Mr&Mrs Robinson American Robin

by Beth Hecker
(Crown Point Indiana USA)

Four Robin Eggs in Nest

Four Robin Eggs in Nest

Robins Build Nest in Easter Door Wreath

Three years ago the Robinsons built their first nest on my Easter wreath on the back porch.

I watched and photographed each step of this amazing process. Such delight!

Year 2 I was pleased to have them return to build again.

However my Dexter(pit bull) was taking an extreme interest and I feared for their safety.
robin at wreath nest

As baby #4 departed from the nest I felt it best to take down the wreath to avoid any future trauma.

Year three The Robinsons arrived and were noticeably unhappy that their nesting place had disappeared.

I felt horrible not to provide this haven but it was in their best interest.

Sadly my Dexter crossed the rainbow bridge late that summer.

So this year as I prepared Easter decorations I rehung the wreath to see if the Robinsons would be back in town.

To my delight they did return and began building a new abode in the wreath.

I feel that they know me now as they are not particularly bothered as I come and go through the back porch.

I anxiously await seeing the beautiful blue eggs and gorgeous young birds that will entertain me this spring season.

So grateful to have a safe place for them to live!

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