If You're A Bird.... My Robin on Porch Light

by Cynthia Montgomery

Robin on Top of Porch Light

Robin on Top of Porch Light

On January 5,2020 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer at the age of 49.

While going through Chemotherapy and a Double Mastectomy, my son Tim suddenly and unexpectedly suffered a Heart Attack in our home.

Unbeknownst to him or me, he was sick too. He had High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. On September 6,2020 my only child died of a Heart Attack,in our home at 28 years young.

Late winter of 2022 I was sweeping up around my front porch.

I cleaned up my porch light which had accumulated years of old Cobb webs and dirt. The next day when leaving the house, there was a little amount of twigs on the steps.

I nonchalantly brushed them away, never giving it another thought.

A few days later as I was reading inside on my couch, I heard chirping noises.

When I looked outside the window a bird was fluttering around as if looking at me trying to get my attention.

I go to the window and there is this Robin sitting on top of my porch light, on top of....you guessed it, the same kind of twigs I had just brushed away with my foot a few days ago.

I grabbed my cell phone and snapped this photo of it looking right at me. I named him "Hope".

Every few days I leave a raisin or piece of small apple on top of the light for him.

I like to think Tim is giving me a sign that he is just checking on me and that he's okay.

This little birdie gives me " Hope" that I will see my son again one day, whenever it's my time to go "Home".

But for now, If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird!

Sincerely, Tim's Mom

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