has been very inconvenient for us as she flies out and yells at us every time we open the front door.

We have started going out the back door and year-round the house to the garage.

No song
by: King Din

I think you're right, there is no longer any activity or bird song there now.
Many thanks Gene.

Nest Abandonment
by: Gene

Moving a nest is considered by most birds as an attack and is abandoned. Moving an active nest is pretty much illegal in most of the world.

In many species, the female is the only one to incubate. If she was the one injured, the eggs won't be viable for long.

It's just a good idea to keep cats indoors. Studies show they live longer and healthier lives. And, so do our birds.

It's still early, they'll nest again this season. Let's hope it's in a safer place.


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