Handmilled Log Birdhouses

by Daniel
(Brooksville Florida )

Wolf Custom Woodworking

Wolf Custom Woodworking

Handmilled Log Birdhouses As at one time I was a log home builder for 40 yrs or more.

A lot of big timber/ post & beam also. I've learned to appreciate the world of woodworking.

Now days with the economy and my age. The building of the big custom homes has all but died.

Not being ready to retire, I thought why don't I build log model's, and it came to building log birdhouses.

So off I went constructing them at first like the Lincoln Logs you got as a kid. That was way to much milling time.

Setting the equipment up is at times very time consuming.

With the log home experience, I simply applied the same building layouts. They were just pouring out of me. With all different designs and sizes.

Unfortunate to my discovery. And after building about 30 of them they were not quite the right specifications to the size of the entrance, the height from entrance to floor etc.

Live and learn I'm back to the wood shop looking
on line first. Doing more studies first.

Here are some pictures to show what is going on.

Thanks for your time

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