I have Doves in a hanging planter too!

by M.L. McCroskey
(Bloomington, IN)

the dove in the porch hanger nest

the dove in the porch hanger nest

I did have a Robin nesting there around late March or early April, but it flew away every time we opened the front door (the plant hanger is to the left when you come out, in the corner of the covered porch).

Finally it didn't come back, and I removed the nest.

I was going to keep it, but my dogs got out and sadly, my 4 month old puppy ate the eggs and shook the nest around before I could get it back from him :(

The doves came there only a week or two later! I was so surprised to see this big bird sitting in the artificial flowers! They seem so gentle and are big beautiful birds.

My daughter shows the nest to her friends everytime one comes, and says "Be really, really quiet!

We have a bird nesting on our porch!" If they look and remain quiet, the dove doesn't fly away.

One of her friends that came over the other day tiptoed up towards the nest after she told him.

It was hilarious to see this six foot four basketball player tip-toeing quietly and fearfully towards the nest.

He seemed to be afraid that the bird would come flying out at him! As he got closer he was looking the bird in the eye.

It just sat and stared back. He said, quietly turning: "It looks like a "bird statue" and not a bird! It's so quiet!"

People might think we are really strange for trying to keep the bird happy and undisturbed.

I hadn't even thought of taking a picture of it, and didn't know anyone else had experienced birds on their porch, so close to them, until I happened across your page!

I am very glad that I found it, it is so helpful and informative! I am glad you created this page!

I decided I would take a picture to accompany this little story, so I took the first pic, then was taking another but it got scared and flew away!

I hope it comes back to the nest, or the female.

I think the male is the more "edgy" one, that's why he flew away.

The male and female take turns sitting on it too, the female is more plain and the male has more markings and is bigger and longer in the body with bigger tail!

I hope we can see this through, and the eggs successfully hatch.

I hope the little birds can stay until they can fly. Will keep you posted :) Thanks!

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Jul 25, 2023
by: Judy

I also have hanging baskets on the north side of my porch.

Doves nest there quite often. I walk up to the basket, never touching it, saying, "Hello, mama dove "how are you today."

I can stand beside the basket and water slowly from the other side of the plant.

Such a joy in my life.

Aug 25, 2012
This is me again :)
by: M.L.

I had taken down my planter and cleaned it, and then hung a real plant on the front porch.

Lo and behold, I came home one day in late July to see the same dove siting on a nest in my plant!

Well, I didn't really want her to be in the living plant, sort of crushing it down. So one morning when she had flown away, I stood up on the bench along underneath that live planter and looked in.

There were several little white eggs in a small grassy nest.

I carefully lifted it down and set it on the porch, then got my artificial flower planter from before, that I had hanging in a tree in the side yard, and using a big round flat ladle, I carefully scooped the nest out and laid it on top of the old nest that was still there in the old planter.

Then I carefully hung that back up on the hook in the corner of the porch. By afternoon, the dove came back and was happily sitting on the nest.

To make a long story short, one egg fell out of the nest, but she and her partner raised two more beautiful baby doves, who finally flew away out of the nest last week.

So I have now taken it down again for good, cleaned it, and hung it back in the tree.

I think it has been a wonderful experience, and I was glad to help the birds, but we had to make every effort to be quiet and not scare them, which meant that we couldn't really use the porch too much.

I am glad that we had the experience of nesting birds all summer long, but now instead of planters, I have hung a bird mobile from that hook, and now we will just be enjoying our porch with "artificial" instead of real birds :)

Take care everyone, and enjoy the experience if you are fortunate enough to have it! It is worth doing at least once or twice ;)

Aug 23, 2012
Doves here too!
by: JML

I've been really concerned about the dove in our hanging basket. It has been there for nearly two weeks now, and hasn't seemed to leave once.

I was afraid it was going to die! I'm so happy to realize that the Mom and Dad are switching out and sharing the incubation duties.

My children and I tried to discourage the birds from nesting on our front porch hanging baskets, because they were killing our flowers while building their nest, and they constantly flew toward us when we came out the front door.

But, despite our efforts, they built a nest while we were out of town...sneaky critters!

Now they are very quiet and still....other than blinking you can barely tell they are alive! It's been nice to read about other people's similar experiences and I'm getting excited to see some little babies soon!

Jun 26, 2012
Not a Happy Ending
by: Shada

I have had the mamma and papa mourning doves in a live planter for some time now.

Jun 05, 2012
The baby birds have left the nest!
by: this is me again :-)

Yesterday the baby birds were finally big enough to fly away out of the nest, and I have taken the basket down to clean.

We had an enjoyable few weeks watching the parents come and go and take SUCH good care of their babies until they were grown! We hope the best for them as they journey out into this scary world.

I'm glad we had the opportunity to watch this wonderful nature story and hope that perhaps we will see this again next year!

Take care, everyone and enjoy this great website!!

May 29, 2012
another new update
by: This is me again :)

There are now two gorgeous baby birds in the nest, just sitting up and looking at me.

The two parents were BOTH in the nest WITH the babies yesterday! Good thing it is hanging from a really strong hook!

I hope the babies will be able to finish growing up and be able to fly away :)They are soooo cute!

May 24, 2012
Update on the doves...
by: M.L. McCroskey

This is me, M.L. writing this comment! The male and female came back, and are taking turns again, starting with the male!

I sure hope the babies will be healthy and happy, and most importantly, I hope they will survive and have LONG bird lives! :)

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